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The Gabriel Method – Visualize and Shed Weight Without Dieting

The Gabriel Diet Method

Devised by Jon Gabriel, The Gabriel Method is a magnificent weight loss program, which will transform your life and will change your perspective. In the program, Jon has used holistic approach of using both body and mind for losing weight. He believes that there should be sync between your body and mind because none of them can work in isolation.

The Gabriel method is not about recommended food items, it rather is an approach which will change your way to treat your body. Jon himself brought radical change in his life by using the diet plan and came down from 400 pounds to 185 pounds in two and half years.

Since Jon himself has faced the problem of overweight for a very long time, he very well knows how daunting the process of melting weight is. Jon has shared all his personal experiences in The Gabriel Method. At no point in the program, you will feel like any vague issue has been raised in the program.

How The Gabriel Method was Discovered?

Before getting into the details of The Gabriel Method, it’s important for you to know how and why The Gabriel Method was discovered. Gabriel was seldom a big guy. He had genetically slender body but due to getting over-stress from his work life, he began gaining weight. In the meanwhile, he tried to shed weight but he was not very serious about that.

However, after he grew 400 pounds, he really got worried about his weight because his rising weight had become a big stumbling block in his day to day life. He tried all the diet plans, crash diets, everything claiming to melt weight. However, to his great disappointment, there was not much effect on his body. Then Jon started figuring out the reasons why our body gains weight.

He studied mind books and tried to find reasons why our body behaves in a certain way, and what are the causes of cravings that lead to obesity. Finally, he reached to the root cause of all the problems and started working on his mind. Slowly and gradually, he lost 220 pounds. Thereafter he compiled his personally used ways and techniques into The Gabriel Method.

Causes of Obesity

Jon has used one term FAT Triggers throughout his diet plan, which means Famine and Temperature. Jon contends that when your body faces famine (starvation) and extremely cold temperature, it perceives danger. Resultantly, it slows down your metabolism, enhances your cravings for sugary foods to gain instant energy, and starts storing food in the form of fat in your body.

Your body starts gaining weight due to FAT Triggers. Your body’s survival mechanism to deal with famine like situation amalgamated with your crash diet plans inclined to shed weight actually promote your body to gain more weight.

FAT Triggers

The Gabriel Diet believes that instead of cutting the number of calories, should you understand the basic problem of your body and avoid these triggers, you can lose weight swifter. Jon has provided a list of FAT Triggers which promote weight gain in your body. These are –

  • Nutritional Starvation
  • Physical, mental or emotional stress
  • Dieting
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Prolonged Medication
  • Dehydration
  • Harmful Toxins

Why do You Get Cravings?

The Gabriel Method has provided very reasonable and logical reasons for cravings. Your body seeks nourishment from you, which can be provided by consuming food items rich in vitamins, calcium, proteins, minerals etc. However, processed, junk, and unhealthy foods are unable to provide essential nutrients to your body.

Nutrient deficient body craves for sugary foods and that’s the reason you feel temporarily good when you consume sugary foods. However, the main problem still remains unattended. That’s why you keep craving and consuming sugary foods, which elevate your blood sugar level.

How the Diet Plan will Help You?

The diet schedule will help you in assessing the reasons why your body gains weight. The Gabriel Method being based on natural laws of body will assure your body that it’s safe to come out of the fear of famine and lose weight. It will correct the nutrition famine in your body by fueling it with nutritious foods such as whole foods, omega-3, and protein rich foods.

Two Principles of The Gabriel Diet Plan

The Gabriel Diet Plan follows two basic principles. These are –

Principle 1 says; don’t eliminate anything from your diet regime. Just focus on inculcating more unprocessed foods in your diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables, omega-3, fish oil etc. Should you find it difficult to introduce these healthy foods into your diet plan, don’t stress, proceed wisely, and give time to your body to get accustomed to healthy foods. For instance, if you are having a burger, use plenty of dressings of green vegetables on it. When you will treat your body with nutrient dense foods, you will gradually conquer your cravings.

Principle 2 says; prepare your mind to losing weight. When you are stressed, special chemicals are being released from your brain making you grow overweight. Specially designed CD’s will not just make you stress free but will also mop all the negative thoughts from your mind. Visualization techniques have so proficiency been used in The Gabriel Method that your body will feel tempted to shed weight and maintain it forever.

Working Mechanism of The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Diet Plan will work in three steps. Let’s have a look at them.

Step One – In step one, the Gabriel method will try to recognize the FAT triggers at emotional, physical, and lifestyle level, which make your body feel unsafe and poke it to consume more and more food.

Step Two – Second step will educate you how to nourish your body with healthy foods. The Gabriel method will teach you how to stay away from harmful toxins, stress, and inflammation, Apart from revving up your metabolism, the diet schedule will catalyze the weight loss process in your body. Without abiding by any strict diet regime, you will shave myriad pounds.

Step Three – Step three is exclusively dedicated to work on your brain. Through a series of visualization CD’s, the Gabriel Method will motivate you, will remove stress from your body and mind, and will make you more confidant.

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