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Daisy Lowe Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The ravishing British beauty, Daisy Lowe has the most feminine, angular, and sculpted body. Having started modeling from the age of two, Lowe has been able to secure place for herself in the fashion industry. You would have read about diet and exercise plans of numerous models and would have found one thing common in all of them. And that is their diet, which usually is composed of low-calorie foods such as green and leafy salad and veggies only.

However, diet and exercise plan followed by Lowe will radically change your perspective, because the mesmerizing beauty doesn’t believe in crash diets. She conquered toned and curvy body without compromising with her taste, and without making her body devoid of foods. Lowe admits the fact that she feels hefty and sometimes mortified in the company of other slim models, but she is perfectly alright with that. Because to her, momentarily dissatisfaction or humiliation is better than putting her health and well-being at stake.

Daisy Lowe workout routine and diet plan

Daisy Lowe Diet Plan

Lowe has very explicit views about her goals and means to be followed to attain those goals. Unlike all other skinny models of the industry, she doesn’t appreciate resorting to starvation to acquire extremely lean body. She rather is in favor of providing adequate nourishment to her body.

Three meals in a day and snacks in the meanwhile are what keep Lowe agile and full of vitality. She indeed is a foodie, but she doesn’t like feeding trash to her body and believes in having balanced diet. She opts for pre-packaged meals. Her meals are highly nutritious and rich in numerous essential nutrients.

For balanced nutrition, your body requires all the vital nutrients such as carbs, proteins, and fats in proportionate ratio. You cannot expect to obtain optimum health while having just proteins, or carbs, or fats alone in your diet. Your daily diet should be amalgamation of all these nutrients. Let’s have a look at one of the typical diet regimes of Lowe.

Breakfast – She likes having hard-boiled egg or omelet with tomatoes, onion, and spinach in her breakfast.

Lunch – Her lunch generally is composed of steamed vegetables having myriad herbs and spices used in them.

Snacks – She prefers having protein shake bar, blueberries, nuts etc. in her snacks.

Dinner – Lowe likes having salmon, grilled fish etc. in her dinner.

Why Say Strict No to Crash Dieting?

Lowe is strictly against crash diet and fad diet programs because these diet programs are very detrimental for your health. They create dearth of essential vitamins and minerals in your body. These plans might get you slender figure in short time, but they at the same time make you fragile from inside. Moreover, starvation diets trigger accumulation of fats inside your body which further hinder adequate functioning of your body organs.

Daisy Lowe Workout Routine

Lowe acknowledges natural ways to sculpt her body parts. She contends, there can be no other way better than exercises to acquire slim figure. Though sizzling star was resistant to hitting gyms or fitness centers in the beginning, but later after meeting Nicola Addison, her personal trainer, her perspective about gyms changed.

Addison made her realize that she shall work on her muscles and protein diet to melt pounds swifter. She listened to her expert advice and inculcated more muscle-building exercises and protein foods in her diet. Within days, she experienced the impacts. And now, she simply relishes gym and hits gym three days in a week, for one hour.

She practices resistance training to hone her arms, legs, and stomach. Along-with weight lifting, she also adores doing squats and practices Daffy duck walk, split squats, lunge jumps etc. She abhors cardio workouts and refrains from them. The young star savor her foods, but at the same time her personal trainer makes sure that she executes sufficient workouts to create calorie deficit in her body.

The brunette performs regular workouts and spends fair time in toning various parts of her body. It’s the influence of exercises only that the magnificent model not only looks wonderful, but also owns extensive inner strength.

Lowe feels greatly exhilarated and revitalized after workouts. Beautiful and fresh looking body and skin inevitably cannot be obtained by eating supplements. Healthy foods in alignment with exercises can actually do marvels on your body.

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