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Game on Diet Challenge – Shed Weight While Having Fun

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Are you tired of typical weight loss programs? Do you want to melt weight and get your body in perfect shape while playing game? 

Well, here comes the solution for all your problems. Game on Diet Plan offers an absolutely new way to shedding weight. Unlike other weight loss plans, which are boring and don’t provide you any motivation to burn fats, Game on Diet Plan will thoroughly keep your thrilled and enthused and you will effortlessly lose weight.

The magnificent diet plan has been devised by Krista Vernoff, writer of Grey’s Anatomy and Az Ferguson, her personal trainer and health expert. Having a total span of four weeks, the amazing diet challenge will lose melt percent of your body weight in one week.

What is Game on Diet Challenge?

You must be wondering what you shall do in Game on diet challenge!!

Well, it’s simple; you just have to make two teams having at least two members each. You will gain points on the basis of diet, exercise, communication etc. There are penalty points also, which will cut fixed points from your total earned points.

At the end of the game, team earning more points would be declared as winning team and would be awarded for winning. Award can by anything such as dinner given by losing team or both the teams can mutually decide something alluring.

To make the diet plan easier, one free day has also been kept there. Without losing points, you can consume any prohibited food item on this day, . No matter what you eat, you will get full points on free days.

How to give points?

Make a spreadsheet, write and save your points there. Different aspects will determine your gain or loss of points. Let’s have a look how the markings in the diet plan would be.

Communication – Five Points

You have to have communication with one of your team members. Besides, you also shall communicate with one of the members of opposing team at least once in a week. Mode of communication can be anything such as email, face to face chat etc.

Diet – Thirty Points Daily (6 Points for one meal)

  • You are to consume five small meals in a day.
  • Each meal shall contain healthy carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats.
  • Portion meal is vital to be maintained.
  • Maintain a gap of minimum two hours and maximum four hours between your meals.
  • Should you feel hungry in between the meals, you can have some pieces of cucumber and celery without being penalized.
  • Veggies should be included in two meals of the day. If you don’t do that, you will lose points of two meals.
  • You are allowed to consume anything banned having 100 calories in daily diet. Alcohol, pop etc. are still forbidden. Consumption of these food items will lead to penalty.

Water – Ten Points Daily

You shall consume at least 12 glasses or 3 liters of water in a day.

Exercise – Twenty Points Daily

You need to do exercise for at least twenty minutes in a day. You are free to pick the exercises you want to practice. You won’t get extra points, should you practice exercises for more than twenty minutes. However, you will lose twenty points for the day, should you do exercise for less than twenty minutes.

Sleep – Fifteen Point Daily

Seven hours of sleep at night is vital for you. Sleep at least seven hours before you have got to wake up in the morning. If you sleep for more than seven hours, it would be even better.

Exceptional cases – If you are victim of insomnia and your problem is so grave that you have consulted many doctors also to deal with that, the diet plan has worked out way for you. You can gain fifteen points in a day, if you follow minimum three recommendations given by National Sleep Foundation each night or practice any of the yoga postures, capable of providing relaxation to your body.

Transformation – Twenty Points Daily

You can gain ten extra points in a day, should you say no to any unhealthy habit and another ten points, if you inculcate any good or healthy habit in your routine. Unhealthy habits can be watching TV, gossiping, back biting, lying, jealousy etc. And good and healthy habits can be, reading, writing, helping others, cooking etc.

You shall inform about your new habits to your team members. Should you find it difficult to stick to the new habits, you can stop them, but there would be a penalty of fifty points. So, be careful before declaring about the inclusion of new habits.

Alcohol, Soda and Coffee

You are allowed to consume alcohol on free days. Apart from that, you can also include alcohol once in your daily portion of the meal. Portion meal allows you to consume only 6 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer, and 1.5 oz of hard liquid.

Should you cross the limit of sanctioned portion meal, you will be penalized and will lose 25 points as penalty. You can consume coffee also but do not add sugar in that. Prefer consuming simple coffee having no froth.

Weighing – Twenty Bonus points in a Week

Weighting will add twenty bonus points in your spreadsheet in a week. Weight yourself once in a week. Preferably, weight you on the mornings of free days. Reduction of one percent of body weight will get you twenty points in a week.

That being said, you shall not weight yourself more than once in a day. You will lose one point, should you do that. If you already have perfect weight and are not looking forward to losing more weight, you can set some fitness goal for you. Your fitness goal can anything, for instance, you can decide to run five miles in a day, or you can lift some extra weight, or anything you feel like being extraordinary.

Honesty is the Key

Since there is no one to watch you and to allot points to you, you have to be true and honest to yourself and to the team members. Just remember, since the diet plan is for your good, you will cheat only you by marking you wrong. Be as harsh in judging yourself as you happen to be on others.

Take penalties seriously and no matter how small your mistake is – mark yourself to pay the penalty. You can shed several pounds from your body and can surprise your friends with your sculpted body, should you strictly adhere to the rules of game plan.

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  1. Hi. Someone gave me a summary of the portion size for each of the meals. But I’m having a hard time being sure that if the protein is a “fist” size – how flat or rounded is that fist? Same with the “palm,” etc. I have been on this for a couple of weeks, and lost a little. But I think I may be overeating or undereating some, and measurements, like 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup would help me to get a better sense of portion size as I get started. Thank you!


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