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Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strengthener Review

Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strengthener

The strength of the handgrip is a concern for most climbers, athletes, musicians, and those involved in different sports like tennis, badminton, golf, and others. If you are into bodybuilding, then also you need strong arms. Strong arms are also useful in doing regular day-to-day activities such as lifting weights, typing on the computer, and more. To make your forearms stronger, you can use a hand grip strengthener. It is very simple equipment that can help you to increase finger dexterity and stronger arms. You can apply various squeezing techniques and use different resistance levels to get better results. You will be able to improve your endurance as well. According to studies, your hand grip strength can predict what will be your functional limitation or disability 25 years from now. That means, if your arm strength is poor, then there is a chance of disabilities in the future. So, now you must understand the importance of buying a hand grip strengthener to strengthen your arms. Here, we are going to review the Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strengthener.


It is green in color and looks very attractive. It is ergonomically designed which allows you to exercise your hands comfortably. The handles feel soft and comfortable. They are non-slip and so lets you exercise even if you sweat. You can easily adjust the resistance levels from 22 lbs to 88 lbs. This grip strength trainer from Fitness Insanity comes with 2 hand therapy balls as well.

Build Quality

This grip strengthener has a durable construction. It is made with high-quality chrome springs that will last for a long time. The handles are non-slip and covered with durable and comfortable rubber. It is ideal for men and women, teens and adults. This grip strengthener has an adjustable resistance system. You will be able to change the resistance from 22lbs to 88 lbs by using a knob device that is on the trainer. It is ideal for both beginners and professional athletes.


It is designed to fit the hands of different sizes. So, anyone can use this hand grip strengthener for strengthening their hands. It is compact, so you will be able to carry it inside your travel bag.


The handles of this grip strengthener are soft and non-slip. Therefore, you will feel comfortable to use it. As it is ergonomically designed, you won’t feel any stress on your wrists during exercise.

Ease of Use

Unlike the other gym equipment, the place where you can exercise is not only limited to the gym. You can use it while watching TV, reading a book or gossiping with friends. You can also use it at the office anytime. You will be able to easily adjust the resistance levels from 22 lbs to 88 lbs. You only need to use a knob to adjust it. You won’t need to use any extra tool to do so. The lower resistance level can be used for warm-up. Then you can gradually increase the resistance level and challenge your hand muscles. 


The Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strengthener will help to improve your strength, speed, and power in your forearms and wrists. Regularly exercising with it will help to reduce rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms. This grip strengthener can help to release stress. When you squeeze the equipment, you will get relief from anxiety and also increase the blood flow to your forearm including your fingers. The therapeutic ball that you get with the grip strengthener for free will help to ease your muscle tension, release stiffness and improve mobility of your hands. You can use the grip strengthener for restoration and rehabilitation. It will help you to recover fast from diseases such as carpal tunnel or arthritis. 

When you train every day with this grip strengthener, your hand resilience will increase. That way your hands will be able to handle more force. So, you will be able to lift heavier boxes or shopping bags and perform well in your sports. This equipment will be able to develop your fingers independently. That way you will be able to do different activities more efficiently. For example, you will be able to play guitar or piano better than before. As your hand muscles will get stronger with regular exercise, there will be less chance of injuries. 


  • Its design is unique and attractive.
  • It is compact, so you will be able to carry it anywhere. 
  • It is versatile and you will be able to perform various types of exercises with it.
  • It can help to recover fast from health issues like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other joint-related problems.
  • The handles are soft and anti-slip.
  • You get an exercise guide and a waterproof carrying case with it for free. 
  • You get a free eBook with it to help you with different types of squeezing exercises. 
  • You can adjust the resistance level from 22lbs to 88 lbs. 
  • It is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users. 
  • You get a lifetime warranty for it. 
  • You get 2 therapy balls for free.


  • When completely squeezing, your hands may hurt.
  • The price is a bit expensive.

Final Verdict

Building up hand strength is important for everyone. Having a hand grip strengthener like the Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strengthener will help to make your hand muscles stronger within a short time. It can act as a stress reliever as well. It can change your life as you will be able to lift more weights, throw balls with more force when playing baseball, or play piano with improved dexterity. If you are suffering from joint pain or illnesses like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, then you will feel much better by exercising regularly with this equipment. This trainer offers great value for money as you get 2 hand therapy balls and a carrying bag for free. You also get a guide book to help you perform the exercises in the right manner. The equipment has adjustable resistance levels and you can customize your exercise according to your preference. Its versatility, high quality, durability, and low price makes it a great choice for those who want to strengthen their forearms, wrists, and fingers.

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This grip strengthener is ergonomically designed so that you don't feel any pain during exercise. It is designed to work on your forearms, wrists, and fingers as well. Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strengthener Review