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CSIRO Diet Plan – Scientific Way to Melting Weight

CSIRO Meat diet plan

CSIRO meaning Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization is Australian agency for national science. Highly experienced nutritionist and dietitian, working in nutrition and health science department, Dr. Manny Noakes has devised the exclusive diet plan named CSIRO Diet plan.

The diet plan being based on years of research will not just help you in dropping weight, it will also make your lifestyle healthy. The twelve week diet plan being high in protein, low in carb, and low in fats, is really an excellent weight loss plan. Low-carb food items having low Glycemic index such as pulses, fruits, whole grains etc. have been insisted in the diet plan.

Why CSIRO Diet has emphasized Protein-rich Food?

The diet plan being scientifically proven challenges the old theories and idea in a scientific way. The emphasis on high-protein food items in the diet plan is based on the following facts.

  • Foods rich in protein keep check on your hunger pangs and keep you gratified for longer. Generally, users of various diet plans complain of being hungry, because most of the diet plans being low in carbs and calories keep the users hungry.
  • Different protein-rich food items such as fish, chicken, meat, and eggs provide various nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids to your body.
  • Food items such as skinless chicken, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products dissuade the formation of blood fats triglycerides, which are the culprit fats leading to increased cholesterol level.

Varied diet plans have different impacts on people on the basis of their body types. In general the CSIRO diet plan works more effectively on women than men. The diet plan will assist women in reducing their increased cholesterol level, cutting fats from various parts of their body, and keeping check on heart problems and type 2 diabetes.

Basic Idea of CSIRO Diet Plan

CSIRO diet plan might be disappointing for vegans since meat has been highly recommended throughout the plan. However, they certainly can stick to the vegan items of the diet plan and judiciously swap animal foods with plant based foods.

The diet program consists of a list of healthy and nutritious food items meant to overlap your unhealthy food habits. The main idea of the plan is to make you so much addicted to healthy foods that you shall not realize that you are going along with some diet plan. Rather than being mere a diet plan, it will turn your lifestyle and will make you healthier.

The diet solution contains 120 mouth-watering recipes. You can easily pack your lunch-box with food items recommended in the diet plan. The magnificent diet plan accompanied with simple workouts for thirty minutes in a day can do wonders on your body.

Recipes in CSIRO Diet Plan

Exclusively crafted CSIRO diet plan is not based on assumptions. In fact, there are well supported theories to brace all the recommendations made in the diet plan. There are copious delicious and easy to make recipes in the diet plan, which makes the diet plan even more demanding and realistic.

Dr. Manny has crafted the plan while keeping common people in mind. The main highlights of the types of recipes in the diet plan are –

  • You will learn to prepare café style healthy breakfast or brunch for you in a very restrained time.
  • The ingredients used for preparing yummy dishes are prominently available and they are inexpensive to buy.
  • The diet solution will educate you about various prudent ways to using the leftovers and preparing outstanding dishes from them.
  • There are numerous ideas of how you can add flavor to your food. You can stick to these valuable ideas and can mold the dishes according to your taste. Natural herbs and spices have strongly been recommended in the diet plan.
  • The amazingly good appearance of the food items will allure you towards them, and you will feel tempted to consume healthy food items without pushing yourself.
  • There are wide array of high-protein food items you can use in cooking your daily meals.
  • The healthy diet plan can be relished along-with family or even on special events such as on Thanksgiving eve or Christmas Parties.

Why Unhealthy Food Habits are so prominent?

Dr. Manny Noakes has tried to figure out the reasons why unhealthy food habits are so prominent among people and he came up with following observations.

  • Expensive healthy food items are the main reasons responsible for making people switch to junk foods and snacks because they are far cheaper than them. Since bountiful unhealthy food items can be availed at cheaper rates, it boosts people’s tendency of eating unhealthy foods.
  • The easy availability of unhealthy food items is another reason making people consume unhealthy foods. When they feel hungry at office or even at home, choices of so many unhealthy food items are available to them that their instant eating instinct pokes them to consume them even without letting them think about their harmful impacts.

Drawbacks of the Diet Plan

Though the diet plan has been designed on the basis of scientific study and research, but still it could not escape from criticism. Some of the drawbacks of the diet plan are as follows.

  • The diet plan has overly emphasized red meat. Studies show that overuse of red meat might cause bowel cancer.
  • The diet plan recommends consuming 200g of red meat on daily basis, which should be lean not processed. It makes the diet plan very expensive, in-fact unaffordable to common people.
  • The diet plan seems to overlook mental aspects, for there are no motivational plans and strategies in the whole plan. Besides that, nothing is mentioned about the craving of comfort foods and how to overcome stress or emotional eating.
  • Though the diet plan has been found to be effective in short run. However, long run benefits are still unknown. Not many people have come forward to support the diet plan.
  • There is nothing magical or out of box in the diet plan. Calorie controlled diet will naturally bring down your weight, there is nothing special in the diet plan.

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