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Gemma Arterton Workout Routine Diet Plan

Gemma Arterton Workout Routine Diet Plan

The exquisite British beauty, Gemma Arterton, most popular for her roles in Clash of the Titans, The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia, and several others is naturally blessed with curvy and feminine body.

Since her role in the movie, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters required her to look skinny and athletic; Gemma can be seen extremely slim these days. After having suffered from immense pressure to reduce weight for “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”, Gemma feels that actresses should be recognized for their acting rather than their trim and sculpted figures. She accepts being forced to lose weight. She accepts being forced to lose weight.

Unlike all other actresses, Gemma doesn’t want to be size 6 or size 4, since these sizes mean nothing to her. Unhappy with the wrong message given by acting profession, Gemma contends that this industry has drastically changed the definition of beauty.

What Gemma Arterton Feels About Size 6 and 4?

Gemma feels pity for one of her actress friends, who had to switch from size 12 to size 4 within two months. The stunner doesn’t support the unfair demand of industry, which instigates actresses to attain size 6. She contends, actresses appear on big screen with skinny and toned bodies. Some of them are naturally slender, while most of them strive hard to bring them in that skinny frame.

Their fans watch them in movies and follow them but they don’t know the reality behind their tiny figures. The fact is that the acting profession pushes actresses too hard to get down to size six, which actually is a negative trend.

Gemma Arterton Workout Routine

Owning to her deep derision for gyms, Gemma practices her workouts under the supervision of her personal trainer. Even when she is out of country, she continues her workouts through video calling on Skype. Pleased with her hourglass body shape, Gemma doesn’t like the weird transformations brought in people by gyms.

Gemma uses power plate for complete body workout. Among cardio workouts, Gemma is in love with running and cycling. She runs on treadmill for 15 minutes. Apart from that, she practices swimming on weekends which totally rejuvenates her body and mind.

Gemma Arterton and Power Plate

Gemma’s secret of toned body is power plate, which to her is three times more effective than workouts and it shows results prompter than anything else. The vibrating machine can be used while doing lunges, squats, and other exercises.

The use of power plate along-with such workouts amplifies the results. Vibrations coming from the power plate not only increase the blood circulation of your body but also activate muscle contractions. The designers of the plate claim that the plate is a complete workout package. Use of the plate along-with workouts for just three days in a week can dazzle you with its amazing impacts on bone density, blood circulation, flexibility, lymphatic system activation, collagen production, muscle strength, weight reduction, so on and so forth.

Gemma being flattered with the use of vibrating machine shares that the machine goes hand in hand with her time schedule. Besides, it keeps her body toned. She is gratified with the results because with the use of machine she has been feeling more confident and happy than she ever was.

Gemma Arterton Diet Plan

Ridiculing the idea of dieting, Gemma doesn’t like to starve her body at any cost. The former bond girl wants to set an inspiring example in front of her female fans. For attaining slimmer body, Gemma refrained from alcohol, cut her carbs, and incorporated loads of fresh and fibrous vegetables and fruits in her diet.

To acquire slender body for her roles, she prefers workouts over crash diets. Though she is not very particular about her diet, she still tries to keep it balanced and nutritious for she believes in long run nourishment of her body. The primary objective of your workouts and diet should be to attain a healthy and strong body, not size 4 or 6 body. Since different girls have different natural sizes, instead of being disgruntled, they should appreciate the diversity for it is God given.

Gemma Arterton Beauty Secrets

The refreshing and flawless beauty has really vibrant and electrifying smile and gorgeous hair. Credited with the most beautiful sparkling eyes, she moves her rings around her eyes in circular motion to escape from puffy eyes in the morning. And she gives special care to her hair. She doesn’t believe in experimenting with new hairstyles and that’s the reason, her hair look so alive and shiny.

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