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Colleen Gallagher Diet Plan Workout Routine – Bikini Figure Secrets

Colleen Gallagher

WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) Bikini Pro, Colleen Gallagher possesses jaw numbing beauty and figure. Capable to kill numerous of her fans and followers just with her assassin look, Colleen has set an inspiring example in front of all those girls who consider themselves less than others, just because of some bad experience or physical disability. The poised celeb became victim of serious injury while playing soccer in her college days, which permanently took away the vision of her right eye. But she still didn’t lose hope and started working on her fitness with new perspective and elevated enthusiasm. While setting higher goals, she devoted herself completely to fitness and began learning new and influential way to sculpt her body. Not only did her body grew curvy and toned, her mind too became stable and peaceful with workouts.

Source of Motivation

The brunette shares that the results of workouts are really tempting. Just like some intoxication, they give you amazing sense of contentment. She finds herself inspired with the same addiction. The hot babe with enviable figure love drilling her body with rigorous workouts and display it in sexy bikinis. She recommends her fans too to embark on workouts because when exercises will begin showing their results, they are likely to be dazzled. Aside from that, being fitness expert, she adores bringing transformation in her clients’ lives with her tailor made workout and diet plans designed for them. In addition to that, she has her role model, Chady Dunmore, whom she reverence the most and misses no chance to follow her footsteps. She refers to her impeccable figure and wonderful panache as absolutely adorable and unbeatable.

Workouts with Music

Colleen Gallagher workout

Colleen favors executing workouts with music. She harmonizes varied kinds of workouts with diverse music. She states that music boosts the flow of adrenaline in her body which makes her feel so amazing that she feels like no barrier can stop her then. Colleen states that she is kind of nuts about the selection of music and makes sure that she mixes different workouts with best music.

Gym Workouts with Personal Trainer

To obtain optimum outcomes from exercises, it is vital for you to be sentient about your body type. Colleen knows that she being naturally lean has bulging knees and elbows, so she invests more of her time and energy in building muscles, which as a matter of fact is not stress-free. The kickass beauty practices workouts in the gym and lifts dumbbells and performs high intensity cardio workouts or sprints. And her enviable posterior with perky bums and toned thighs is the testimony of quality times she invests in sculpting it. While inculcating plentiful of workouts in her workout routine, Colleen adores squats, deadlifts, and lunges the most. She performs exercises first thing in the morning which saves her enormous time to make the rest of the day fruitful.

Colleen Gallagher triceps workout.
Colleen Gallagher triceps workout.

Balanced Diet

Diet which plays imperative role in fitness and body weight is consumed very discreetly by the captivating beauty. Her diet being balanced mix of lean protein, low GI foods, and healthy fats is perfect from all the perspectives. Colleen consumes six small meals in a day and essentially includes meager quantity of lean proteins in each of her meals. She shares that when she is all set to groom her body for tough bikini contests, she swears by carb cycle, which she finds absolutely flattering. She at the same time feels annoyed with the baseless myth spread by some of the so called nutritionists that carbs in late evening hours is not good for your body. She contends that nothing can be as harmful for your body as is the logic to keep it deprived. In her cheat meals, she relishes her most beloved food which is froyo made up of cookie dough, cake butter ice cream with reese’s peanut butter cup, and peanut butter sauce.

Steadfast Mind Overcomes Cravings

Cravings are one of the largest obstacles which hinder fitness plan of many people. Colleen too is not immune from the uninvited cravings. But, the smart beauty has figured out the most effective avenue to overcome them and that is by staying steadfast towards her goals. Whenever cravings approach her, she reminds herself about her fitness objective and all the reasons why she should not submit herself to them. And after five to ten minutes of the constant battle taking place in her mind, the portion of her mind caring about her health and goals conquer. Research too braces the fact that when you nurture the habit to beat your cravings with such a mindset, their intensity eventually lowers down.

Reliance on Supplements

The hot babe does not overlook the relevance of supplements. She consumes myriad supplements such as BCAAs, whey protein, glutamine, fish oil, and multivitamins to nourish her body with vital nutrients. She mostly favors consuming them post workouts.

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