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Diet Rehab – Best Your Cravings in Twenty Eight Days

Diet Rehab by Dr. Mike Dow

Devised by Dr. Mike Dow, Diet Rehab is an incredible weight loss program which is completely based on scientific facts and principles. Without dwelling on any vague theory of making your body devoid of foods to lose weight, amazing tools and techniques of diet rehab will tell you how you can conquer your cravings.

Once your cravings are won, you automatically will begin consuming less unhealthy foods, and your body weight will naturally come under your control.

Statistics of Obesity

World Health Organization did a thorough research on the population of obese people and uncovered the fact that there were more than one million people who were overweight in 2010. And since no personal efforts are being made by people to improve their eating habits, their number is supposed to increase to 1.5 million by 2015.

Even more astounding is the fact that more than 42 million kids below the age of five are overweight, they will turn into overweight adults which is not going to be very pleasing.

Types of Foods

Diet rehab has divided foods in two categories. These are –

Booster Foods – Booster foods trigger weight loss process in your body and bring you in enviable body shapes. Apart from energizing you, these are noble foods also render adequate nourishment to your body.

Pitfall Foods – Pitfall foods don’t shed one single pound from your body. In-fact, they have several adverse impacts on your body. For example, they drain all your energy and make you feel tired. In addition to that, these foods don’t do any good to your body.

Adverse Effect of Pitfall Foods

Dr. Dow contends, Americans and most of the people in world are overweight because they are addicted to certain habit forming foods. There are several foods such as sugary and salty foods which release chemicals inside your body, and when these chemicals reach your brain, they poke you to consume more of those habit forming foods.

Dopamine and serotonin being the major neurotransmitters make you feel good. And sugary, starchy, and processed foods deter the natural release of these neurotransmitters. Healthy or booster foods of the program will promote the formation of these two neurotransmitters in your body.

Sugary, salty, processed, and other junk foods temporarily activate these hormones in your body, due to which you feel elated for some time. However, as their impact vanishes, you again strive to get the same happy feeling and feel tempted to consume more of them.

Avoid Seven Pitfall Thought Patterns

Dr. Dow has provided a list of seven factors which you should avoid, should you want to stay away from food addictions. These are –

  • Pervasiveness
  • Polarization
  • Personalization
  • Paralysis-analysis
  • Permanence
  • Psychic

Follow Seven Booster Attributes

Should you want to spend a blissful life with healthier body, you should inculcate seven booster attributes in your life. Not only will these seven attributes get you slender body, they will also boost your confidence and will develop positive perspective in you towards life. These seven booster attributes are –

  • Power
  • Passion
  • Peace
  • Purpose
  • Pride
  • Pleasure
  • Productivity

What Diet Rehab Will Do?

Diet rehab will tell you what kinds of foods you are addicted to and how you can rid yourself from those addictions. Since relationship between body and brain has been accentuated in the program, you will be able to look after you in a better way.

Besides comprehending the impact of various foods on your brain, you will start analyzing foods with a different perspective. There are exclusively designed questionnaires in the program which will help you in figuring out whether the cause of your appetite is natural or hormonal.

By the end of questionnaire, you will get a score card through which you will you be able to identify the level of hormonal imbalance in your body. Emotional eating, binge eating, and obsessive eating are some of the outcomes of hormonal imbalance.

Why Diet Programs Fail?

In Diet rehab program, you will also get answer for varied questions popping up into your minds such as why most of the diet programs fail. You might have tried numerous weight loss programs and intense exercise schedules to shed weight, only to get disgruntled with no apparent weight loss.

Well, most of the weight loss programs try to compel your body to get into trim shape either by depriving it from various foods, or by keeping it on extremely low calorie consumption. While you try all the external ways to deal with the problem, the solution actually lies in the programming of your brain because emotional eating habits and other addictions are nothing but the outcomes of your brain programming. Even if your taste buds are removed, you will consume foods you are addicted to because your brain wants you to feed those foods to your body.

How to Follow Diet Rehab?

Should you want to make healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle a part of your life, you can do that by following ways.

Replace Salt

In the first week of diet rehab, replace addiction forming food item such as salt with healthy and nutritious herbs and spices such as basil, ginger, rosemary, turmeric, curry, cilantro, black pepper, sage etc. Since salt cravings occur due to deficiency of potassium, these foods will fulfill the dearth of potassium in your body.

Replace Pitfall Snacks with Booster Snacks

In the second week of the program, replace pitfall snacks with booster snacks. Cut some pitfall foods such as potato chips and swap them with fat-less yogurt, fruits etc. Besides that, swap two pitfall snacks with booster snacks in a day, gradually you shall begin craving for healthy booster snacks only.

Replace Pitfall Foods with Booster Foods

After practicing swapping pitfall snacks with booster snacks for one week, your brain would be molded to like healthy snacks. As you will reach third week, you will need to replace your pitfall meals with booster meals. For example, replace pasta with salmon, or seasonal veggies etc.

Complete Booster Foods

As you approach fourth week, you shall make your day completely dependent on booster foods. All the snacks and meals consumed by you in the fourth week should belong to booster foods. You can relish one cheat day also to successfully attain the rewarding results of diet schedule.

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