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Dr. Ian Smith Easy Fitness Tips for Weight Loss and Achieving Your Health Goals

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Dr. Ian Smith does not need an introduction. He is a famous physician who is also the author of eight fitness related books that includes famous weight loss books like Shred (2012), Super Shred (2013) and The Shred Diet Cookbook (2015). He often shares his expertise via radio and television shows. He has recently spilled beans on some vital fitness tips that will make every person healthier and assist people in their weight loss efforts. Do have a look at what tips he shared and implement the ones that suit your needs.

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Seek Support

If you have decided to be healthy and work towards your fitness goals, your first step should be to seek support of another person. The active member of TV series, The View (1997-Present) thinks that the person who supports you can be anyone. It can be your best friend, your spouse, your sibling, your colleague or even your neighbor.

You should just make sure that the person supports your health initiatives and be there for you. The person you choose must be firm enough to not let you make a mistake that may be harmful for your health. This person would play a key role in helping you be consistent and keep away from getting unfit again or putting on weight you have lost by always urging you to achieve more in terms of your fitness goals.

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Implement Self Discipline

The founder of 50 Million Pound Challenge (2007) suggests people (especially Americans) who wish to lose weight to follow self discipline. If you are aiming for weight loss, you should always resist the temptations offered by large meals that are too easily available and contain lot many calories.

Plan and Execute

The host of HealthWatch with Dr. Ian Smith believes that planning and execution are vital for any health related goal. You should always be serious enough towards the health goals to plan them thoroughly. After the planning is done, execution of the plan should be attached with a good game strategy.

You should also never be afraid of the lifestyle changes necessary for achieving a health goal. Even if the beginning is little tough, you should stick to making changes in your life.

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Dedication and Determination

The Chicago resident also thinks that dedication and determination are the two things that will never let you fail with regard to your health goals. If you want the results in your lifestyle changes or fitness attempts too fast, you may end up being disappointed.

If you are aiming for weight loss, you should make permanent changes in your life so that the extra pounds not only go away but they stay away as well. You should also be cautious of “food boredom” while you are following a new healthy diet plan which implies that you should try not to feel tired of eating the same thing every day. Make little variations in the diet plan regularly to avoid “food boredom” but be sure that the variations are also in line with your health goals.

Simple Changes

If you wish to be healthy, you can do it by making simple changes in your life, the star of Celebrity Fit Club (2002-2006) says that your first step should be to start moving. Sitting in front of a computer or TV won’t make you healthier, moving around and staying active will. You should also opt for eating only nutritious foods.

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If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you should focus on a two pronged program. The two aspects of the program are simple, just move around throughout the day by opting for any physical activity that suits you and make better nutritional choices in terms of your food options.

So which of the tips, you liked the most? Do mention in the comments section.

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