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Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women Review

Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women

A kettlebell more or less resembles a cannonball with a handle. Now many of you might wonder how this equipment can benefit you. A kettlebell is as heavy as a dumbbell and will help you to develop power and strength. It is great for ballistic movements like cleans, swings, and snatches. The handle and offset mass will challenge you to stabilize and that’s when your specific muscle groups will come into play.

You can buy kettlebells in single or in pairs. You can use it for the single-arm or single-leg exercises to help build your stability and strength. You can use both hands for swings and other exercises. When buying a kettlebell, you should always look for one with a wide handle so that you can hold it by both hands. A kettlebell can be used by both men and women. Here, we are going to discuss the Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women.


It is compact which makes it convenient to store. You get it in the assortment of green/blue colors which makes it very attractive. It is adjustable and you can loan 5 lbs, 8 lbs or 12 lbs weight. It has the patented click and twist system that makes it easy to attach or remove the weights quickly and easily. This kettlebell is ideal for the beginners and the experts as well. They are particularly designed for women who don’t want to compromise on a fit body. It is affordable and you can get multiple weights at the price of a single one.

It has a plastic shell that feels soft and comfortable. The handle is wide and so you will be able to hold it with both hands. As the handle is ergonomically designed, you will be able to have a controlled movement and lower the risk of injuries. Using this kettlebell, you will be able to achieve a total body workout. With this kettlebell, you get 3 workout videos of which one is cardio-based, one focuses on the upper body and arms, and the other one focuses on legs and lower body.

Build Quality

This kettlebell is made of high-quality material that makes it durable. If you use the regular hand weights or dumbbells, then it can strain your wrists. But, the handle of this kettlebell is designed in such a way that it won’t hurt your wrists and you will be able to work out comfortably.

It is ergonomically designed so that you don’t feel any pain on your wrists during workouts. It is sand-filled and has a soft plastic shell; so it is perfect for women as holding it won’t hurt their fingers or nails. They will be able to perform smooth and controlled moves. Exercising with this kettlebell can target your various muscle groups.

With this kettlebell, you will be able to combine your cardio and strength training. You will get your desired result in much less time compared to the traditional workout methods. If you use this kettlebell regularly, you will be able to gain your lean muscles and reduce fat in less time.


It measures 6’’ by 10’’ by 6’’. With this kettlebell, you will be able to move from one with to another easily. You will be able to have a total body workout with the same kettlebell as you can load or unload weights according to your preference. The kettlebell weighs 5 lbs. You can add 3 lbs and 4 lbs to it and so get a total of 12 lbs. You should start using from lower weight and then move up gradually once your strength improves.


The kettlebell is compact and you can easily buy it for home use as it is convenient to store. You will be able to use both your hands to exercise as the handle is wide. The smooth texture of the handle provides excellent grip and feels soft to touch. There is less risk of any injury due to the smooth texture of the kettlebell. Even people with smaller hands can use kettlebell comfortably.


This kettlebell is extremely versatile. You will be surprised to find out the different types of exercises it can do. Using a simple switch, you will be able to adjust the weight from 5 pounds to 8 pounds or 12 pounds. So, you can do different movements with the same equipment. It is perfect for a whole body workout and you will be able to burn calories in less time than the cross-fit training. With this kettlebell, you get a DVD that contains exercises for toning up your arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and other parts of the body. You can do Double Arm Swings, Bicep Curls, Pile Squats, Lunge and Rows, and other exercises with it. Overall, you will be able to burn more calories than even cross-fit training. You will be able to build up strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance with the help of this kettlebell.


You can buy this kettlebell at Amazon for just under $40. As you will be able to adjust 3 different weights, you are getting great value for money. It would be expensive if you had to buy the weights separately. You get a free workout DVD with it as well.


  • It is compact and can be stored easily.
  • It comes in attractive color.
  • It is available in 3 different weights of 5 lbs, 8 lbs, and 12 lbs.
  • It has the patented lock and twists locking system that makes it easy to adjust the different weights.
  • It is particularly designed for women.
  • It has a wide handle that is comfortable and soft to hold.
  • The texture of the handle prevents the hands from slipping due to sweat or other reasons.
  • It provides a firm grip which allows you to perform the exercises comfortably.
  • It can help to burn calories and tone muscles in less time.
  • It can help to tone your arms, shoulders, legs, and the other parts of the body.
  • You get a free workout DVD with it where you will find lots of exercises to try using the kettlebell.


  • No option to work with heavier weight; that is, the range of weights is limited.
  • When weight is removed or added, the kettlebell may feel off-balance initially.
  • The shape of the kettlebell changes when weights are adjusted.

Final Verdict

This kettlebell has been manufactured by Fitness EM and the company is an expert in making quality fitness materials for women. This kettlebell is unique as you can adjust the weight here. If you are on limited budget and space, then this is the ideal kettlebell to buy. You will be able to do exercises to tone up your upper and lower body within a short time.

If you want to buy something that can give you fast results, then you should buy this kettlebell. According to the trainers, this is better than the cross-fit training. You will be able to get a fit body in no time by using this kettlebell regularly. So, if you want to make your exercise routine more interesting and effective, then buy the Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women today!

Buy Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women

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This kettlebell can be used with one or both hands. It has an attractive design and is compact which makes it easy to store. You can do lots of exercises using it. Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women Review