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The Fiber 35 Diet – Nature’s Weight Loss Secret

The fiber 35 diet plan

Discovered by Brenda Watson, certified nutrition consultant, The Fiber 35 Diet is a magnificent weight loss program which will provide you disease free body, and will shed several pounds from your body.

The diet plan insists on consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans etc. The most peculiar property of high fiber foods is that without adding calories into your body, they make you feel fuller. In addition to that, these foods also cut your chances of bloating and inflammation which generally occur with consumption of processed, junk and other unhealthy foods.

What The Fiber 35 Diet is?

The fiber 35 diet is a healthy diet plan on which you can rely completely. All you need is just consume 35 grams of fiber in a day and relish all the wonderful benefits of diet program. Brenda asserts, lack of fiber in most of the food items consumed by people in modern times is the major reason for various kinds of diseases taking root inside their bodies.

Brenda has very judiciously selected fiber as the main ingredient of her diet plan. There are two kinds of fibers namely soluble and insoluble fiber. Both these fibers are important for human body. Insoluble fiber which is the most eminent fiber doesn’t get absorbed into your body.

It simply passes through various organs of your body such as small intestine, digestive tract and imbibes all the toxins present there. In this way, it cleanses your body. Contrary to that, soluble fiber stays in your body for longer and therefore keeps your metabolism busy. It rids your body from heart diseases, cholesterol etc. and brings balance in ph level of blood in your body.

Exclusive Weight Loss Properties of Fiber

Fiber effectively melts away pounds from your body and that too without making your body feel deprived. Let’s see how it does that.

  • With consumption of little amount of fibrous foods, you feel contended and energized. In addition to that, they also save you from becoming victim of bloating and other inflammatory reactions.
  • Consumption of one gram of fiber flushes out seven calories from your body. Therefore with consumption of 35 grams of fiber, you can easily zap away 245 calories in a day and that too without going through grueling exercises.
  • Fiber activates anti-hunger hormone named CCK or cholecystokinin in your body. When this hormone performs well, you get satisfied early because this hormone sends message to your brain about your fullness, and you no more feel like eating more foods.

Three phases of The Fiber 35 Diet

The fiber 35 diet program will work on your body in three phases. Let’s have a look at these three phases.

Phase One – Having total duration of one month, you need to cut 1000 calories from your existing diet regime. That being said, you need to make sure that your calorie intake doesn’t go below the level of 1200 calories in a day. There will be rapid weight loss in your body in this phase. You will feel highly motivated with apparent weight loss.

Phase Two – This phase is far more flexible and easy than phase one. In this phase, instead of cutting 1000 calories from your diet, you are required to cut 500 calories from your diet regime. There would be gradual weight loss in this phase. You can stay in this phase as long as you wish to, or until you attain your weight loss objective.

Phase Three – Phase three is the last phase of diet program and it gives you freedom to judiciously consume calories. That being said, consumption of 35 grams fiber in a day should be your top preference in this phase.

Recommended Foods of The Fiber 35 Diet

Though Brenda insists her dieters to purchase fiber supplements made by her, but still you don’t necessarily have to purchase those supplements. Your main objective is to provide high fiber foods to your body. And no refined or manufactured supplements can provide the same nutrition as is provided by whole foods.

You are suggested to drink ample water in a day because water will liquefy the fiber and will catalyze detoxification process in your body. Let’s have a look at the recommended list of food items of the fiber 35 diet plan.

Oat bran, beets, lentils, cranberries, barley, oranges, peas, carrots, wheat bran, flax seeds, pasta, oatmeal, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, quinoa, brown rice, lean protein such as skinless chicken breast, fish etc. are some of the recommended fiber rich foods of diet program.

Should you wish to reach to the level of 35 grams of fiber in a day, you can do that by having following foods in a day.

  • Seven grams of orange
  • Five grams of apple
  • Four grams of broccoli, beans, and banana
  • Two grams of lettuce or spinach
  • One to two grams of mixed veggies

You can also opt to include granola bars having nine grams of fiber in your daily diet regime.

Workouts in The Fiber 35 Diet

You indeed can assist your body a lot in attaining better health by practicing workouts. You can practice aerobics for thirty minutes in a day. Just three days of workouts are sufficient for speeding up your body metabolism. You can also opt to practice other cardio workouts such as jogging, cycling, swimming etc. while going along with the diet program.

Benefits of The Fiber 35 Diet

The fiber 35 diet will provide you numerous benefits; let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Mouth-watering recipes and foods suggested by the diet program will boost your energy and will motivate you to adhere to the diet program for longer.
  • The fiber 35 diet is not a fad diet program which claims to melt away massive pounds from your body in short run. You rather will shed weight permanently because all the food items selected by Brenda are dense in nutrients.
  • Along-with fiber, fruits and vegetables are loaded with several other nutrients such as phytochemicals, flavonoid etc. These nutrients will detoxify your body and will make it naturally more glowing and healthy.
  • The diet program will revitalize both your body and mind. You will feel great from inside, and will appear superb from outside.

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