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Dynamis Waist Twister Disc Board Review

Dynamis Waist Twister Disc Board

Tummy twisters or twist boards have become very popular recently. One of the reasons is because of its simplicity. It is effective in toning your tummy and burning calories. However, to lose weight, exercising on a twist board is not enough. You need to have a proper diet as well. But, this doesn’t mean going into a crash diet program. For long term success, you need to make some sustainable lifestyle changes like having a balanced diet and exercising regularly. You will find different kinds of twist boards in the market today. Here, we are going to review the Dynamis Waist Twister Disc Board.


You will love the purple color of the board. It looks very stylish and attractive. There are two discs joined together. The upper purple-colored disc rotates when you stand on it, and the lower white-colored disc grips to the floor. The purple-colored resistance straps are attached securely to the board. This twister board is compact and lightweight. So, you can carry it easily and also store it comfortably under your bed or inside your closet. It is appropriate for users of all ages, so it’s great equipment for the whole family. This board comes with resistance straps attached, giving you more options to exercise and challenge your abdominal and upper body muscles. 

Build Quality

This twister board is made of high-quality materials making it durable and strong. You can exercise every day without any problem. The board has small nodes that provide an excellent grip. So, you won’t slide off or fall during exercise. Bungy cords are used for attaching the resistance straps, so it won’t tear when you exercise. The handles of the resistance straps are comfortable to hold. The upper disc rotates smoothly when you twist. The bottom disc is designed to grip the floor properly so that the board stays in place when you exercise. 


The board has a diameter of 9.75 inches which will fit most users. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to store. It is also portable, so you can carry it easily anywhere. It is great fitness equipment for the entire family.


The surface of the board is comfortable to stand on. You can maintain balance easily and twist with confidence. Your feet won’t hurt even if you exercise for a long time. The resistance straps are attached securely to the board, so you can use them without any discomfort. The handles of the resistance straps are very comfortable and you can tone your abs and upper body simultaneously by using the resistance straps when twisting on the board.

Ease of Use

Exercising on this board is very simple. You need to step on the board and stand straight. Then, just bring your arms to the sides and start twisting your torso from left to right. Hold the resistance straps and twist to increase the intensity of the workout. When you use the resistance strap, you can bend your knees and get to a half-sitting position also. This will challenge more muscle groups.


It is found that if you exercise on a twist board for 10 minutes, then you will burn 80 to 100 calories. However, you can increase the number of calories burned by incorporating short intervals of high-intensity workouts between your twisting routine. You can include upper-body exercises like rows, bicep curls or shoulder presses. You can also include dumbbells or resistance bands for a more challenging workout session. 

This twist board comes with resistance straps, so you can merge the twist board with the resistance straps to make pilates equipment. As you twist, the twist board will help you to stabilize the upper body and you can perform biceps curls simultaneously with the opposite arms. As you move your hip from left to right, it will tone the tummy muscles and give you a slimmer waist. At the same time, this board helps to improve your balance and posture. 


  • It is stylish and comes in an attractive color.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, thus making it last longer even if you exercise regularly for long hours.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It comes with free resistance straps that are attached to the board.
  • It helps to tone your abs and get a slimmer waist.
  • You can burn calories by incorporating other exercises.
  • You can get a toned upper body as well by exercising with the resistance straps.
  • It can improve your balance and core strength.
  • You will have a better posture.
  • It is suitable for people of all ages.
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee for it.


  • Some people found the size of the board to be small, especially for taller people.
  • Some users found the rotation was not very smooth; they found it a bit jerky when twisting.

Final Verdict

It is a great board for cross-training workout. The twister board combined with the resistance straps makes pilates equipment suitable for home use. This combo helps you to lose weight quickly and get an awesome cardio exercise as well to tone your body. By using this twisting board regularly, you can improve your posture. This will reduce the chance of back injuries. You will also be able to improve your balance and stability. 

With this board, you can get a rotational workout for the lower body and a twisting motion for your upper body. So, you will be able to tone your abs and upper body at the same time. This equipment has been tested to give you the best results within a short time. As it is affordable, anyone can buy it and experiment with it. You won’t have to spend too much time working out on it; only 10 minutes a day will be enough. However, if you want to get faster and more effective results, then you can work out for longer hours. You will get perfectly toned abs and upper body with the help of this twister board. So, without any hesitation, you can buy one today and see the results yourself. 

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This stylish purple-colored twister board gives effective results just by twisting 10 minutes every day. You can also burn calories and get your upper body toned with it. Dynamis Waist Twister Disc Board Review