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Eva Mendes Sheds Light on How She Got Rid of the Baby Fat So Quickly

Eva Mendes is one of the few American actresses who have no qualms about sharing their beauty, health and diet secrets. She has even revealed the most important secrets of her life like the one time when she wore a 6$ dress on a red carpet. We must say it’s quite brave of her.

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes

Now, she has decided to share the secrets behind losing all the pregnancy related weight so early (it’s been months since she gave birth to her and Ryan Gosling’s daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling). Do buckle up your belt and get ready for the entertainment ride in which you will know all aspects of Eva’s life, especially as a mother.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Credit Goes to her Genes

A reliable source who is very close to the starlet was the first to reveal her post pregnancy fitness secret to Eonline.com. The source stated that Eva has great genes and it plays a vital role in letting her have a great figure, even after a few weeks of becoming a mother.

Diet Changes

As per the same source, the diva is including large quantities of water and tea in her diet. She is also strictly following a high protein diet that has low carbs too, in order to keep her body in shape. The versatile actress is also said to be consuming 300 extra calories a day since she got pregnant and has not let go of this habit yet.

Eat Only When Hungry

Mendes is also concentrating on eating whenever she feels really hungry rather than just snacking on anything. Well, this is a cool advice, not only for the new mothers, but also for all the fitness freaks who want to get results from their fitness efforts.

Being a Mama’s Girl

It has also been reported that Eva’s own mother and Ryan’s mother are helping her out in getting used to the new routine. Eva’s mother even cooks traditional Spanish dishes for her baby girl and showers her with affections. We must say, it’s really heartwarming.

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes Looks Slender even just Post Pregnancy in 2014

Pampering the Baby Girl

Little Esmeralda enjoys short walks with her not so strict mommy. The little girl’s father Ryan, has also been shuffling his routine a lot to stay close to the new mom and the baby. Aww!! Isn’t that sweet?

Being Motivated by her Trainer

In an interview given to Eonline.com, the Hitch actress has admitted that she does not like to hit a gym or go in for workouts. So, what keeps her motivated? Her Trainer. Yes, you read it right. Even if Eva tries to make an excuse for not working out, her trainer pushes her to it and helps her keep in shape. Well, we all need a trainer like that too, don’t we?

Her trainer also inspires her to work out even when Eva tries to make ‘being a mom’ as an excuse to avoid exercising. The trainer cajoles her to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day as she rightly believes in qualitative workouts rather than quantitative ones.

Being Mommy is a Blessing

The famous actress has also busted the myth that women slow down after giving birth to a baby. She admits that she feels terrific and being a mom hasn’t changed her much. She was quoted saying –

“I feel like even before I was a mom, I’m just like very fast-paced and I wish I wasn’t. I wish I was poised, I wish I was calm and relaxed. I’m not. I’ve come to peace with it, I’m not. I’m a crazy Cuban and I do everything really fast.”

Breastfeeding as a Fitness Funda

The stunning actress has also confirmed that breastfeeding has played a vital role in keeping her in shape. She said that breastfeeding has helped her to shrink her uterus to normal size. No matter how weird it sounds, but it really happens.

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes Poses in One of Her Collection 2015 Outfits

Being Mommy is a Big Responsibility

The Fast and Furious actress is also feeling responsible towards her diet because her baby depends on it. She has confessed that she keeps an eye on whatever she eats or drinks because ultimately whatever she eats would be passed on to her baby through breastfeeding. So, she’s taking no chances and being smart with her diet habits.

Sleepless Nights

Mendes also divulged that the baby is giving her sleepless nights as the baby can’t sleep through the night yet. But Eva won’t have it any other way. She acknowledges the fact that she is having some wild nights and feels exhausted, but it’s all a part of being a mommy and she is enjoying it too.

Well, we must say that Eva is showing the signs of being a great mother, who not only cares for her own fitness, but also cares a lot about the baby girl. You really are a lucky girl Esmeralda. We hope the baby and momma keep glowing in the years to come and have a great life ahead.


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