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F2C Arm Curl Weight Bench Review

F2C Arm Curl Weight Bench

Most people go to the gym regularly to get strong and big arms. They focus on developing their biceps to get a great body. Biceps curls or preacher curls are great exercises for the biceps. The movements are simple and you can use weights or bars for the exercise. To perform these exercises, you need to have a good biceps curl bench because you need to position your arms properly for the exercise to get the best results and it is not possible without this bench. The fitness product manufacturers have come up with compact benches suitable for home use. So, if you want to avoid going to the gym, you can buy a biceps curl bench for your home. Before buying this bench, you should consider factors like the build quality, size, price, and functionality. You should also read reviews of different benches to know more about the product so that you don’t waste your money. Among the various biceps curl benches available in the market, we have found the F2C Arm Curl Weight Bench to be one of the best in terms of quality and result.


The design of this biceps curl bench is simple yet smart. It has white sturdy frames and black seat and armrest. The armrest is angled so that you can position your arms properly to perform the biceps curl and preacher curl exercises. There is a bar mount which is easily adjustable using the knobs. The seat and armrest have 2 inches thickness cushion that provides a comfortable workout. With a stable base and strong construction, this is one of the safest biceps curl benches available in the market today.

Build Quality

The bench is constructed using high-quality solid steel material. It can support up to 550 pounds of weight which is more than what other benches provide. It has a set of solid steel squat stands where you can keep the barbells for exercise. You can adjust the stand to different heights depending on the user. It has H-designed bases that provide great stability. There is a safety catch bar in case you get fatigued after workouts. There are adjustable safety spotters to prevent accidents. You can change the height to 13 levels making it useful for different types of users. There are rubber end caps that provide excellent grip and added stability. These caps protect the floor from scratches.


This biceps curl bench is compact and lightweight. It has dimensions 17.7 by 20.1 by 41-66 inches. You can adjust the height from 41 inches to 66 inches to suit different users. It weighs only 40 lbs, so you can move it around conveniently.


The bench and armrest have extra thick high-quality padding for providing comfort. You can adjust the bar rest to 6 different positions from 41 inches to 66 inches using the pull-pins and knobs. The bench has rubber end caps to provide stability. It also prevents any scratch on the floor.

Ease of Use

You can assemble the bench quickly and easily. As the design is simple, there are not too many parts that need to be put together. The bench height is adjustable using knobs. You can put on barbells on the bar rest for exercise. Full instructions for assembling the bench and the needed mounting hardware are included.


Whether you want to perform biceps curls or preacher curls, this bench is ideal for you. The bench is sturdy and comfortable. The well-padded seat and armrest allow easy movement of the arms making workouts more effective. You can adjust the armrest to 6 different positions allowing you to vary your movements with ease. You will be able to develop your biceps quickly and get the desired physique by exercising on this bench. There are 2 free-standing solid metal racks for placing the barbells. You can use this for squats, standing press, and other exercises. This gives you the chance to work out your entire body, not only the biceps.


  • The design is very attractive and simple.
  • It is compact, so allows easy storage.
  • The bench is made of a solid steel frame, making it durable.
  • It has dual-layer high density and tapered seat pad for comfort and convenience.
  • The armrest is positioned in such a way that it allows easy movements.
  • There is a workout or squat rack which lets you perform squats, leg press, and other exercises.
  • There are 13 adjustable position spotters on each post for safety concerns.
  • There are rubber padded end caps that provide more grip and ensures stability.
  • The bench doesn’t cause any damage to the floor as the legs are supported by rubber caps.
  • It can support up to 550 pounds of weight allowing you to perform powerful workouts.
  • It is ideal for beginners and experts as well.
  • You can use barbell and dumbbells when exercising on the bench.
  • It is ergonomically designed to prevent any pain during workouts.


  • It doesn’t include any dumbbells and weights.
  • No warranty is given.

Final Verdict

The F2C Arm Curl Weight Bench is a versatile equipment for performing biceps curls and preacher curls to develop strong arms. It has an ergonomic design that ensures that you can workout comfortably without feeling any stress. If you are suffering from back pain, then this is a safe bench to use for exercising. It has a thick cushion that gives comfort. There is a bar catch for convenience. The seat and armrest are wide and positioned in such a way that you can have easy arm movements. As it is constructed with high-quality steel, it will last for years. It is easy to clean and maintain as well. This super comfortable bench is easy to assemble and you can start working out as soon as your package arrives. This bench offers great value for money. You will find great results using this bench.

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This bench has adjustable height options making it ideal for all users. With 550 lbs weight capacity, it is very effective in building strong biceps. F2C Arm Curl Weight Bench Review