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E-smartinlife Hand Wrist Exerciser Review

E-smartinlife Hand Wrist Exerciser

Wrist pain may occur to anyone. If you sit idle for a long time without moving your wrists, then they may get stiff and cause pain. If you work too much using your wrists, then also your wrists may hurt. People who perform exercises like push-ups and planks regularly, have to exert a lot of pressure on the wrists. This overtime can cause wrist pain. When you feel pain on the wrists, the tendons become hot, swollen, and inflamed. It can eventually cause tendonitis. To avoid this condition, you should exercise your wrists regularly using a wrist exerciser. This is very simple equipment that helps to target the muscles that control the wrist. Your wrists will no longer become stiff and you will be more productive in your daily works with strong wrists. Among the different wrist exercisers available in the market, the E-smartinlife Hand Wrist Exerciser is one of the best. Here, we are going to review this product.


It is pitch black in color with some red accents on the sides. It looks stylish and attractive. It has a wide design which makes it appropriate for any hand size. It is designed to perform both regular and reverse wrist curls. It has an adjustable stabilizer pad that makes exercise comfortable. You should move the stabilizer pad towards the U-shaped foam for less resistance. It has a non-slip cushion that makes exercise both comfortable and safe.

Build Quality

It is made of heavy-duty carbon steel spring that’s durable and provides sufficient resistance for exercising. The super anti-corrosion electroplating spring makes exercise comfortable as it is smooth and durable. The spring is stronger and harder than the regular springs. PP engineering plastics provide better sealing and stronger pressure resistance. The adjustable stabilizer pad makes it easy to change the resistance and challenge different muscles. There are forearm and wrist support that provides added comfort. It has a thickened safety foam pad, so there is minimal risk of an accident. You will have a safe exercising experience with this equipment.


It has a universal size and fits both small and large hands, men, and women of different ages. It is compact which makes it easy to store. You can also carry it around easily. It has a finger shape design that can be adjusted.


This equipment has an adjustable stabilizer pad that makes it comfortable to exercise. Your hands will fit the exerciser properly. There are wrist support and thickened foam pad for added safety. It works smoothly, so you will be able to work out for longer hours without any problem. It is anti-slip, so you can work for hours and even if sweat builds up your hands won’t slip off.

Ease of Use

You can use this equipment without any hassle. There is a detailed user manual that lets you know how to use the equipment properly. It is easy to put on and take out. You will have a very comfortable experience workout out with it.


With this equipment, you will be able to build strong muscles for the athletes, rock climbers, golfers, tennis players, and musicians. It can improve strength in the forearms, wrists, and fingers. It not only improves sports performance but also helps to release daily stress. You only need to rock your wrists back and forth to build up wrist strength day by day. With an adjustable stabilizer pad, you will be able to do regular and reverse wrist curls. It will help to vary the resistance; to lower the resistance you should move the stabilizer pad towards the U-shaped pad. You will get good results within a short time by exercising with this equipment regularly.

E-smartinlife Hand Wrist Exerciser Uses


  • It is stylish, compact, and lightweight.
  • You can store and carry it around easily, making it suitable for use at home, office or on the go.
  • It is made of a high-quality carbon steel frame making it durable and strong.
  • It is anti-corrosive and safe.
  • It has an adjustable stabilizer pad that makes it comfortable to use.
  • It has wrist support and thick foam for added safety and comfort.
  • It is designed to fit any hand.
  • It has a non-slip cushion, so your hands won’t come off even if you sweat.
  • It allows regular and reverses wrist movements.
  • You can vary the resistance.
  • It is ideal for tennis players, golfers, musicians, and others who need to use their wrists frequently.
  • Exercising with it can release your stress.
  • It can relieve joint pain on the wrists.
  • It can strengthen your wrist muscles, forearms and fingers as well.
  • You can get relief from pain.


  • There is no warranty for the product.
  • The price may be higher than the other similar products in the market.

Final Verdict

This wrist exerciser can improve the strength in forearms, wrists, and fingers. If you are having trouble doing household chores or working at the office due to wrist pain, then you will get benefits from using this wrist exerciser. It is appropriate for both small and large hands, so can be used by anyone. Due to its compact size, you can store it anywhere and carry it around easily wherever you go. It is made of high-quality materials that make it strong. It is smooth and you can exercise comfortably.

You will be able to perform both regular and reverse wrist curls with it. It is a popular choice for rock climbers, athletes, golfers, tennis players, and musicians. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of this equipment in releasing stress and reducing wrist pain. If you are suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, then this equipment is for you. With so many useful features, this is good equipment to make your wrist, forearms, and fingers stronger so that you can be better at sports, playing guitar or piano, and even the daily chores. So, buy this super effective wrist exerciser today and reap all the benefits from it.

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This wrist exerciser will make your wrists stronger and reduce any pain. You will be able to do daily chores much effectively if you exercise with this equipment regularly. E-smartinlife Hand Wrist Exerciser Review