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David Kirsch on Jennifer Lopez’s Fitness and Diet

Jennifer Lopez works hard for her body, and she demonstrates the result of her hard work on social media quite often. Here are the top workout and diet secrets of the diva that help her look half her age.

Staying Disciplined

The actress’ personal trainer David Kirsch says that she maintains a lot of discipline during her workouts, which people who work out at home or in the gym, often don’t do. He also says that she can focus on every single move that is shared with her to ensure that she is doing it with reason and getting the results she wants.

Workout Routine

As the stunner doesn’t have much time to spare, she opts for workouts that offer maximum benefits in a minimum timeframe. The workout she does most often is full-body training that is usually done by her through simple equipment like medium-sized free weights, TRX straps, medicine balls and resistance bands. Bodyweight training is also a part of her routine.

Kirsch says that Jennifer has a lot of energy and she incorporates the same to her workout sessions. She also likes to try new exercise methods to ensure she doesn’t get bored of a single method or technique.

Diet Secrets

The globally acknowledged singer also eats extremely well to ensure her fitness. She has been sticking to a clean diet for years, and it helps her to stay fit and healthy. Her diet includes no alcohol, no sugar and no processed foods at all.

Morning Workout

J.Lo. says that she prefers to work out in the morning because it loosens up her body, keeps her strong and makes her ready to face the day. She knows that injuries often occur when a person’s muscles get weak or a person overworks them. So, she likes to keep them strong.

Eating Capacity

Ne-Yo recently stated that the dancer is a prolific snacker and champion eater because she finished half a pizza by herself. He also thinks that he didn’t imagine it by looking at her. He added that she works out like a beast too.

Imperfections are Okay

The New-York born thinks that making peace with all her imperfections was a key to her overall growth. She learned that if she wants to be better, she needs to be okay with herself and accept all her flaws. She also realizes that she is not aiming to be perfect but the best version of herself.

Let Go

The lovely lady also wants her fans to learn to let go and just learn from the past. Fighting the past will do you no good, so you better accept the way it is.

Working Out with Alex

The girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez often hits the gym with him. He says that she is an incredible athlete. He also says that they both love the fitness space and like to work out. They sometimes work out together, and sometimes solo. The duo does what routine suits them best. He also added that his favorite asset on a woman is intelligence.

Chilling Out

The couple likes to have a quiet and fun-filled Sunday afternoon like most of us. They recently spent a day basking in the sun by a pool with their kids, Lopez’s 9-year-old twins, Max and Emme and the daughters of the baseball legend Natasha, 12, and Ella, 9. They also did a poolside photoshoot.

Post-Workout Diet Advice for Vegans

If you are impressed by how hard the Shades of Blue (2016-Present) actress works out in the gym and you wish to follow her lead, then her trainer’s tips on post workout diet advice for vegans would be useful for you. Here you go.

Soy-Based Products

David recommends having tempeh and/or soy based tofu as your post workout protein because 100-gram of tofu has 8-gram of protein and 100-gram tempeh has 19-gram protein. He also thinks that both these foods can work as a meat substitute in meals because of their firmer texture and variety of cooking methods.


Kirsch says that nuts are a rich source of protein and they should be your go-to snack. Though nuts are high in fat, he thinks that having them while practicing portion control is a good idea.

He loves almonds for their vitamin E content and fiber. He is also a fan of pine nuts, walnuts, pistachio nuts, cashews, hazelnuts and brazil nuts.

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