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Flat Belly Diet Plan – Body Transformation Plan

Flat Belly Diet Plan - lose belly fat

Flat Belly Diet Plan is an exclusive weight loss plan, which will bring complete transformation in your body. Should you sincerely go along with the diet plan, you can melt 15 pounds in mere 32 days.

Delicious food items in the diet plan will simply make you fall in love with it. Within couple of days, the results of diet plan will be apparent since you will start feeling sleeker and lighter. By providing you sleeker body, the diet program will bring the most desired transformation in you.

Having already benefitted several people in America, the diet plan will help you in acquiring flat stomach, lean legs, and curvy figure. Many factors such as polluted environment, unhealthy food habits, and too much of stress are responsible for accumulation of flab around hips, thighs, and stomach.

What is Flat Belly Diet Plan?

The most popular belief of the plan is that we all have been created naturally lean. However, the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, processed food items, and refined sugar causes irrevocable harm to our body.

The main objective of flat belly diet plan is to rid you from fat, and provide you slender body, which actually is your natural body type. Flat belly diet plan points up consumption of four meals in a day which means three normal meals and one snack. You can opt to have snack any time of the day.

Since in each meal you are allowed to consume 400 calories, your body will get 1600 calories in a day. Lean meat, turkey, chicken, fish, and bountiful fruits and vegetables are some of the main food items of the diet plan.

What are MUFA and Sassy Water?

Flat belly diet plan consists of a term named MUFA, which is an abbreviated term used for monounsaturated fat. The diet plan recommends having MUFA in every meal of the day. Nuts and seeds like avocadoes, soybean, flex, olives, dark chocolate, sunflower etc. are some of the rich sources of monounsaturated fat.

Permission to consume dark chocolates in the diet plan is quite contradictory. However, the food item has very discreetly been made a part of the diet plan. Less-sugary chocolates not only are rich sources of MUFA, they also render great psychological gratification to the users. Since chocolates are adored foods of mostly people, dieters are likely to love the diet plan, for it has been providing them liberty to eat their adored food.

Amazing health benefits of MUFA will keeps you full and will keep a check on your hunger pangs. Sassy water also known as Cynthia Sass is also one of the transforming ingredients of the diet plan. Sassy water is a blend of herbs, spices, citrus, and cucumber. Besides having an amazing taste, the drink works like magic on flab and burns fats from various parts of your body. For Beginners, around two liters of sassy water have been advocated.

Rules of Flat Belly Diet Plan

Flat belly diet plan being simple and easy to follow does not seek you to devoid your body from your adored food items. As far choice of foods is concerned, the diet plan doesn’t ask you to be too harsh and rigid to yourself. However, you certainly need to keep a watch on what you eat, because it’s your body and you are supposed to respect it by feeding it healthy and nutritious foods instead of trash.

Five rules of flat belly diet plan, which will help you in dramatically melting stomach fat and acquiring flat stomach, are as follows.

  • Four sinister food items namely refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods have been put under the category of forbidden food items.
  • You can have one cheat day and can relish your favorite food items such high fat foods, sweets, pastries, ice-creams etc. on cheat days. The cheat day will also keep a check on your metabolism and will accelerate its functioning by allowing it to digest various kinds of food items.
  • Fish oil supplements are vital under the diet plan. Fish oil not only provides essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids to your body but also assists your body in burning fats swifter.
  • Breakfast is paramount; you cannot expect good health without including breakfast in your regular diet plan. You should have your breakfast within one hour after waking up. If you feel that you don’t have time to prepare breakfast; you can opt to make a healthy beginning by feeding your body nuts or fresh fruits.
  • Dinner timing has also been marked in the diet plan. You are recommended not to consume heavy dinner after eight. Since your body is going to be idle while sleeping, the diet plan speaks against feeding your body heavy meal before sleeping.
  • Organic almond milk is like a boon to your body. Not only will the beverage keep you full, it also meets the nutrient requirements of your body. Besides that, red wine too being a great antioxidant provides you healthy skin and body.

Workouts in Flat Belly Diet Plan

Workouts have righty been pointed up in the diet plan, and have been given as importance as is given to the food items in the diet plan. Workouts keep you agile, make your body flexible, and hence make you more resilient and powerful. Workouts can immensely help you in melting fats around your stomach, thighs, and hips.

Breathing squats, leg tuck, energy tuck etc. are some of the physical movements, which can provide you desired results.

Sample of Flat Belly Diet Plan

You can get a hint of what the diet plan includes. One of the samples of flat belly diet plan is as follows.

Breakfast – You can have omelet of three egg whites mixed with spinach and pepper, baked chicken breast, spinach with smoked salmon etc. in your breakfast.

Mid- morning Snack – Chicken with red pepper, cucumber and turkey breast, steamed broccoli etc. can be a part of your mid-morning snacks.

Lunch – In lunch, you can prepare salad having salad leaves, red pepper, grilled chicken breast, green beans, and olive oil etc, added into it.

Dinner – Grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli, salmon steak, chopped drill with steamed beans, grilled lamb stick with steamed broccoli etc. can be your food items for dinner.

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