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Gluten Free Diet Plan – Get Rid of Celiac Disease

Gluten Free Diet Plan

Specifically designed to treat Celiac disease, Gluten Free Diet Plan is an incredibly effective diet plan. There are several people in the world who are suffering from celiac disease, which consists of troubles such as gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance.

Gluten free diet plan has provided great relief to millions of people having high sensitivity towards gluten rich foods. Gluten is mainly found in rye, wheat, barley, and oats.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein, which is found in food items such as bread, barley, other grains, etc. But, in some foods / mixture, gluten is added to enhance their flexibility and to keep their texture integrated. In soups, gluten is added to increase its thickness. And numerous alcoholic beverages such as beer and other liquors are prepared by fermenting gluten containing grains.

What is Gluten Free Diet Plan?

Gluten free diet has eliminated all the gluten containing food items from the diet plan. Gluten is found in various food items, and it tends to aggravate celiac disease and inflammation in small intestine. Gluten-free diet works by providing relief to people in their symptoms.

Though you might find it difficult to stick to gluten free foods in the beginning, but as you will proceed with them, you will very soon get accustomed to them. The diet plan will provide you several substitutes of gluten containing foods.

The diet plan will help you in obtaining gluten-free foods, as there are many grocery stores keeping good stock of them. If you have decided to go ahead with the diet plan, here comes the good news for you. Now, your loved foods such as pasta, bread, etc. too are available gluten-free.

Cause of Gluten Intolerance 

Gluten intolerance in people takes root because many people are insensitive towards gluten. When they consume protein called gluten, it doesn’t get digested by their small intestine. This undigested food remains in their small intestine and cause inflammation and irritation to the walls of small intestine.

Over a period of time, the wall of intestine becomes leaky and undigested foods start getting mixed with blood stream. These undigested foods flowing in the blood give rise to numerous other health problems.

Weight Loss with Gluten-free Diet Plan

Along-with providing relief from disease, gluten-free diet plan is also effective in bringing weight loss in people. Many celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Emmy Rossum, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Victoria Beckham, Jenny McCarthy etc. are great fans of gluten-free diet plan. They have been able to shed off pounds from their body and bring them in enviable shapes by using the diet plan.

Forbidden Gluten Containing Foods

Let’s have look at gluten containing foods. Try to refrain from them, because even if you accidently happen to consume them, you might experience irritation in your small intestine.

Noodles and Pasta – Soba noodles, hokkien noodles, gnocchi, spaghetti, lasagne, pasta

Dairy Products – Cone ice-cream, malted milk and soy milks

Snacks – Chocolates, flavoured potato chips, corn chips, liquorice, packet savoury snacks

Condiments – Salad dressings, gravy, sauces, malt vinegar, mustards, pickles, relishes, yeast extract from barley

Beverages – Milk drink powders and coffee substituted with cereals, and alcoholic beverages such as stout, beer, ale etc.

Baking products and cereals – couscous, oats, breakfast cereals containing wheat, rice or corn cereals, wheat, semolina, wheat bran, barley, rye, baking powders, icing sugar mixtures

Recommended Food Items of Gluten-free Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at foods allowed and recommend in gluten-free diet plan.

You can have seeds, nuts, beans, fish, fresh meat, poultry, fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables, dairy products etc. in your diet.

In addition to them, there are several other processed food items which are allowed by the diet plan. But, make sure they are gluten-free.

You can purchase gluten-free buckwheat, flax, millet, rice, soy, amaranth, corn cakes, soya flour, rice bran, lentil flour, corn chips, popcorn, sorghum, tapioca, cornmeal, arrowroot etc. In beverages, you can relish tea, coffee, wine, spirits, and mineral water.

Chances of Cross-contamination

Gluten-free diet plan has tied to bring the attention of dieters towards cross-contamination. Cross contamination might negate the effects of diet plan.

There are several food items which are manufactured in the same equipment in which gluten-containing foods are manufactured. Don’t buy any food item having ‘May’ written in the labels; there are great chances of foods being influenced with gluten.

In addition to that, keep the utensils utilized for preparing gluten-free foods separate from utensils used for preparing gluten containing foods; else clean the utensils properly before putting them into use. Toasters and other utensils are very likely to get affected with cross-contamination.

How to Obtain Gluten-free Foods 

For obtaining gluten-free foods, you can check the food content of food items printed on food labels. Should you find logo of cross grain contamination printed on any particular food item, don’t purchase that.

You have to be vigilant because gluten might be there in foods in disguise of various other components. If you don’t find gluten content mentioned on the label, check the content of wheat, oats, rye, barley etc. in food items.

Besides that, should you find starch written on food label of soups, they are very likely to contain gluten. In the same way candies having natural sweeteners added in them are also susceptible of containing gluten

All fresh foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are gluten-free; you can freely consume them without getting worried about gluten.

Food Supplements

As gluten free diet plan is highly restrictive diet plan, you are recommended to consult your physician before going along with the diet plan, and also ask him what kinds of supplements you can take to save you from the deficiency of different nutrients.

You can take supplements of iron, fiber, folate, thiamin, calcium, riboflavin etc. because whole grains, which are rich sources of vitamin and several other nutrients, are banished in the diet plan.

Ideas of How to Follow Gluten-free Diet Regime

  • First of all, make changes in your kitchen, and adorn it with more and more gluten free food items.
  • There is no restriction on having fun with your friends, but prefer carrying your own gluten-free foods along-with you, if you are planning to go to restaurant.
  • Add more food items, having gluten-free labels put on them; they will help you in adhering to the diet plan.
  • There are several gluten-free apps available on internet. You can simply download these apps, as they will educate you about the kinds of gluten-free products available in different grocery stores.

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