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Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Review

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Set

Exercise bands are quite popular in the gym floors today. You can use them as a replacement of weights and machines. You can also use them with other workouts. You will be able to get different levels of resistance and increase or decrease the intensities of your exercises accordingly. If you buy a couple of resistance bands, then you will be able to work out your legs, arms, and stomach muscles.

Many people wonder what exercises you can do with these exercise bands. Well, the options are unlimited. When you buy resistance bands, you will also get exercise guides for free in many cases to help you with your exercise routine. When you start, remember to begin with lower resistance levels and then slowly increase the resistance.

You can get 2 types of exercise bands: tubes or strips. Many people find the tubes to be more comfortable as you can attach handles to them. However, strips are also preferred by many people as they take up less space and you can get them at a cheaper price. The choice depends on your needs and preferences. Here we are going to review the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands and find out why they are so popular.


In this set, you will get five different resistant levels from light to heavy and you will be able to pick one or combine a couple of them to get your desired resistant level. It is made of natural materials so you won’t have any allergic reactions to your skin. You will be able to use them for a long time without feeling any discomfort. You can use these resistance bands with yoga, Pilates or other exercises. You can also use them for stretching, power weight programs or strength training.

These resistance bands are ideal for beginners and advanced users. The extra light and light ones are best for the beginners and the heavier ones are good for the advanced users who can use them for advanced strength training. These bands are light and you get a carry bag with it for free which you can use to carry it anywhere. Besides exercising, you can use these bands to bet relief from leg, back or knee pain. Physical therapists often recommend these bands to help them, patients, to recover from injuries.

These bands are thoroughly tested and so they won’t tear or get affected due to sweat. They will feel easy on the skin, so you will be able to workout without any worries.

Build Quality

The bands are made of natural latex that ensures durability and safety. The band doesn’t contain any artificial materials like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which are less durable and cheaper. The manufacturer has not compromised over quality. They are stronger than the other bands you will find in the market and also can stretch further. Even after a dozen reps, you will still find the same resistance. The bands feel comfortable and soft on the skin. This is achieved by letting the latex rest in controlled humidity and temperature for a long time before making the bands. After manufacturing these bands, they are tested to be stretch, snap and sweat resistant. You will get 100% lifetime money-back guarantee when you purchase these bands, so there is no risk of buying. You get a lot of accessories for free too which includes an instructional booklet, video guide, eBook and a carry bag.


The size of each band is 12 inches by 2 inches. The bands are long enough to perform an exercise comfortably. The resistances of the bands are different. They range from extra light to extra heavy. You should always start with the lightest band and then slowly move towards the heaviest one.


The band feels smooth and comfortable on the skin, so you will be able to use them for a long time. You can use them for different exercises and as physical therapy also in case you are suffering from knee or leg pain.


You can use these exercise bands for multiple uses. It can be used by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and even those who are recovering from injuries or pain. You get an instruction guide and e-books with this set of resistance bands which will help you to workout with these bands. People who don’t like using machines or weight sets can also use these bands. You can use these bands with different types of exercises like yoga, Pilates, and more. You can also use them for stretching and strength training.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


If you go through Amazon, you will find both new and used set of these resistance bands. You will be able to buy the new one for $34.99. The used ones will be much cheaper. At this price, you get 5 color-coded resistance bands along with free accessories such as a carrying bag, instructional booklet, and e-Books to guide you.


  • They are portable and so you will be able to carry them when traveling.
  • They are affordable and will cost you less than a month’s gym membership fee.
  • You get 5 different strength bands each of different color.
  • They are made of 100% natural latex and don’t contain any artificial material.
  • The bands are well tested before they are shipped, so you will get high-quality products.
  • It won’t lose its elasticity easily.
  • It feels comfortable to the skin.
  • You will be able to integrate the bands with different workouts like yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, etc.
  • The therapists often recommend the bands to recover from injuries.
  • It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.
  • It comes with an instructional booklet and eBook as well.
  • You get a free carry bag too so that you can carry them with you when you travel.
  • You get a lifetime warranty for the product.


  • You will get the smell of latex which can be disturbing.
  • They may stick to your skin and they may sometimes roll-up while exercising.
  • Some users find the bands too short.

Final Verdict

These exercise bands are ideal for fitness, sports, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, body toning, and physical therapy as well. They will help you to get your body toned and lose weight as well. If you are not someone who likes to go to the gym regularly, then these exercise bands are perfect for you. They are so lightweight and portable that you can use them anywhere.

As these are made with 100% natural latex they are durable and you won’t have to buy another set of bands any sooner. They will retain their elasticity for a long time. They feel very comfortable to the skin and so you can wear them every day. You can use them even when you are walking or doing yoga. By using them every day, you will get extra benefit as you will be able to burn more calories fast. It is one of the most affordable sets of exercise bands available and you can easily include it in your daily exercise routine. So, to get better results from your everyday workout, you must buy this exercise band. 

Buy Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

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These exercise bands can be used alone or in combination. You can use them while doing other exercises as well to get better results. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Review