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Gabrielle Union 2017 Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Gabrielle Union looked like a dream on Health magazine cover recently, so her fans couldn’t help but wonder how she manages it despite not liking workouts too much. Here we have a look at her recent workout routine and diet secrets to know how she looks so fabulous.

Workout Routine

She works out with a trainer most of the time not because she can’t work out on her own but because it works as a motivation factor for her. When her trainer is not waiting for her, she doesn’t feel like getting up or hitting the gym.

Workout Motivation

Though the diva doesn’t like to work out, she still does it because she has a family history of heart disease and diabetes. When she works out, she knows that she is preventing those ailments.

Another thing that motivates her to work out is that she is a popular person and there are people who can’t digest that a famous person has some extra fat. These people will highlight her fat on social media and make fun of her.

A Perfect Morning

For her, a perfect morning is not getting up early and hitting the gym, it’s sleeping in and eating some pancakes (seems realistic, right?).

Competitive Workouts

Once she is in the gym, she doesn’t stop herself from staying competitive. Mentally, she does compete with other members in the gym. She doesn’t tell anyone that she is working hard to get better than them, but she thinks that.

When others leave after a workout, she usually still works hard, and that makes her feel like a winner.

Living Well

She’s All That (1999) actress likes to live life on her terms. Her grandma lived for more than 100 years and drank alcohol every day which tells us maybe, she took care of herself despite a bad habit. But Gabrielle doesn’t follow her footsteps. She focuses on staying fit most of the time while enjoying bacon and alcohol occasionally.

Preferred Exercise

The 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) actress is quite fond of squats at the moment because she wants to build a booty. She has customized her workouts to get a good booty too. She is even eating in a specific manner like eating more protein to build muscle.

Working Out with Husband

The wife of Dwyane Wade says that she rarely works out with him because his workouts are very personalized. They try to walk through a neighborhood to spend some peaceful moments together.

Post Vacation Workouts

When the stunner comes back from a vacation, she increases the cardio. She also uses many contraptions that can create an illusion that you haven’t eaten. She makes use of waist trainers, double Spanx, etc. despite feeling uncomfortable in them because they give her a silhouette.

Diet Secrets

The brunette’s diet includes having at least two servings of leafy greens like kale, lettuce, spinach and swiss chard daily.

Preferred Drink

Union has been drinking a gallon of water every day since her early 30s. She advises everyone to do it too. If you can’t stand having too much plain water, you can add a lemon to it. You must replace sugary drinks, tea, and coffee with water to stay fitter.

No Denial

When she is craving something, she has it and doesn’t regret it because she thinks that denial is among the worst things you can do for yourself.

Body Goals

Though the star believes that there is a pressure to look good in her industry, she can’t digest the idea of everyone being the same size. She advises people to be more self-confident, feel worthier and realize that they were born with a value no matter what their size, age or financial situation is.

Featured Image via Nick Step / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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