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Davina McCall 2017 Fitness Secrets

There are only a few celebrities who manage to be naturally fit even when they hit the half-century age mark.

Davina McCall, the popular TV personality is among them. She is known for living sugar-free, and alcohol-free life, as well as posting fitness, oriented posts on social media platforms. Have a look at how she is dealing with hitting the half-century mark, how she is still able to wear a bikini, how she perceives happiness and how she remains positive even in toughest situations.

Turning 50

The star admits that she had a bit of an issue when she turned 40 and left her 30s behind. But now, she is okay with aging. In fact, she feels better as she gets older now than she ever felt before.

The Celebration

She celebrated reaching the half-century mark by enjoying a massive club night with 700 friends at Café de Paris. Even while partying hard, she stuck to water because she never takes an alcoholic drink.

Rediscovering Herself

The diva thinks that being in her 50s would be all about rediscovering herself because her kids are a lot more independent now as compared to when she was in her 40s.

Fitness Secrets

The fitness secrets of the diva include exercising regularly and following a proper diet. She also thinks that being happier in her head also helps her to stay mentally fit. When she is happy, she sees things positively and is more kind towards people and herself.

Appearance Matters

Though the beauty knows that she has wrinkly skin on various parts of her body, even her stomach, she doesn’t bother about it as long as she is fit & slim which proves that fitness matters more to her than looking awesome.

Positive Thinking

The mother of three lost her sister and father-in-law recently. As such incidents ignite the fear of age and illness in her, she copes with it by using self-help books. She even says that these books are a better option than therapy because therapy often makes people think that they have discovered new problems when that’s not the case.

Happiness Secret

The TV presenter says that having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ helps her to stay happy. Whenever something bad happens around her, she is thankful that it’s not happening to her and that she can be with people who need her support. For instance, her father has Alzheimer’s, and she feels grateful for being there for him. She also hopes that she can teach her kids how to be positive when facing hardship as her dad is doing the same for her. A few things that usually make her happy are driving, sunshine and being hugged by her kids.

Weird Diet Secret

The model has a unique favorite dish, cold baked beans, tuna and cottage cheese. She likes them when they are all mashed up.

Relaxation Techniques

The London-resident likes to relax with her family by doing an outdoor activity, having a healthy tea and then going to the movies. When in theatre, she loves having salted popcorn (an indulgence). When alone, she relaxes by having a bath.

Next Healthy Goal

McCall is planning to sign up for the London to Paris bike ride that will last more than two days.

No Regrets

The actress says that life is too short to live with any regrets. She admits that she has made plenty of mistakes in the past such as being a drug addict, but she has learned from those experiences. Now, she is in a good place and feels happy from the inside. She hopes that she will feel even better than this when she hits the 60s.

Featured Image by Davina McCall / Instagram

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