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Diane Kruger Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Beauty Tips

Gorgeous looking, exquisite German beauty Diane Kruger carries the figure, all women would envy for. The lead actress of “Troy” and “Inglourious Basterds” tells that she is naturally blessed with slim and slender body, and she does not have to cut down her diet or do strenuous workout to stay in shape.

Diane Kruger Diet

As far as her regular diet is concerned, she does not follow any kind of dieting. She enjoys having delicious food and often tries her hands at cooking. She might seem pretentious to many, but most of the times she forgets to have her meal when she is overloaded with work. She avoids having over processed food.  Though she is very particular about her food and eating habits, but losing weight is definitely not the reason for that.

Diane Kruger tiny frame
Diane Kruger tiny frame

Diane Kruger Exercise

She does not like to hire any personal trainer for exercise. Kruger revealed that she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. She likes dancing also but only when she is out with her friends. She likes to keep herself engaged in outdoor activities, which keeps her energetic and agile.

Diane tells, she practically does nothing, in particular, to remain in shape. Only her tight pants are sufficient enough to alarm her, to keep a check on her diet. She doesn’t prefer going to the gym, getting an expensive personal trainer, or going to dance classes.

Diane Kruger Lifestyle and Fashion

Diane, dating Joshua Jackson, has an amazing sense of choosing her outfits. There is rarely any chance of finding any flaw in her dressing sense. Diane can be called a fashion freak to an extent. She likes to wear ultra-high heels, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to reach her feet on the floor on her own. She does not forget to tell about an incidence, when she had to borrow her boyfriend’s shoulders, to get her feet down on the ground from her shoes having ultra-high heels.

Having started her career as a model, she knows how to apply make-ups; she herself does her make-up without getting assistance from anyone. Kruger simply loves to wear red lipstick and believes in wearing simple and sober makeup. She does not like wearing too much makeup, she believes, over makeup hides your natural self-beauty.

Diane feels, she has become very skinny in past few days and that is because, she has just got free from a movie, which made her daily routine so hectic, that there was no time to look at herself.

She is also thinking of getting settled with Joshua and start her family with him. The former German model can foresee herself getting settled in Europe, probably Paris because Josh loves Paris. She further adds, it’s yet to be seen how their life would be in Paris, when they will actually reach there.

Diane had been a smoker for a long time. She herself admits that she used to smoke out of nervousness. Whenever she used to find it difficult to start the opening speech in 15 minutes, in three different languages (English, French and German), she used to smoke to handle her nervousness. But now she has quit smoking, which she feels has brought a glow on her face.

Diane – Star Attraction of Campaign “Reinvent Yourself”

Diane Kruger is the star attraction of a new campaign started by Jaeger LeCoultre. The campaign has been named as “Reinvent Yourself” and the main objective of the campaign is to boost the confidence level of women.

Jaeger views about Diane are – who else can be more inspiring to women than Diane!!
She is an incarnation and her life itself has been full of confidence, as she has faced all the challenges of life with a smiling face. She believes that Diane has all the capabilities of inspiring other women. She is the one who is always in the process of reinventing and exploring herself to new levels of success.

Diane Kruger Beauty Tips

Diane discloses her beauty secrets, which are as follows –

  • Take a proper sleep of at least 9 hours daily.
  • Always use a good face-wash to clean your face.
  • Apply an effective sunscreen lotion before going out in sun, otherwise there are chances of getting blemishes on the face and skin.
  • Always remove the make-up properly with cleansing milk before going to bed.

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