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The Geno Type Diet Plan – Know Your Genotype and Drop Weight

Geno Type Diet Plan

Devised by Peter D’Adamo, naturopath physician, The Geno Type Diet Plan is modern and advanced version of The Blood Type diet Plan. The diet plan uses genetic information for determining the food items required to be consumed by you to lose weight and acquire healthy body.

Peter contents; there are basically six genotypes and your weight gets affected when these genes get mingled with your diet and lifestyle. The basic idea of the diet plan is to trigger right and healthy genes in your body and dissuade the functioning of wrong or sinister genes. You have got the master control over your body and you can determine the destiny of genes in your body through food items.

What is The Geno Type Diet Plan?

The Geno Type Diet Plan will tailor the diet plan for you on the basis of your genetic features such as length of your legs, jaw line, body measurements, finger prints etc. Once your geno type is recognized, it can effectively be used to design your diet plan, which will bring radical changes in your body.

The diet plan has made it very simple. Just like darkness can be removed with simple push of a button, your genes too can be triggered and stimulated with the help of food items. Right foods matching with your genes will improve your metabolism, immune system, and will get you the most sought after body.

Classification of Geno Types

The Geno Type Diet plan has classified people on the basis of genes in six major categories. You can know your geno type through diverse methods such as by measuring different parts of your body, noticing the shape of your teeth, fingerprints etc. Once you know your geno type, you can pick your food items accordingly.


Hunters are tall and slender people. They have enormous nervous energy, which tends to slow down with age. They are very likely to suffer from asthma and other allergies. They should prefer animal foods such as meat, fish, beef, lamb, salmon, and gluten-free foods.

In plant based foods, they can opt to eat broccoli, brown rice, grapefruit, hard cheese etc. Sugary foods, nuts, grains, dairy products, wheat etc. are some of the foods, they should refrain from. People with O blood group are hunters.


Teachers are very resilient and have great stamina. They are balanced and have amazing capacity to grow faster. Should they adhere to healthy foods, they can extend their life span. They should eat fish, turkey, goat, mutton, white meat, white fish, tofu, black beans, flaxseeds, peanuts, and peas etc. and should purge sugary foods, red meat, and white carbs. Teachers generally have A or AB blood group.


Explorers have broad shoulders, contracted hips, muscular body, and have very low body fat. Having great tendency to repair damaged cells, their immune system is very strong. They generally have sharp minds and easily get adapted to the new environment. Being very sensitive to chemicals, they are prone to suffer from hormonal imbalance.

They should eat liver, cheese, meat, legumes, lamb, mozzarella, ginger, lentils, parsnips, ricotta etc. and should steer clear from consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Though explorers can belong to any blood group, they usually are RH negative.


Gatherers generally do have round body and they gain weight very easily. Not comfortable with crash diets, their metabolism is not very strong. However, they can be molded, should they learn to adequately nourish their body.

Their body finds it challenging to digest caffeine and alcohol. Liver, lentils, ricotta, ginger, raspberries, parsnips, low GI, high protein etc. are some of the recommended food items for gatherers. They should forbid micro waved and fried foods. Gatherers might have blood group B or O.


Warriors are generally slender when they are young but gain weight with growing age. Aging process overtakes them faster than normal. Low GI, sea bass, peanuts, cottage cheese, pine nuts, tofu, edamame, beans, plant foods etc. are some of the recommended food items for them. They should refrain from meat, high GI foods, and high-fat dairy products. Warriors might have A or AB blood group.


Nomads have muscular body and have large bones. Their immune system not being very strong easily gets affected by environmental changes. Owning to their strong determination, they can drastically cut their calorie intake and can deter the aging process for longer.

Red meat, dairy products, foods rich in essential fatty acids, herring, caviar, beef, cheddar, liver etc. are some of the recommended food items for them. They should refrain from barley, gluten, and oats. Nomads can have B or AB blood group.

Pros and Cons of The Geno Type Diet Plan

The Geno Type Diet Plan is one of the most revolutionary diet plans. Dietitians and nutrition experts studied the diet plan closely and came up with following observations.


  • The diet plan has very positive outlook and is capable of providing individual and custom made benefits. Unlike other diet plans, which remain same for everyone, irrespective of the symptoms of dieters, The Geno Type diet plan understands your body first and then designs your diet plan. This unique feature adds a lot of value to the diet plan.
  • Exercises have been given as much importance as have been given to food items. Harmony between diet and exercise is capable of bringing spectacular changes in your body.
  • The Geno Type Diet plan has around 11000 mouth-watering and simple to prepare recipes. The diet plan provides adequate guidance and support.


  • Though there are enough scientific proofs supporting the claim of link between genes and diet, but whether food items in Geno Type Diet Plan are able to activate good genes or not, doesn’t have any scientific support.
  • Peter’s claim of bringing happiness in the life of dieters along-with health and weight-loss looks like exaggerated claims, which most of the diet plans do.
  • Short term weight loss can be obtained by using the diet plan, because exercises have also been recommended with diet, but long term weight loss have not been observed in people adhering to the diet plan.
  • The diet plan is based on arbitrary theories rather than well-supported scientific facts and principles. There are many controversial food items recommended for various geno types, which should not have been there.

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