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Danielle Lloyd Post Pregnancy Fitness Secrets – 4th Time

Danielle Lloyd is the mother of four (Archie, Harry, George, and Ronnie) and yet, she manages to take our breath away with her beauty. Many people want to know how she is looking so great these days.

If you are one of them then, here you can know how she is keeping fit after her fourth pregnancy, what are her plans regarding having another baby, her workout secrets and her inspiring body confidence.

Feeling Body Positive

The fiancé of Michael O’Neill is feeling pretty body positive these days. She admits to having some wobbly bits and a little bump on her tummy but also shares that they don’t bother her. She is loving life as size 10 at the moment.

Past Body Fears

The stunner admits that she has shed tears in the past over her figure and got terrified when thinking about post-natal depression. She has been a victim of it in the past and threw herself into exercise to lose post-baby weight to beat it.

Now, she has learned to love herself and accept all her flaws. Thankfully, she has not been victimized by post-natal depression yet.

Workout Secrets

The diva works out at least twice a week as it fills her up with endorphins. The two main exercise methods she prefers are strength exercises and weight training. Some of the strength training exercises she likes are press-ups and squats. She doesn’t exercise only for her body, she does it for her overall wellbeing. Two body parts she wants to tone up are the top of her legs and her stomach.

The two hours she takes for exercise are a sort of heaven for her because it is the only time she can get out of her house, leave her kids behind and focus entirely on herself. Exercising also helps her to relieve stress related to managing her house and her babies, so it’s very important part of her life.

The one-time Celebrity Big Brother (2001-Present) star had also ordered some personal training sessions when she joined the gym after her fourth pregnancy.

A Busy Bee

The English glamour model says that she is too busy with her kids to bother with anything else. There are times when she doesn’t have time to comb her hair properly. She also wakes up a lot at night because Ronnie needs her. No matter how less she has slept, she wakes up early because her boys are early risers. She admits to running on adrenaline and being busy all day and night. Still, she keeps going because her kids need her.

Placenta Power

The former Miss England has had placenta turned into tablets, face cream, and butter balm & oil. She uses the tablets & cream herself and the butter balm & oil on Ronnie. These tablets make her feel more energized and better from the inside. They have also helped her to resist post-natal depression and lose some extra weight.

Flat Tummy

The reality star shared a picture of herself just one week after Ronnie’s birth, back in October 2017 and fans were shocked to see her flat tummy. Sharing why she uploaded that picture on social media, the beauty says that she did it to inspire body confidence in women.

She admits that all women don’t have a body as she did after a birth and she was among the few lucky ones. Her aim was not to flaunt her figure but to let women know that it’s okay to love your body no matter how it looks post-baby.

Breastfeeding Helps Weight Loss

The ex-wife of Jamie O’Hara sincerely believes that breastfeeding helped her lose some pregnancy weight in the past because as soon as she stopped it, she started gaining weight.

Prospect of More Kids

Former Miss Great Britain says that if she had the opportunity to have another baby, she would like to have a girl so that she doesn’t feel lonely. She usually feels lonely when all her boys are busy with boy stuff, and she is busy with tasks like cleaning and cooking.

A Happy Family

Appreciating Michael, Danielle says that he is taking the arrival of Ronnie well. He even woke up at night for the first week to tend to the newborn. He also helps her with the chores a lot and can’t stop expressing his love for the little one. She also says that the arrival of her baby has made her entire family feel more like a unit. Michael loves all her boys, and her boys love their baby brother too. They kiss and cuddle him quite a lot.

Featured Image by S Pakhrin / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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