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GoFit Push Up Bar Review

GoFit Push Up Bar

Push-ups are great for building your upper body. If you do push-ups for just 15 minutes every day, you will be able to see a drastic change in your physique. Most people don’t know that doing push-ups using push up bars can make a difference to your workouts. Push up bars can protect your wrists from injuries. The push-up bar handles are a bit raised.

When you use these bars, you will be able to lower yourself more and the movement will have a better impact on your muscles. Some push-up bars allow movement from various angles, thus varying the intensity of exercise for better results. Among the various types of push up bars available in the market, we have chosen the GoFit Push Up Bar for review here. This brand has a good reputation for providing excellent quality gym equipment and the push-up bars are no exception.


These push-up bars have a stylish design. The all-over black color looks very attractive and the shiny black finish just makes them one of the best-looking push-up bars in the market today. They are portable and compact, making them easy to transport and store. You will be able to achieve a strong upper body by exercising with these push-up bars. The handles are ergonomically designed and provide comfortable grips. This makes push-ups more comfortable. They have a stable base. They are ideal for both men and women. 

Build Quality

These push-up bars are made of high resin plastic bars and have rubber foot grips. They can withstand weight up to 400 lbs, making them suitable for heavy users as well. The handles are made of soft foam. They are designed to provide a greater range of motion. You will have a deeper stretch during push-ups which will help to develop the muscles quickly. The handles are covered with high-quality foam which gives excellent comfort. 

The bases of the push-up bars are sturdy and stable. So, they won’t wobble or slip during workouts, making it safe to use. Your hands won’t slip even after sweating due to the anti-slip nature of these bars. As the base is stable, you won’t feel any extra pressure during workouts. They have a well-spaced section that allows easy stretching. You will have a well-built body with the strength distributed evenly across your upper body. These push up bars are perfect for home and commercial use. 


They have dimensions 9.2 x 3 x 6.2 inches and weighs only 1.3 pounds. They are one of the most lightweight models available in the market. They are compact, so you can store and carry them easily. 


These push up bars are designed to provide the ultimate comfort during push-ups. Unlike doing push-ups on bare hands, you won’t feel any wrist pain using these bars. The handles are padded and have an ergonomic design, making them safe for the hands. The base is stable, so the push-up bars won’t roll over or slip off during exercise. You will be able to perform push-ups conveniently and safely. 

Ease of Use

These push up bars are very convenient to use. As they come fully assembled, you will be able to start using them right away without wasting any time. As they are lightweight, you will be able to pick them up comfortably and use them for push-ups. They are stable and won’t slip during exercise. 


You will be able to achieve a powerful upper body if you exercise regularly with these push-up bars. You will be able to build and tone the pectoral and tricep muscles. The handles are ergonomic and are perfect for floor workouts. They are portable and so you will be able to carry them anywhere you go. These push-up bars provide a greater range of motion which gives better development of the muscle groups. By exercising regularly with these push-up bars, you will be able to get toned muscles within a short time. You can buy them for home and commercial use.

GoFit Push Up Bar Workout


  • They are made of high-quality materials that make them durable. 
  • Their shiny black push up bars are very stylish and attractive; they will match your home décor well. 
  • They are compact and so easy to store. 
  • They are lightweight; so, you will be able to take them with you anywhere you go. 
  • They have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. 
  • They are effective in building the Pectorals (Chest) and Triceps (Back of Arms) muscles. 
  • They are affordable, so people with a small budget will be able to buy these push up bars. 
  • The handles are covered with foam and feel comfortable in the hands.
  • They will give you a wide range of motion. 
  • They are suitable for both men and women. 
  • You don’t have to assemble them, as they come already assembled. 


  • As they are not made of steel, they may not be as sturdy and durable as the push-up bars that are made of steel.
  • They might snap if overloaded.
  • No accessory is provided.

Final Verdict

The GoFit Push Up Bars can be a great addition to your home gym. It has a solid construction and sturdy base. So, you will be able to do different kinds of pushup exercises comfortably. The solid black finish looks awesome and it complements any décor. The handle grips are very comfortable and will help you to exercise for long hours. You will not get another high quality push up bar at such a low price. You will be completely satisfied with its performance. 

They work on the shoulders, chest, arms, and back muscles. You will be able to get a perfectly toned upper body with the help of these push-up bars. They are very comfortable and safe. You won’t suffer from wrist pain by using these push-up bars. They have a stable base which reduces the chance of accidents due to slippage. You will be able to perform push-ups with confidence even if you sweat. GoFit Push Up Bars are great for beginners and intermediate users. 

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