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French-Filipino Cook-Turned-Triathlete Erwan Heussaff Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Erwan Heussaff looks dapper
Erwan Heussaff looks dapper

Erwan Heussaff is a renowned triathlete and a fitness expert who has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time by changing his life significantly and inspiring others to do the same. His own fat to fit journey is an inspiration for scores of people and his skills in finding healthy recipes are excellent too. He is also known for helping TV host Raymond Gutierrez get rid of some extra weight in three months during Century Tuna’s Superbods Challenge. Here we get to explore the workout routine and diet habits of the celebrity. We also get to know his fitness journey and his grocery shopping habits. Read on and get inspired.

Workout Routine

The erstwhile triathlete likes training CrossFit these days. It’s a competitive conditioning program in which gymnastics, calisthenics, and Olympic weightlifting are aptly combined. He likes this workout because it demands a lot from his whole body and there is a mixture of technical movements, powerlifting, and endurance. The workout routine of the fitness enthusiast is governed by his coach who makes a daily program that needs upper body strength like heavy weightlifting, snatches, quick dips, handstand walks or muscle ups. It is balanced by exhaustive and repetitive movements like cardio conditioning and squats.

Erwan Heussaff with sister Solenn in the gym
Erwan Heussaff with sister Solenn in the gym

Fitness Journey

Heussaff has had an amazing fitness journey as he transitioned from a medically obese student in France to a well-rounded athlete. He enjoyed a sedentary lifestyle as a teen and was at his heaviest when he was 21. The reason for the unnecessary weight was his dependence on a lot of noodles, microwave dinners, bad starches, and butter. He also didn’t have many vegetables in his meals. Having alcohol at parties and smoking were also a few of his bad habits.

The Change

Post graduation, he joined a Greek resort where he learned to appreciate healthy and Mediterranean cuisine that was focused on seafood, vegetables, and grilled meat. He made a conscious decision to lose weight and started hitting the gym daily.

Seeing the Results

The entrepreneur started triathlon and his own business when he was 25. In the beginning, he started to gain weight when he increased the training load and worked out for three hours. At that time, his body started doing away with muscle and focused on being efficient. He was skinny fat for some time and had to deal with corporal fat because he did so much endurance that his body needed to hang on to something to feel healthy. 4 years back, he started with CrossFit which gave him instant results and he has stuck to it till now.

Erwan Heussaff making a dish
Erwan Heussaff making a dish

Raymond Gutierrez Weight Loss Secret

The former wellness coach of Raymond Gutierrez spills that the TV Host dropped 8 sizes on his weight after 60 days. His main secret was working out and eating well. In 90 days, he lost 65 lbs.

Importance of Fitness

The freelance producer places a lot of importance on fitness. In his opinion, being fit is as vital as doing your work. If he has planned a workout and something comes up at work, he doesn’t reschedule his workouts. Working out for 90 minutes serve as meditation for the successful restaurateur. It helps him think things through and settle ideas. Post workout, he gets back to work with more energy and enthusiasm.

Diet Secrets

The Philippines native doesn’t have any eating plan but he likes balancing proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. When he is cooking for himself, he likes chicken with stir fried vegetables made with just salt and olive oil. He suggests that you also let go of your habit of having sauces like him and eat as simply as you can.

The nutrition expert prefers having a local product offered by Cagayan de Oro as a Red Bull alternative that quenches his thirst. He drinks two of these organic drinks everyday pre-workout. He is so fond of greens that he has a separate fridge for that.

Grocery Habits

Erwan Heussaff working out using his girlfriend Anne Curtis as weight
Erwan Heussaff working out using his girlfriend Anne Curtis as weight

The boyfriend of Anne Curtis likes to cook with items that are flown from different nations. For instance, he has misos from Tokyo and hams from Italy. He also buys meat in large amounts (about 15 kilograms at a time) and butchers, proportions, and deposits it in the fridge himself. The reason he orders grocery items from different places is that he can order better ingredients that aren’t locally available. He also likes buying fresh ingredients cheaper.

Erwan Heussaff in the kitchen
Erwan Heussaff in the kitchen

Unhealthy Foods

The writer likes to indulge with frozen dumplings, vanilla-based ice cream and vacuum-sealed bone and prime rib that has 30 percent fat and is a grade A4 wagyu. It takes him two hours to cook the latter in a grill but he likes it a lot.

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