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Erin Stern Diet Plan Workout Routine

Erin Stern biceps workout

One of the most famed fitness models, Erin is the possessor of most prestigious awards namely Ms. Figure International and Ms. Figure Olympia. With her enviably curvy and ripped figure, Erin has graced the cover page of countless magazines. The kick ass beauty dishes out her diet and workout secrets, let’s have a look.

Weight Lifting – Favorite Workout

Erin reveals about her love with weight lifting workouts which she started in her college days. She states that it’s absolutely tempting to see your ripped muscles while lifting higher intensity weights. Since body aesthetics is directly proportional to the intensity of weights, her contentment level too goes up with the intensity of weights. Weighted squats, and deadlifts are her most favored workouts. She shares that the heaviest weight, she has ever lifted so far is 315 pounds with four reps. Aside from that, she adores embracing hybrid routine comprised of sprinter / jumper (power lifting, plyos, and sprints).

Erin Stern hot body

The hot babe favors heavy barbell pressing to sculpt her shoulders. She even recommends her clients to shake hands with compound lifting movements for they condition several muscles at one time. She refers to squats, deadlift, bench press, pull up, rows, overhead press etc. as imperative workouts which shall be part of everyone’s workout routine. She works out six days in a week with each day reserved for different body part. For example, see the below sample.

Day One – Legs

Day Two – Chest

Day Three – Back

Day Four – Legs

Day Five – Shoulders

Day Six – Arms (Biceps / Triceps)

High Intensity Supersets

Erin performs high intensity supersets to bump up fat burning process in her body. The supersets which she performs have no rest time in between. Quick succession from one workout to another elevates her heart rate, blood circulation, and metabolic activities and renders her the benefits of cardio. In addition to that, she executes circuits with kettle bell. Her sweaty workouts are short, challenging, but rewarding.

Reliance on Supplements

Erin Stern diet - taking supplements

Her worked out body needs supplements. So, she relies on supplements such as L-Carnitine, CLA, BCAAs, whey protein etc.

Clean And Organic Diet

Erin states that unless your diet is in harmony with your body, it’s impossible to acquire slim and fit body. The stunner being very discreet about her diet visits farm to purchase clean veggies. She eats varied colored dark and leafy veggies. Besides that, instead of remaining stick to one particular kind of food items, she continues adding diversity in her foods. She shares, you shall not eat same foods over and over again for long because not only does such eating pattern bore you but it also develops fitness plateau in you. While preparing the food chart for the day, make sure that you incorporate bountiful of foods having opulent content of lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Here are some of the nutrient dense choices of foods, Erin personally points up.

Erin Stern bodybuilding

Lean Protein – Chicken, bison, eggs, fish etc.

Complex Carbs – Quinoa, red rice, brown rice etc.

Healthy Fats – Avocados, pepitas, flaxseed oils, almonds etc.

Erin refers to all these macronutrients equally vital for balanced nutrition. She accentuates consumption of carbs, protein, and fats in the ratio of 40:40:20. Unlike most of the celebs who steer clear from carbs, Erin eats plenty of carbs to fuel her body to perform diverse kinds of workouts. That said, she doesn’t rest on unhealthy carbs, she rather eats carbs with low GI and high nutrient density. You shall endeavor understanding your body system and consume foods accordingly. For example, if you don’t find peace with the consumption of wheat, dairy products etc., get your body examined for you might be victim of some food sensitivity. Erin forbids the intake of both wheat and dairy because she noticed that these two food items are difficult for her body to assimilate.

No Calorie Counting

The athletic beauty doesn’t feel intrigued by the logic of calorie counting. She calls it mere waste of time and energy. She rather pays heed towards the timing of calorie consumption. For example, Erin fuels her body both pre and post workouts with lean protein and carbs. Erin doesn’t believe in the concept of cheat meals. She states that she has seen people indulging in foods having empty calories such as pizza, ice-cream, burger etc. in enormous quantities on cheat days. Erin contends that she does enjoy treat days but the food items she cherishes don’t stem from the category of unwholesome foods. She makes sure that her treat day foods too have some nutrients to offer. While embracing low carb diet routine, Erin eats egg whites, avocados etc. in her breakfast and eats carbs in second, third and / or fourth meal of the day.

Erin Stern’s 4-Week Fitness Training Program

Erin Stern shoulder workout
Erin Stern doing shoulder workout (Upright Exercise)

Having participated in bountiful of fitness contests, Erin has got good flair about the value of nutrition and workouts. Besides that, she being a fitness trainer realized the need to come up with her own fitness training program, so as to support her fans acquire toned body with optimum health. The program is comprised of clean, nutrient laden foods and prudent lifestyle and there is absolutely no room for processed and junk foods. The plan has recommended the list of foods to be consumed. However, dieters are free to swap the food items with other wholesome foods as per their taste and availability of different food items. You can surely acquire desired results if you religiously abide by the program for set period of time. Throughout the program, you will see great emphasis being put on the intake of essential nutrients such as essential amino acids, essential fatty acids etc. Since they are not naturally produced by your body, you have to rely on food items to enrich your body with them.

Erin Stern boxing workout
Erin Stern boxing workout

Here are some of the salient features of her fitness program.

  • Eat five-six small meals in a day.
  • First meal i.e. breakfast shall contain good carbs, lean protein and fats in small quantities.
  • As the day passes, trim down your consumption of carbs.
  • Prefer eating fiber laden foods such as veggies and fruits in dinner because they keep you contented for longer.

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