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Edenic Diet Plan – Attain Perfectly Hale and Trim Body

Adam and Eve

Edenic diet plan is basically a vegan diet plan, which insists consumption of organic and whole foods. Since vegan diet has been considered the way to healthy and perfectly fit body, animal foods especially shellfish, pork, other meats etc. are strictly prohibited in the diet schedule.

The main objective of the plan is to provide you slender body with the help of naturally obtained fruits and vegetables. Proponents of the plan believe, should you consume raw fruits and vegetables, as were consumed by Adam and Eve, you can get rid of all the diseases and can enjoy perfectly hale body.

Why Edenic Diet Plan?

As no processed, junk, and unhealthy foods were there at the time of Adam and Eve; their lives were completely reliant on raw and natural foods obtained from plants. And since both of them are the representatives of human birth, diet consumed by them can aptly be deemed as ideal diet. It was the diet God himself made for humans.

However, with the passage of time, revolutionary changes took place, which drastically ruined the eating habits of human beings. Due to excess consumption of unhealthy, processed, and animal foods, human body today has become house of several incurable diseases.

And we ourselves are responsible for our miserable life. Totally driven by taste buds, today’s people rely more on satisfying their tongue and consume such foods which are meant more for their harm, than good.

What Kind of Foods are there in Edenic Diet Plan?

All the food items which were not available at the time of Adam and Eve are basically prohibited food items of the diet program. But still, should you wish to relish your favorite foods such as, pizza, burger etc., you can consume them in small quantities.

Adam and Eve had little proteins available for consumption, you too can include little amount of proteins in your diet. Other routine foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, salt, sugar, condiments, intoxication of alcohol etc. are forbidden food items in the diet plan.

The plan believes, food companies add harmful preservatives, additives, and numerous other destructive ingredients into the foods just to make them look and taste good. But these food items being toxic in nature are responsible for causing irritable bowel syndrome, all the immune related diseases, heart diseases, obesity, and several other problems.

Why Animal Food is Prohibited?

The diet plan believes in Christianity and no sacred religion gives you permission to slaughter living beings and savor their flesh. When God sent Adam and Eve on earth, he provided them fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds etc. to satisfy their hunger, and fresh water to quench their thirst. Eating animals is one of the self-discoveries made by human beings, which is not permitted by Christianity.

Edenic diet plan speaks in favor of animal rights, and feels that we should take the first step to save the life of millions of animals slaughtered for being eaten by human beings. Should we vow to stop eating animal foods and at the same time, stop using products obtained from them such as furs, leather, silk etc., we inevitably can take a great step towards humanity by saving their lives.

Benefits of Edenic Diet Plan

Edenic diet plan being typically vegan diet plan has bountiful benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You can increase your longevity and can attain healthy body, should you dedicatedly follow the diet plan.
  • Since the diet plan includes ample high fiber fruits and vegetables, consumption of these food items will defy aging and will enhance your young and agile life.
  • Apart from being healthy for your body, Edenic diet plan is also great for the health of this planet. Edenic diet will prune the release of carbon dioxide into air, which further leads to global warming.
  • Weight loss can be seen as one of the side effects of the diet plan.
  • Since there is adequate mix of spirituality in the plan, you will never feel deprived of food while going along with the diet plan.

Drawbacks of Edenic Diet Plan

Edenic diet plan is healthy, but it doesn’t fit in today’s lifestyle due to following reasons.

  • There were many healthy foods which were not available at the time of Adam and Eve, but they are vital for proper growth of your body. You might suffer from dearth of essential vitamins, and might need to take several supplements to fulfill their deficiency.
  • The diet plan being overly restrictive is neither practical nor feasible to follow in long run.
  • Emphasis on spirituality and suggestion to purge animal foods are fine, but getting information about the availability of food items, which were consumed by Adam and Eve indeed, is a lot of work.

Easy Ways of Going Along with Edenic Diet Plan

Should you wish to go along with Edenic diet plan, you can make some healthy modifications in the diet plan. These modifications will impart adequate nourishment to you while retaining valuable benefits of the plan.

  • Inculcate low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products in your diet. These dairy products will provide numerous essential nutrients to your body.
  • Since it’s very difficult to obtain fruits and vegetables, which were found in the Garden of Eden, inculcate seasonal and fresh fruits into the mainstream of your diet. You can consume them both in raw or cooked form, the way you wish to.
  • Since you cannot completely forbid consumption of modern foods, you can consume healthy and nutritious foods such as tofu, organic corn chips, maple syrup, desserts sweetened with honey or cane juice, and unrefined products.

Sample Diet Plan

One of the sample menu plans you can follow while adhering to Edenic diet plan is as follows.

Breakfast – You can have soy yogurt or any fresh fruit such as kiwi, mango, apple, banana etc. in your breakfast.

Lunch – You can have fruit or vegetable salad, or can have noodles or rice mixed with plenty of green and leafy vegetables.

Snacks – You can have vegetable chips, nuts and seeds such as walnuts, avocado, almonds etc. in your snacks.

Dinner – You can have veg pad thai, or exotic fruits in your dinner.

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