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Gracie Diet – Maintain pH Level of Your Body

 Gracie Diet Plan

Gracie Diet came into being as a result of long and steady research done by Carlos Gracie. Gracie diet is collection of healthy and nutritious foods which will not only nourish your body but will also weed out harmful effects of toxins from your body.

Due to wrong eating habits and adverse impact of environmental radicals, toxins get accumulated inside your body which makes your body become both diseased and obese. Organic and whole foods chosen by the program will bump up your digestion, and will melt extra pounds from your body.

Gracie diet will enhance alkaline base of your body through exclusively chosen fresh and natural foods. Gracie contends, blood in your body is just like fuel which runs your body. Should you wish to run your body flawlessly, you have to stay careful about the kinds of foods you feed to it. Foods consumed by you should purify your blood not make it toxic.

What is Gracie Diet?

Gracie diet is one of the rapid weight loss plans which will bring you in your desirable body shape within couple of weeks. You will swiftly shed pounds while moving along with the program. The plan is very organized, so dieters shall not face any difficulty moving along with the plan. The program will educate you about correct eating habits such as when should you eat, what should you eat, how much time should you spend in eating foods and things like that.

There is a set of questionnaire made by the diet solution, you as a dieter need to answer those questions. Your answers will determine what kind of dieter you are, and based on that your diet plan will be designed. You will get numerous valuable suggestions and guidelines while going along with the plan, which are capable to bring radical changes in your life.

Main Idea of Gracie Diet

Gracie believes impacts of improper eating habits are really long lasting. Unhealthy foods don’t instantly affect your body, and that’s reason you keep consuming them over and over again. But as you grow older, your body starts breaking, and you not only grow overweight, but also become victim of numerous incurable diseases.

Just as framers are responsible for changing the pH level of soil, you have controlling power over your body. It’s all up to you whether you wish to make your body acidic or alkaline in nature. Foods consumed by you have to be in right combination to maintain pH level of your body. Wrong combination of foods enhance acidic base of your body, so you have to stay vigilant about the kinds of foods you feed to your body.

Three Phases of Gracie Diet

Gracie diet will work on your body in three phases. Each phase is having duration of one week. Let’s have a look at these three phases.

Phase One

Phase one is dedicated to build up your healthy diet regime. Gracie diet solution is not in favor of snacking and insists on consumption of three normal meals in a day. Your body requires time to metabolize the foods you consume. Frequent consumption of foods doesn’t let your body digest foods completely.

Undigested foods get transformed into toxins which further elevate the acidic base of your body and lead to inflammation and other digestion related problems. Dieters need to maintain gap of minimum five hours between their meals.

Phase Two

Phase two aims to introduce more discipline in the eating habits of dieters. Dieters need to desist from soda, desserts, and sweets in this phase. Should you feel hungry, you can eat more food in your meals. The concept of dessert has totally been eradicated in this phase. Even if you want to swap your desserts with sweet fruits, you are not allowed to do that. If you want to eat fruits, you can relish them as a part of your meal.

Phase Three

Phase three is mature stage of the program in which you will learn what kind of foods you shall consume in combination with other foods. Instead of having two or three kinds of starches, you are recommended to consume just one kind of starch at a time.

For instance, if you are consuming pasta, you are allowed to have whole grain bread along-with that, but never rice, potatoes, or other kinds of starches. In the same way, if you are to consume banana in your breakfast, you can’t have toast or bread along-with it.

The logic given by Gracie is – diverse kinds of starches consumed by you make such chemical reactions in your body, which are not good for your health. Try not making eating process a disaster for your body and prefer eating foods which can create amicable environment in your body.

Workouts in Gracie Diet

Instead of recommending particular exercises, Gracie diet has left the choice regarding selection of exercises on dieters. Gracie reckons, main purpose of exercises is to tone your body and relax your mind. You can go for any outdoor activity which exhilarates you. And should you find it difficult to make choice of workouts or any other fun activity; you simply can pick to practice walking briskly for twenty to thirty minutes in a day.

Some Healthy Recommendations

Let’s have a look at some healthy recommendations made by Gracie diet.

  • Don’t consume milk or other dairy products. Adult human body is not compatible with dairy products. So, if you have misconception in your mind that you are nourishing your body with calcium and proteins by consuming milk, shake off the misleading thought from your mind because milk does good to your body.
  • Consumption of fresh fruits indeed is very good for your health, but always peel-off fruits prior to eating them. Numerous harmful pesticides get settled on the skin of fruits and no matter how properly you wash them, they just don’t go away.
  • Stay away from bottled or can juices, even if they make claim of no addition of preservatives in them.
  • If you have prepared juice at home, don’t store it in refrigerator for later use. Drink it instantly because storing spoils nutrient value of juices.
  • There are some foods for which you don’t have to get worried about making right combinations. These foods are – coffee, fresh or cooked coconut, egg yolk, different kinds of teas, brewer’s yeast etc. They are compatible with almost all kinds of foods.

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