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Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt Review

Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt

When you do weightlifting, you have to be very careful as there is always a chance of causing physical injuries. That’s why it is recommended that you wear a weight belt so that the chances of injuries are reduced. A weightlifting belt helps you to lift safely by providing extra stability to the back when you squat to lift heavyweight. As it increases the surface area, it stabilizes the spine as well so that the pressure is distributed evenly in the midsection area. So, if you are into weightlifting, then it’s a good idea to buy a weight belt.

You will find weight belts of various sizes and materials in the market. Weightlifting belts are thick that provides the right stiffness to keep the spine from bending. The belt you choose must be soft and comfortable so that it doesn’t hinder your performance. Here, we are going to review the Element 26 Self Locking Weightlifting Belt that is durable, affordable, and can provide you the comfort you need during weightlifting.


This is a very stylish belt that you can find in 4 different colors of red, black, white, and purple. It is available from sizes extra small to large. It has a quick-release buckle system that allows fast transitions as it is easy to use. All you need to do is pull the release roller. It is highly adjustable for perfect pressure and so you will feel comfortable during weightlifting.

It is designed functionally and that’s why it will improve your performance. The entire belt is 4-inch wide and provides great support to your back during weightlifting and provides great stability. By using this belt, you will be able to lift weights comfortably without any tapering or contouring. It has a self-locking technology that reduces the chance of injuries during Olympic lifts. It will not slip or open even when you lift very heavyweights. This belt is preferred by the powerlifters and the cross-fit athletes. You can even use it for competitions. This belt is suitable for women also for design, speed, and comfort.

Build Quality

This belt from Element 26 is made of 100% premium nylon and that’s why it is highly durable. Nylon is very strong and it won’t break easily like the neoprene-based belts. There are no mesh covering or padded inserts that improves the quality of the belt. So, the pressure is evenly distributed and won’t cause any discomfort or any risk of injury.

The belt is so stiff and strong that it won’t wear down even if you lift very heavyweights. It has a self-locking technology that provides great security and makes the belt easy to use. The belt is locked with you pull the release roller and it won’t unlock until you want to. This belt considerably reduces the chance of any injury while weightlifting. You get a lifetime warranty for the belt. The company also has a good return policy which allows you to get a new belt in case there is an issue with the belt you bought.


You will find this belt in different sizes starting from extra small to extra large. The extra small size is 23’’ to 27’’ and the extra-large size is 40’’ to 45’’. When measuring the right size of your waist, you should not use your pant size. You should measure around the belly button area.


Unlike the other belts you will find in the market, this belt won’t dig into your skin when you lift a weight. The edges are of soft nylon, so you will feel comfortable. You will find this belt in various sizes and there is always a size that will fit you perfectly. The self-locking technology makes it very convenient to use the belt. As it completely supports the back and provides uniform pressure on the abdomen, you will feel very comfortable using this belt during weightlifting.


Most weight belts that you will find in the market have a contour and tapered design. However, this is not true for this belt. This belt can create an even and consistent pressure on your abdomen that can increase stability when you lift the weight. So, you have less chance of injuries. It has a uniform 4-inch profile that is very effective for the Powerlifters, CrossFit athletes and the Olympic lifters. This belt is fully approved to be used in different competitions. So, you can not only practice regular weightlifting with this belt, you will be able to use it during weightlifting competitions as well. The Element 26 weight belt is made of premium quality materials and so it will last for a long time and will be able to withstand rough uses. You get a lifetime warranty for this belt which makes it stand out from the other belts in the market.

Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt Workout


This belt is one of the top quality weight belts that you will find in the market that are very affordable. You can buy these belts for $29.97 to $32.97. The price varies according to the size and the seller. You can look out for discounts and buy the belt at a cheaper price. You will rarely find any good quality weight belt at this price range. So, this belt offers great value for money.


  • This belt has an attractive design and you can choose from different colors.
  • It is made of premium quality nylon that doesn’t have any padded inserts or mesh coverings.
  • It provides uniform pressure on the abdomen to help you lift heavyweights.
  • It protects the back from injuries.
  • It has a self-locking technology that makes it safe to use the belt.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can find it in different sizes.
  • It can be used by Powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, and Olympic lifters.
  • This belt has been approved for use in different CrossFit and USAW Competitions.
  • You get a lifetime warranty for it.


  • It doesn’t have any additional foam padding.
  • There is a plastic piece inside the buckle that might break off.

Final Verdict

If you want comfort, security, and performance from a weight belt, then you should buy this Element 26 weight belt. It is made of 100% Premium Nylon which is durable. The colors of the belts are attractive and you have various options to choose from. Its self-locking technology makes it very convenient to use. The 4’’ wide belt provides great support to the back during weightlifting.

Its self-locking buckle makes it very convenient to put the belt on and take it off when necessary. If you want to exercise without the belt, then you won’t need to take off the belt; you can just loosen the belt. If you need to use the belt again, you can simply tighten it.

A weight belt is a great tool if you know how to use it the right way. With time and practice, you will be able to get amazing results. The Element 26 Self-locking Weightlifting Belt is a safe functional belt that will boost your confidence and performance. Using this belt the chances of injuries will be reduced considerably.

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This weight belt is made of high quality nylon that makes the belt durable. You will be able to lift weights with confidence by using this belt. Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt Review