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Enlightened – Yoga and Diet Program for Total Well Being


Written by Jessica Berger, Enlightened is an impressive weight loss program which will change your life forever. There are several people all around world who have shed massive pounds from their body by using the techniques and methods suggested by Jessica.

Main idea of weight loss program is to the share the value of small changes, as Jessica believes small changes are capable of bringing dramatic changes in your lives. She asserts, yoga is just like oxygen for your body. Should you wish to have a healthy body and mind, you should make yoga an indispensable part of your routine life.

How Enlightened Came into Being?

Jessica is a doting mother, author and a yogi. In the beginning years of her life, she faced challenges of being overweight. Besides that, she also was victim of stress which often arouse craving for unhealthy foods such as cigarettes and junk foods.

She was seeking for a permanent solution which could shed pounds from her body and keep her motivated all the time. Then she happened to attend yoga classes in Nepal which radically changed her life. She not only lost massive forty pounds but also learnt how to live a positive and happy life.

She learnt effective ways of dealing with stress. You just need to take long breaths and something magical happen which bring balance between your body and mind, which provide you immediate relaxation. She compiled all her wonderful experiences in her book.

What is Enlightened?

Enlightened is an inspiring book written by Jessica. She has followed holistic approach in her book. There are myriad weight loss guidelines given by Jessica in her book. You will also find great importance given to both yoga and healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating habits and consumption of vegan and natural foods have been accentuated by her. Organic vegan foods not only cut calories from your body but they also make you feel great. You get closer to God and become a spiritual being which actually is the way to attainment of peaceful and happy life.

You will find numerous effective strategies and tips which will assist your body in losing weight. These tips are simple and easy to follow and you can easily inculcate them in your life.

Importance of Yoga

Yoga which means amalgamation creates connection between your body and mind. There are several different postures in yoga which can provide you lean, flexible and beautiful body. Unlike cardio and other strenuous workouts, yoga doesn’t shed pounds from your body by exhausting you; it rather molds your body through various postures.

These postures enhance your blood circulation and suffice oxygen to all your body organs. When your body organs get proper fuel, they work more efficiently. Besides that, yoga also provides you great relief from stress.

Stress which is the most dangerous foe of human body snatches everything such as peace, happiness, health etc. away from your body. Once stress is removed from your mind, you can retrieve peace, health and toned figure. And when you are calm from inside, it will be apparent on your skin, and you will get younger looking and glowing skin.

Main Principles of Enlightened

Jessica is quite impressed with some of the beliefs of Hindu religion, and suggests her followers to abide by them, they are as follows.

  • First of all, follow truthfulness. No matter how difficult circumstances are, stay truthful and honest. This principle will stop you from eating unhealthy or high-fat snacks because you have vowed to stay honest.
  • Practice non-violence. Someone has to kill innocent animals for making animal foods available to you. Negative emotions of scared animals at the time of slaughter or hunting enter inside your body and create unrest and stress in you. God has created plant foods for human beings, so to live a peaceful life you should rely on plant based foods only.
  • Moderation is also one of the major principles you should practice while having your meals. As having meal is one of the most sacred activities, you should sit properly for having your meals. And you should stop eating as you stop feeling hungry, not until you become full.

Healthy Diet Tips By Jessica

Jessica has given some healthy diet tips to her dieters. Should you want to attain healthy body and mind, you should abide by these healthy tips in your day to day life. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Breakfast is the paramount meal of the day. No matter how busy your schedule is, you should never skip your breakfast. After staying hungry throughout night, your body requires energy to perform daily activities. Breakfast fuels your body and energizes you. Besides that, breakfast also keeps check on your tendency of overeating and snacking.
  • Keep whole and natural foods handy with you. Should you have them available with you, you won’t feel tempted to consume unhealthy foods whenever you feel hungry. Eat these healthy foods in the form of snacks. Consumption of healthy snacks three times apart from main meals will keep check on spike in your blood sugar level.
  • Fresh fruits must be a part of your diet regime. They are high in fiber and various vital nutrients and minerals. Fruits also have high content of water, which provides hydration to your body and also don’t let you feel hungry for a very long time.
  • Though you should mainly rely on vegan foods, but if you cannot completely switch to vegan foods, prefer storing staple meats in your refrigerator. You can trust on staple meats and can eat them in the form of snacks.
  • Jessica puts great emphasis on maintaining portion size of foods. She considers food as a source of energy. That being said, you should stay vigilant of the portion size of foods consumed by you. Should you feel drowsy after having your meals, it’s a clear indication that you are overfed.

Sample Meal Plan

Jessica has provided meal plans also in her weight loss program. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans.


You can have one banana, six to eight almonds, half pineapple, whole wheat bread, half cup of low-fat yogurt etc. in your breakfast.


You can have lentil with spinach, brown rice, shellfish, tofu etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack

You can have avocados, pineapple, brown rice cake etc. in your afternoon snack.


You can have veggie stir fry, steamed broccoli, beans, low fat cheese etc. in your dinner.

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