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Ditch The Diet, 7 Healthy Eating Tips Celebrities Believe In

Since the evolution of mankind, food has been man’s best and worst enemy. From providing nutrients to causing health problems, food has received criticism in both, positive and negative ways. While a mouth watering and heavenly dish of meat can move your taste buds in their grave, too much of it can be the cause of grave and acute health miseries. Overdoing any kind of food eventually leads to a strict diet and weight loss becomes the main agenda.

We are here to tell you that you don’t need to deprive yourself of any kind of food. Food makes the soul happy and triggers hormones causing nothing but pure bliss. However, if you do want to follow strict and difficult diets, there are simpler alternatives on doing the same (Yes, that’s right!). Follow these simple eating tips and implement them in your daily diet and lives.

Fresh Supply From A Farmers Market

Shailene Woodley - Fresh Supply From A Farmers Market
Shailene Woodley – Fresh Supply From A Farmers Market

You must have heard a lot of people talk about fresh fruits and vegetables and let us tell you, celebrities swear by it! Shailene Woodley, the upcoming actress likes to cook her own food as and when she gets the time. She only buys her fruits and vegetable supply from the farmers market. She believes that fresh and unadulterated food is the best of its kind, cost effective and safe to consume. She believes that food from a farmers market also tastes much better than what you would get in a supermarket.

As you may know, fruits and vegetables have preservatives added to them before they are stocked in a supermarket or at a vendor store. These preservatives have chemicals that kill the potency and freshness of a product so that it can last longer. Although, it is still consumable, you will be missing out on nutrients that you could have gotten otherwise.

Substitute Whole Green Food with Green Juices

Miranda Lambert - Substitute Whole Green Food with Green Juices
Miranda Lambert – Substitute Whole Green Food with Green Juices

Not everybody is a fan of greens and pulses and neither is Miranda Lambert. Although a good intake of vegetables can help maintain an excellent diet and balanced nutrients, not all are diehard fans of vegetables. There’s good news for all the foodies who don’t dig vegetables and that is green juices! A daily intake of vegetables is more important than saying your daily prayers! And a green juice is the perfect way to get straight-up nutrients and proteins into your system without having to eat them raw.

Although the internet is loaded with recipes of all kinds of green juices that you can make, our go-to favorite one is made out of Collard greens and Swiss chard. Take 2 leaves of Swiss chard and Collard greens, 1 cup of kale, 1 cup spinach, half medium cucumber, 1 inch fresh peeled ginger root and half medium peeled lemon. You can combine all these ingredients in a juicer or use a blender to make a blender juice.

Take An Intermission During Your Meals

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting - Take An Intermission During Your Meals
Kaley Cuoco Sweeting – Take An Intermission During Your Meals

One of the most effective and commonly talked about solutions to keep your food intake under control is taking breaks during a meal. Kaley Cuoco Sweeting of The Big Bang Theory swears by this habit. She eats half her food, drinks a glass of water and takes a break for 10 minutes. Her reasoning for this is supported by the fact that the human brain takes 20 minutes to register if the stomach is full or not. She says that if you still feel hungry after those 10 minutes, continue eating. But in a majority of situations, you will not.

Hence, taking a break and letting your brain register the hunger level of your body makes complete sense. Instead of savoring on more than you require, pause for a bit and let your body tell you if it wants more. Don’t use this technique to starve or deprive your body of nutrients, but use it wisely to allow a balanced intake and diet.

Eat, Breathe and Live Organic

Evangeline Lilly - Eat, Breathe and Live Organic
Evangeline Lilly – Eat, Breathe and Live Organic

The gorgeous and stunning, Evangeline Lilly who has been through years of depression had a very hard time trying to get through with it. She went on medication while trying to fight it and went off it in two weeks because she hated it. After which, she was advised to start eating fresh and organic food. Within a year or two of eating organic food, she started feeling much better and lighter as a person. She realized that without even being aware of it, eating organic was reducing the stress level that was caused by depression.

Organic foods are produced by organic farming. Organic farming in general features biological and mechanical processes that harness recycling of resources, adhere to ecological balance and conserve our biodiversity. No pesticides or fertilizers are used in this process unless approved. In general, organic foods are not processed using any industrial or synthetic methods making it consumable in the most natural way possible.

Don’t Obsess Over Every Morsel

Maria Menounos - Don't obsess over every morsel
Maria Menounos – Don’t obsess over every morsel

Girls, all around the world today are forcing themselves to go on strict diets to reduce weight. Society demands one to be slim and fit and we blindly follow these rules, without considering overall health and well-being. Exterior appearances have been given so much importance that people have forgotten about inner beauty and peace. Trying to follow a strict diet leads to stress hormones rising as one is continuously trying to keep a watch and control everything they eat or drink. Stress leads to multiple health issues which are overlooked by girls today, only so that they can be thin, which according to them is attractive. Stress hormones cause multiple beauty issues like dark circles, signs of aging, puffy eyes and so on, but very little consideration is given to that during the race to losing weight.

The fit, healthy and beautiful Maria Menounos admits that for her, it is about more living and less obsessing. In her conversation with Women’s Health Mag, she requests girls around the world to concentrate on having a healthier and stronger body rather than just focusing on losing weight. Maria admits that she eats unhealthy food all the time, but that makes her happy and chirpier as a person. Of course, she exercises regularly to keep the balance right. Eat it! Enjoy it and move on, is the basic principle she goes by and it is working wonders for her.

Explore An Eating Plan That Suits Your Lifestyle

Pink - Explore An Eating Plan That Suits Your Lifestyle
Pink – Explore An Eating Plan That Suits Your Lifestyle

The pop music icon, Pink is not your everyday girl. Grungy and edgy, Pink has crossed and hurdled over stereotypical boundaries and did what she truly felt like doing. On talking about the body, she says that although it is important to keep a controlled diet, it is worse to stop your body from receiving its cravings. Don’t try to follow the thousands of diet plans that are available at every nook and corner. Build your own diet plan, according to your body needs as everybody is different and craves for a variety of different things.

Jot down all your favorite kinds of food like whole vegetables, fruits, meats, sweet, drinks, snacks, etc. Research a little on how many grams of proteins and vitamins are available in different foods of your choice. Make a chart, dividing all in equal amounts on a daily basis making sure that your body gets the bare minimum amount of proteins and greens, it requires. Allow your chart to accommodate space for cravings like meat, sweet and sodas. Dedicate one meal in a week to feast on any kind of food that makes you content and satisfied. Having a controlled diet this way will not only make sure you’re eating healthy but, will also allow you to savor on your personal cravings.

Keep Healthy Food At Eye Level

Kate Hudson - Keep Healthy Food At Eye Level
Kate Hudson – Keep Healthy Food At Eye Level

Kate Hudson is a fitness freak and eats mostly healthy and lean foods. Rice, beans, salads, fish, nuts and berries are a part of her regular diet. She also loves colorful and different kinds of vegetables and lentils. She believes that if cooked well, any kind of vegan or meat dish can not only be healthy but also fulfil the cravings of one’s taste buds.

You must start with getting rid of all processed, sugary snacks, processed chips, crackers and frozen food. You don’t need to throw away all of it, but make sure that only half of one of the shelves in your refrigerator is stacked with it. Then move onto keeping healthy food and snacks, right where you can see them. Keep different kinds of fruits in the center of the dinner table, where you can reach out to them easily. Keep stuff like Greek yogurt, healthy soups, brown rice, salmon, tuna and quinoa in the front row of your fridge. These are low on fat and fast to prepare.

To know more about healthy eating, read and research on how to manage food intake on a daily basis. Start with trying to fulfil at least one or two tips and gradually move headstrong into it. With time, your body will accept the routine and automatically trigger cravings for the kind of food you feed it.

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