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Gemma Atkinson 2016 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

There are only a few people who are satisfied with their body shape these days. The number of celebrities who are satisfied are even lesser. But there is a TV celebrity who likes her body shape and is now content with it. Being contented doesn’t mean that she doesn’t workout or have a proper diet. It simply means she is not aiming to be like someone else. We are talking about popular English actress Gemma Atkinson who seems to radiate health and vitality.

Gemma Atkinson working out
Gemma Atkinson working out

Being Happy with Her Body

While talking to Daily Record recently, the talented actress admitted that she weighs around 11 st. She is okay with the weight because various factors contribute to it. First is her height, which is 5 feet 9 inches, second are her big thighs, third being her broad shape and finally she is from “good stock.” All these factors make her feel good about her and she is happy with her body. She knows that some people won’t believe that and some magazines recommend people of her height to weigh about 8.5 st but she is not bothered about any of them.

Measuring Weight

The former Hollyoaks (1995-Present) actress measures her body weight by keeping away from weighing scales. Instead, she uses the body fat-to-muscle ratio and measures it by how her clothes fit.

Gemma Atkinson's taut stomach
Gemma Atkinson’s taut stomach

The Pressure

The gorgeous actress admitted that when she joined the team of Hollyoaks, she pressured herself to get slimmer and get rid of all the baby fat she had. (She was just 15 years old so the baby fat wasn’t a new thing). She put so much pressure on herself that she started to hate exercising. She was so passionate about weight loss that the more results she saw, the more she wanted to improvise. If she made even a small mistake, she felt that she had let herself down.

Gemma Atkinson in red swimsuit
Gemma Atkinson in red swimsuit

Feeling the Fitness

Now the diva embraces her diet and exercise routine as it’s a vital part of her lifestyle now. She also maps her fitness by how good she is feeling from the inside rather than how she is looking from the outside.

Workout Routine

The glamour model starts her day at 4:30 in the morning and does some yoga. She will do 30-minute exercise-bike session if she is not doing yoga. When she is on the job, she does this exercise daily so that she can stay energised. For those of you who are thinking that 4:30 in the morning is way too early, she explains that she doesn’t prefer to workout after work (at night) as it will make her sleepy and she won’t be able to get up early in the morning.

Gemma Atkinson in bikini at a beach in Cuba in June 2015
Gemma Atkinson in bikini at a beach in Cuba in June 2015

Diet Plan

After the morning exercise session, the green-eyed beauty has a healthy breakfast and leaves for work at 6:00 am. Her lunch usually includes pasta that she has it around 3:00 pm.

The Insecurity

Though the brunette is very happy with the way she looks now, she still gets insecure about her legs, arms and stomach. She thinks they are too big at times but she has learnt to love them in a way. She thinks that unliking any part of your body is not a smart idea. Maybe, someone else would find it attractive. Everyone has a different opinion of a perfect figure. For some people, it’s an hourglass figure and for some people, it’s the physique of a bodybuilder. Hence, one should not feel too insecure about his or her body. (And we totally agree with you, Gemma!!)

Fitness Inspiration

Gemma Atkinson and Olly Foster
Gemma Atkinson and Olly Foster

Atkinson gets inspired to stay fit with a lot of help from her boyfriend Olly Foster, who is also a skilled personal trainer. He has shared many valuable lessons regarding diet and fitness with her. He made her learn the importance of making the most out of your body. You should opt for moving around rather than sitting on a couch for hours at once.

The couple enjoys good food together and works out afterwards. They sometimes enjoy a few doughnuts or a big meal and then compensate for it by walking the dogs. The lingerie model thinks that it’s 80% of what you need and 20% of what you want that helps you stay fit and happy at the same time.

Indulging on Proper Occasions is good

The Boogie Woogie (2009) actress and her boyfriend think that there is no such thing as the cheat meal. Every food is just a food. But you should have the power to decide whether indulging at a specific time would be beneficial or not. For instance, if you have to look good on Sunday and you eat pizza a day before, it will be a bad food. But if it’s not a compulsion to look good and you are enjoying some pizza with friends occasionally, then it will fall under the category of good food.

Not Following Anyone’s Example

Though, the I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (2002-Present) participant likes the bodies built by stars like Diane Youdale, Serena Williams, Victoria’s Secret models or even the female bodybuilders, she will not like to imitate them. She would like the body that looks good and is fit at the same time. She calls it a mid-way between a Victoria’s secret model’s body and the body of a professional bodybuilder.

Advice for Gemma Atkinson Fans

The stunner advises people to make the most of their own bodies. A “perfect body” doesn’t exist. You cannot even change your body completely and be someone else, so you should not try to follow someone’s body shape but make your body fitter and healthier by regular workouts and a proper diet. You must also never reset your body because it is what it is and hating it will not do you any good.

Did you like the ideas shared by Gemma Atkinson? Want more of them? Check out her official website, follow her on Twitter or on Instagram for more cool tips.

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