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Engine 2 Diet Plan – Burn Calories and Reduce Your Cholesterol Level

Engine 2 Diet Plan

Devised by athlete turned firefighter Rip Esselstyn, Engine 2 Diet Plan is a completely vegan diet plan, which will bring down your cholesterol level, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and will get you a hale body.

Twenty eight days diet plan has scientifically proven theories and principles. Without having you count the number of calories or abiding by any other absurd thing like that, you just need to consume protein rich food along-with healthy fats and low carbs. And the pragmatic diet plan will initiate the fat burning process in your body.

The diet plan will fulfill all its promises just in 28 days. However, you will feel tempted to make the diet plan your lifetime diet plan. Tested on a group of fifty eight volunteers, the diet plan worked astonishingly well on all of them. In mere four week, apart from reduction in cholesterol level, there was an average weight loss of ten pounds in the group members.

Why Animal Foods and Dairy Products are Forbidden in Engine 2 Diet?

Rip has completely mopped animal foods and dairy products from the diet plan, due to their rich content of saturated fats. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, cream etc. contain saturated fats, which block your arteries, and raise the cholesterol level in your body.

Moreover, since animals have high cholesterol and fat level, their consumption elevates the cholesterol level in your body and makes you become sick. In addition to that, dairy products and animal products contain a protein named casein, which fosters the formation of carcinogenic cells in your body and make you prone to become victim of cancer and tumor.

Why Say NO to Milk?

Rip also wants to sweep a common disbelief prevalent among people that milk provides calcium to your body. While the fact is that milk disrupts the PH level of your body and make your body more acidic. To deal with increased acidity, your body starts borrowing calcium from bones. So instead of providing calcium, milk robs calcium from your bones and thus rather than strengthening them, it makes them become fragile.

Two Categories Under Engine 2 Diet Plan

Engine 2 Diet Plan has divided dieters into two categories. These are –

Fire Cadets – Fire cadets are hesitant in going along with the diet plan abruptly. They rather want to move on with it step by step and proceed only after being sure about the benefits of food items recommended in the diet plan.

Fire Fighters – Fire fighters being more resilient and determined are ready to abide by all the rules and regulations of diet plan from day one itself. They are prepared to purge all the dairy products, animal foods, and processed foods, and develop healthy eating habits, as per the recommendation of diet plan.

How to Follow Engine 2 Diet Plan?

Engine 2 Diet Plan has been constructed very arduously while bearing in mind various problems and questions dieters possibly can have. The diet plan comprises of numerous yummy recipes such as homemade hummus, sloppy Joes, chili dogs, Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna etc. You will not feel bored at any point during the whole diet plan.

Besides that, the diet plan will keep you guided at every step. For instance, when you go to restaurants, what are the possible healthy substitutes you can order? Likewise, you will find numerous other directions and recommendation. Since the diet plan is rich in high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc., you won’t feel hungry and will feel contented for a very long time.

Workouts in Engine 2 Diet Plan

Rip strongly recommends making workouts an indispensable part of your life. Should you bring harmony between workouts and diet plan, you inevitably can crop up the intensity of benefits.

You need to devote 20-30 minutes in a day on any cardio workout such as swimming, walking, jogging etc. for three days in a week. For next two days, you are recommended to do workouts while blending aerobics and strength training. Rip has provided detailed description of exercises in his diet plan. You will get visuals of various exercises, which will work on both your upper as well as lower body.

Benefits of Engine 2 Diet Plan

Engine 2 Diet Plan is a marvelous diet plan having several benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Inclusion of healthy and vegan diet will prevent you from the ill effects of animal foods and will boost your energy.
  • The diet plan will save you from several hazardous and life taking diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, cancer, heart diseases etc.
  • Plant-based diet will make your memory sharp and will increase your concentration.
  • Apart from losing weight, the diet plan will stimulate the process of muscle building in you and thus will provide you a ripped body.
  • Since plant based foods are void in cholesterol, there will be an increase in the production of healthy cholesterol in your body.
  • The diet plan being completely natural doesn’t ask you to consume supplements or energy boosters etc. to attain results faster.

Recommended & Allowed Foods in Engine 2 Diet Plan

Engine 2 diet promises to provide you a slender and completely disease free body. Endorsed by Dr. Dean Ornish, the diet plan is a perfectly balanced diet plan, which will nourish your body with calcium, vitamins, protein, minerals, and other vital nutrients. Let’s find out what foods have been recommended in the diet plan.

Nutritious Foods – Whole grain bread, nondairy ice cream, Boca burgers, brown rice, oats, vegetarian sausage, garbanzo beans, black beans, salsa, tofu, soy yogurt, raw nuts and seeds, avocado, flaxseed meal, cocoa, sorbet,

Processed Foods – Seitan, tofu, veggie burgers, soy yogurt, whole grain pastas, whole grain crackers are allowed, due to not much alterations done in them.

Comfort Foods – Tacos, pasta, pancakes, chocolate brownies, pizza, cookies, burgers etc. in moderation

Sugar – Naturally sweet foods such as fruits, and unrefined sugar

Salt – Processed foods being dense in salt is recommended to be purged in the plan. Numerous other alternatives of salt have been suggested in the diet plan.

Sample Menu of Engine 2 Diet Plan

Here come one of the samples of Engine 2 diet plan.

Breakfast – one fruit, one cup of soy milk, oatmeal with agave syrup

Lunch – Wholegrain bread, vegetarian chili

Dinner – Chocolate pudding, rice with mushroom fajitas, dark chocolate brownies, sweet potato lasagna.

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