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David Beckham Fitness Routine & Diet Plan

David Beckham

David Beckham is a well known English soccer player. He is known for his excellent soccer playing skills and good looks. David was born on May 2, 1975 in England. He soon became famous as a soccer player. In the year 2004, he was the highest paid soccer player in the whole world, in terms of advertising deals and salary. He has played for many world famous teams and clubs like Milan, Manchester United, etc. In U.S.A., he has played for Los Angeles Galaxy.

David Beckham Physique

David Beckham is a great athlete. This quality helps him to play excellent soccer. He has a lean body which is also highly muscular. His height is 6 ft and his weight is 163 lbs i.e. around 74 kg. David has acquired most of the muscles and stamina while working hard on the soccer field. Along with high degree of soccer training, Beckham also does regular workout. Let us look at the workout and diet of the star footballer to see how he maintains the ripped and muscular body and performs so well on the field.

David Beckham Workout Routine

Beckham conducts various kinds of outdoor and indoor exercises to staying fit and acquiring stamina. David focuses more on compound movements and exercises. The various exercises he conducts are cardiovascular exercises, weight exercises, abdominal routine exercises, agility training, etc. It is essential for a soccer player to have tough joints and bones in order to perform well and to avoid muscular injury. Special training exercises help him to increase his speed and quickness on the field. These are known as Plyometrics. David does not execute heavy weight exercises as they can make his body bulky.

David Beckham Workout Body

David prefers to perform whole body workouts and exercises rather than the isolation workouts which focus on a single body part. The high intensity workouts conducted by him focus on increasing and maximizing heart rate.

One cardiovascular workout of David Beckham consists of a run of 5 minutes at 85 percent of maximum heart rate. After a rest of 4 minutes, the run is resumed so as to have three such sets. The intensity of these workouts is changed by David so that the workout does not get monotonous. For example, he can run for 15 minutes at 95 percent of his maximum heart rate and then rest for 1 minute to perform two more such sets. He also performs 60 yard turnarounds which comprise of sprinting for 60 yards, turning back and again sprinting back to the starting point. The rest period for this workout is 1 minute and Beckham completes 8 to 10 such sets with ease.

Diet and Nutrition

To maintain his lean and thin body physique, David consumes less amount of fat food items. He likes fish and chicken. The protein content of his diet mainly comes from chicken. For vitamins and minerals, David goes the vegetarian way. He eats lots of green leafy vegetables to get proper amount of roughage and essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals from his diet.

Other food items that David prefers in his diet are complex carbohydrates. They provide David with energy while lowering the fat content of the diet. Some of these complex carbohydrates include cabbage, spinach, soybeans and cauliflower. David does not include high glycemic carb food items in his diet. Therefore, he avoids feeding on corn flakes, white rice and white bread.

David avoids the food items that add bad cholesterol and fat content to his diet as they can spoil his lean and muscular physique and give him extra bulk and weight. He includes healthier fat food items like yogurt, olive oil, etc. which help him increase his performance while maintaining his weight. He also eats plenty of nuts during the day. One interesting fact about his diet pattern is that David eats healthy snacks on regular intervals rather than eating three heavy meals a day.

Favorite Food of David Beckham

David Beckham Workout Schedule

David likes cheese and tomato omelette in breakfast. He prefers fish finger at lunch time while during dinner, he likes to have pasta Bolognese.

As we can see that David Beckham undertakes lots of high intensity exercises and supplements his food by all essential nutrients. This helps David to increase his stamina, boost his field performance and maintain a lean and muscular physique.

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