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The Gene Smart Diet – Reset Your Genes and Lose Weight

Gene Smart Diet

Developed by Floyd Chilton, PhD holder, The Gene Smart Diet is an anti-inflammatory diet program which will also shed pounds from your body. Floyd contends, highly processed foods which are very prevalent in today’s time are full of negative components.

These negative components not only put undue pressure on your body, but they also have adverse impact on your genes. You cannot expect your body to work fine until you stop feeding unhealthy foods to your body.

Should you want to dramatically change the dynamics of your body, you need to learn the compatibility level of your genes with various kinds of foods. For example, you feed omega 6 fatty acids in enormous quantity to your body, which actually is not healthy for your body and makes it become host of harmful disease. Your genes require omega 3 fatty acids to stay healthy not omega 6 fatty acids.

What The Gene Smart Diet is?

The gene smart diet program is a revolutionary diet program which will tell you how you should choose your foods. High fiber foods, foods rich in bioactive substances, and omega 3 fatty acids are highly recommended foods of diet program.

Floyd asserts, foods consumed by you have direct impact on your genes. And if they are not in alignment with your genes, your immunity level goes down and you become victim of several inflammatory diseases.

The diet plan is completely logical and will help you in understanding the deep relationship between foods and genes. Right foods stimulate your genes and cut your chances of getting diseases and becoming overweight. They also enhance your youthful age. The diet plan actually is a total transformation plan which will rid you from several inflammatory reactions while shedding extra pounds from your body.

Work Mechanism of The Gene Smart Diet

The gene smart diet program will trigger reset button for your genes and will bring radical changes in your body by positively affecting your genes. The diet solution will work on your body in four phases; let’s have a look at these four phases.

Phase One – Having duration of one day, phase one can aptly be called fasting phase of diet program. You will consume 575 calories in a day. This phase will cleanse your body and will prepare it for losing weight.

Phase Two – Phase two which is also known as adaptive phase will last for twenty days. Dieters are allowed to consume 1600 calories in a day in this phase. Should you have massive weight to shed, you can adhere to this phase for longer duration. You also need to increase your physical activities in this phase.

Phase Three – Phase three which is also known as preconditioning phase will last for twelve days. You are permitted to consume 1800 calories in a day in this phase.

Phase Four – Phase four which is also known as optimal maintenance phase will be full of valuable tips and strategies which dieters can use to make weight loss process swifter. On an average you are allowed to consume 2000 calories in a day, but your actually calorie requirement will be determined on the basis of your age group, gender, weight, height etc.

Five Basic Diet Principles

The smart genes diet plan is based on five basic diet principles; let’s have a look at these principles.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid – Omega-3 fatty acid is one of the most essential nutrients and it’s not produced by your body on its own, but it has numerous benefits on your body. It saves you from hypertension, osteoporosis, menstrual problems and corrects hormonal imbalance in your body. You can consume fish supplements, cold fishes such as salmon, albacore tuna, trout, walnuts etc. to provide omega 3 fatty acids to your body.

Polyphenol – Polyphenol is a natural component found in plant based and dark colored foods. It strengthens your immune system. You can inculcate spinach, dark chocolate, berries, pomegranate, sweet potato, apple, chickpeas, almonds, green tea, red wine etc. in your diet to enrich your body with polyphenol.

Limited Calories – Your calorie consumption has to be in limit. Even if you are the one having perfectly toned body, you should be aware of your calorie intake. Overeating is foe of naturally healthy and slender body. Try to know your daily calorie requirement through calorie calculator and eat foods accordingly.

High Fiber Foods – High fiber foods detoxify your body and don’t let your body deposit fats. Besides that, high fiber foods also keep you satisfied for longer duration.

Supplements of Omega and PolyphenolOmega and polyphenol both are essential nutrients which are great anti-inflammatory nutrients. Should you find it difficult to manage adequate sources of these foods, you can also opt for supplement of these nutrients. Their supplements will boost your immune system and will make your body resilient.

Prohibited Foods of The Smart Genes Diet Plan

The smart genes diet plan has prohibited consumption of a lot of foods; let’s have a look at them.

Alcohol, gluten containing foods, cakes, pastries, processed foods, mutton, beef, high fat dairy products, junk foods such as potato chips, French fries, cheese, all kinds of saturated fats such as vegetable oil, ghee etc.

Workouts in The Gene Smart Diet Plan

The gene smart diet plan gives a lot of importance to workouts and recommends its dieters to practice workouts for minimum thirty minutes in a day. Your workouts should be targeted to enhance your heart rate by 50-70 percent of your normal heart rate.

Once your body attains trim shape, you should target to increase your exercise level which can bring 70-80 percent more increase in your heart rate. Cardio workouts, aerobics etc. can be practiced to maintain healthy functioning of your body and genes. You can also go for games and other recreational activities for increasing your heart rate.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the gene smart diet plan.


You can have half medium grapefruit, vegetable scramble wrap, six ounces of tea, half cup juice, coffee etc. in your breakfast.


You can have orange salmon salad, one cup of red grapes, one slice of whole wheat bread etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack

You can have roasted nuts, walnuts etc.in your afternoon snacks.


You can have broiled tomato with parsley, steamed broccoli, crab cakes etc. in your dinner.

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