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Edie Falco Workout and Diet Secrets

Edie Falco is one of the most talented actors out there. She can nail any role in a jiffy, be it Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos (1999-2007) or attorney Leslie Abramson on The Menendez Murders (2017-Present).

Apart from being a skilled actor, she is also a health enthusiast who likes to stay fit by doing ample exercises and practicing veganism. She also takes care of her mental health and deals with pressures of life strategically. Scroll down to know her latest workout and diet secrets.

Workout Secrets

The American actress stays fit by going to the gym and doing aerobics so that she can get some sweat. She also likes doing Pilates and stretching exercises.

Diet Secrets

The Brooklyn-born has been a vegetarian for last 16 years, and she turned to be a vegan about 8 months before. Though she admits that finding right foods and ingredients can be a problem with those who become vegan, she doesn’t face that challenge because she finds right places in New York. She can also find supplies in Santa Monica.

Mental Health Secrets

As the star has a family life and a demanding career, she has to take care of her mental well-being. She admits to being in therapy for quite a while now. She also practices meditation and Buddhism. In her opinion, it makes a lot of difference in her life.

Why She Became a Vegan?

The diva works with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA and that’s one of the main reasons she turned into a vegan. She rightly thinks it’s hard to justify protecting animals when a person is eating animal-based foods.

After associating with PETA, she realized how much animals are mistreated. She also thinks that everything wrong in society can be related to cruelty to animals. When people don’t have respect for the life of any kind, the chances are quite high that it will manifest in some of the more obvious ways.

Dealing with Pressures of Life

The skilled actress admits that she doesn’t feel any pressure when it comes to acting or playing a role as she gets older but she feels pressure while managing her private life like turning up for her kids’ soccer practice and ensuring that she has the right Gatorade with her. She also admits that managing work and personal life becomes more difficult as a person gets older and adds that managing kids and a job is not for the faint-hearted people.

Relaxation Techniques

The Megan Leavey (2017) actress stays away from all the pressures of life by adopting simple things like sleeping, doing crafts and spending time with her kids and dogs while the TV runs in the background.

Advice for All

Edie says that people should learn to follow their dreams in life so that they can be content with what they have. Citing her example, she shared that she was a waitress once and didn’t like her job a bit. Though she was good at dealing with the work pressure as a waitress and chatting with clients, she felt miserable when incidents happened like some people threw a bunch of pennies as the tip for her once. It was when she felt most miserable, so she decided to leave and eventually, she did.

She decided to quit her job and follow her passion, acting and things started to fall into place. She got some small roles and eventually got the big break. From her story, one can learn that when you have faith in yourself, you can do anything, be it doing HIIT training for an hour or practicing veganism. You just have to follow your heart and do what you believe in.

Featured Image by Drama League / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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