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Ellie Goulding Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2015 Edition

Ellie Goulding running pose
Ellie Goulding running pose

Ellie Goulding just mesmerized her fans with an awesome performance at the ongoing Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. Apart from enchanting the viewers with her singing talent, she also entranced people with her looks. If you wish to know how the singer is keeping up that sexy body these days, then you are on the correct page. Here we have dug up her latest workout routine and diet plan that would help you to know her a little better. She also shared some great fitness tips with her fans that are also worth a look.

Getting Stronger

In a conversation with Shape, the multi-instrumentalist opined that she likes to get stronger. She also wants her body to be ready for any challenge.

Ellie Goulding for Shape Magazine's December 2015
Ellie Goulding for Shape Magazine’s December 2015

Accept Your Flaws

The “Love Me Like You Do” singer thinks that the first step towards fitness should be to accept your flaws. She has accepted that she had some very major flaws like smoking and drinking alcohol. She also doesn’t regret wanting a drink even now after a stressed day. So you should always accept your flaws and learn to live with it. No one can be perfect at all times with regard to eating right or staying healthy, but you should find a balance between staying healthy and indulging in your flaws a little.

Diet Plan: Go Green

The diet plan of the British celebrity includes eating everything that’s green. She likes green stuff in the form of a juice that she makes herself every day. The juice includes healthy stuff like spinach, avocado, banana, broccoli, etc. She is also a huge fan of sweet potato fries and salads as well as quinoa and nuts. She even indulges in some chips every now and then. She calls herself an aspiring and a bad vegan who gets to eat a lot of junk food that is actually vegan.

Ellie Goulding at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015
Ellie Goulding at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

Workout Motivations

The star of Delirium (2015) album motivates herself for workouts or drags herself out of a bed (literally!!) by remembering how exhilarated she feels after every workout.

Workout Routine

Ellie’s workout routine is a bit challenging. She prefers to workout with her trainer when she is not on the road. They mostly aim for outdoor running and weight training exercises. She also likes attending Barry’s Bootcamp class because it involves a lot of running and weight-and-floor work. This routine keeps her focused and builds endurance. Apart from these exercises, the talented singer also participates in 45 minutes of HIIT training which is very hard and drains out her energy but she thinks it’s the best for her.

Ellie Goulding performing at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Ellie Goulding performing at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Don’t Aim for Skinny

The “Burn” singer is happy with her figure and wants to be stronger every day. She thinks if a person is getting slim along with getting stronger, then that’s cool but you should not aim for being skinny if you can’t be strong from the inside. And we agree!!!

Ellie Goulding on Shape Magazine's December 2015 Cover
Ellie Goulding on Shape Magazine’s December 2015 Cover

Relaxing a Bit

Daily Mail has earlier reported that the stunner is currently easing off from her workout routine as she has a heart defect that still needs to be checked out. When asked about the idea of easing off on her workouts, she thinks that it’s nice for her to not to go to the gym as she is not allowed to. Ellie thinks the break has made her very relaxed. We hope you get rid of this defect soon Ellie.

Workout Playlist

Ellie Goulding listening to music while working out
Ellie Goulding listening to music while working out

For those of you who wish to know what playlist Goulding enjoys when she works out, here’s the current list, do try it out and enjoy your workouts a little more.

  1. Cheerleader by OMI
  2. What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber
  3. Come On Over by Royal Blood
  4. Love Me Again by John Newman
  5. Antenna Fuse by ODG
  6. Bring The Noize by M.I.A.

Looking for more? Check out how Ellie became a diva from a drab in this interesting article.

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