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The Fast Diet Plan – Weight Loss Plan for Food Lovers

Fast Diet Plan

Drafted by Dr. Michael Mosley, British Physician, BBC journalist, and TV presenter, The Fast Diet Plan is an incredible diet plan, which will melt pounds from your body just in four weeks. The diet plan not pointing to a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb diet, in particular, bestows you the freedom to choose food items.

The diet plan is inspired by the eating habits of our ancestors who struggled hard to find food for them and consumed foods only four or five days in a week. Your body seeks rest from you. When you don’t eat food, your body relaxes and prepares the base to provide you ample health benefits. Dr. Mosley himself stripped off 12 pounds and also got relief from diabetes and bad cholesterol merely by strictly adhering to the diet plan. In addition to that, he also got liberation from snores.

What is The Fast Diet Plan?

The diet plan has allocated the week into two parts. While you can consume anything and everything you desire for five days, you have to be on fast for rest of the two days. Five days have also been named as feast days. Though two days have been named as fast days, but you will not be on complete fast for these two days. You rather will be on low calorie diet. For women 500 calories and for men 600 calories are allowed on fast days.

These are the general calorie counts given by the diet plan. For knowing your actual allowed calorie consumption, there are myriad calorie calculators available on internet, you just need to write your age, height, weight, and gender and the calculator will show your precise calorie requirement.

How Fast days Will Benefit You?

Two non-consecutive fast days will trigger the repair mechanism in your body and your body will get engaged in the process of repairing damaged cells. Damaged cells drain immense energy from your body, as a result of which, despite consuming healthy food, you feel exhausted and sluggish. Besides that, there are fair chances that the impaired cells might get converted into carcinogenic cells and develop cancer into your body.

Fast days will sweep all the impaired cells and will eliminate your risk of cancer. You are recommended to consume more liquid diets on fast days and consume many antioxidants such as dark chocolates, green tea, spinach, broccoli etc. They will detoxify your body and will balance the PH level of your body. In addition to that, since on fast days your body doesn’t have to process food and your blood will remain free from glucose, fast days will provide your body plenty of time to relax.

Connection Between Brain and Intestine

Scientifically proven diet plan has studied human intestine and came up with result that there are several brain cells at function in your intestinal unit. Your brain stays connected with the small brain in your gut through vegus nerve. Vegus nerve continually keep sending messages from gut to your brain and that’s the reason you feel contented when the gut message of being full reaches your brain. Most prominently used word, “gut feeling” emanated from this small brain in your gut.

How to Follow The Fast Diet Plan

The fast diet plan is quite simple and logical. You are required to be on fast for two days, prefer picking busy days of the week such as Monday and Thursday because at work you won’t be thinking much about food. Moreover, most of your time will pass while working at your workplace and after coming home; you will have light dinner and will fall asleep.

That being said, since fast days are not completely void in calories and allow you to consume 500 to 600 calories, you can pick high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Despite being low in calories, they are able to keep you full and contended for longer duration. The diet plan doesn’t ask you to follow two fast days consecutively. Maintain a gap of two to three days between your fast days.

Who Should Not Follow The Fast Diet Plan?

Since two fast days of The Fast Diet Plan are drastically low on calories, Dr. Mosley himself has suggested some people not to follow the diet plan. These are –

  •  Pregnant women
  • Women trying to be pregnant
  • People below the age of 20
  • People suffering from severe health issues
  • Underweight or Extremely skinny people
  • People having eating disorder
  • People deficient in calcium and iron

Benefits of The Fast Diet Plan

 Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of The Fast Diet Plan.

  • Apart from stripping off several calories from your body, the plan will cure your health issues such as high blood sugar level, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure etc.
  • The diet program will halt your aging process and will save you from myriad health issues, which arise due to increasing age such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s osteoporosis, arthritis etc.
  • The diet plan will speed up your digestive system and metabolism.
  • Since there would be both physiological as well as psychological changes in your body, you will feel more energized and confident.
  • The diet schedule will keep check on your cravings and rather than your cravings driving you, you will drive your craving according to your wish.

Drawbacks of The Fast Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks of the fast diet plan.

  • Though the diet plan encourages you to consume your beloved food and all kinds of foods freely on feast days, two days of fast are extremely harsh on your body. 500 or 600 calories in a day are too low to nourish your body. You might suffer from permanent deficiency of nutrients on these two days and it might become very difficult for your body to recover from that loss.
  • The diet plan is apt to be followed in short run. However, it doesn’t provide any permanent solution to losing weight. Also, it’s difficult to socialize with your friends when you are on fast. So it’s not feasible to sustain it in long run.
    • Restraining the number of calories brings your body into catabolic state, a state where due to lack of energy source, your body starts gaining energy from muscles and tissues. So, the diet plan can cause muscle loss in your body.
  • Physically active people who are in the habit of daily workouts will not get sufficient source of calories required to fuel their body on fast days. Besides, they cannot continue their exercises on fast days.

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