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Grapefruit Diet Plan – Shed Weight Quickly with Hollywood Diet

Grapefruit Diet plan

Grapefruit Diet is one of the most popular fad diet plans prevalent among people from a very long time. Grapefruit diet is also famous with the name Hollywood diet. You can melt ten pounds of weight from your body in mere twelve days. Grapefruit diet is basically low carb, low calorie, and high fat diet program.

You won’t find any limitation on the consumption of fats in the plan because fats don’t lead to accumulation of fats, rather starch and high carb foods do that. Without starving your body, you can easily stick to the diet plan for twelve days. Grapefruit diet has been able to bring several people in perfect shapes. In addition to that, people abiding by the plan also saw an improvement in their blood sugar level and metabolism.

Peculiar Qualities of Grapefruit

Grapefruit has been taken as the main food in the diet due to its peculiar properties. There are special enzymes and compounds in grapefruit which trim down insulin level and promote the process of fat burning in your body.

Control on the level of insulin already solves enormous problems because increased level of insulin deters the process of energy conversion, due to which glucose which should have been utilized to provide you energy gets piled up inside your body in the form of fats. In addition to that, spike in the level of insulin makes you feel hungry very frequently. More appetite means more consumption of foods which is directly related to obesity.

How Does Grapefruit Diet works?

Having total duration of twelve days, there are two cheat days in the diet program which render you freedom to consume foods of your choice. You are recommended to consume 800 to 1000 calories in a day. Grapefruit which is the mainstream food item of the plan shall be consumed in all the three meals of the day. Grapefruit is actually a low calorie citrus fruit rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Antioxidant properties of the fruit will detoxify your body and will provide great nourishment to it.

Sample Diet Plan

Grapefruit diet is a nice way to shed weight in such a short period of time. You are bound to lose weight with extremely low calorie consumption. Let’s have a quick look at one of the sample menu plans of grapefruit diet.


You can have eggs, two slices of bacon, half grapefruit, or sugarless grapefruit juice in your breakfast.


You can have meat, mixed salad, half grapefruit, or sugarless grapefruit juice in your lunch.


You can have fish, meat, green or red vegetables, half grapefruit, or sugarless grapefruit juice in your dinner.


You can have one glass of skimmed milk or tomato juice in your after dinner snacks.

Guidelines for Grapefruit Diet Plan

Grapefruit Diet has given some guidelines to direct the steps of dieters. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Diet schedule of the day has been divided into four small meals, so dieters are recommended to eat as much food as they want while having their meals. They are not supposed to eat anything in between their meals.
  • Foods and meals advocated in the plan shall be consumed without any fail. Dieters are not supposed to omit the food items mentioned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.
  • Since you are to consume all the foods mentioned in the plan, you are free to make modifications in them according to your comfort. For example, instead of having one single food at a time, you can mingle them to elevate or change the flavor. This provision will make it easy for you to abide by the diet program.
  • There are numerous yummy recipes in the diet schedule. You can enhance the taste of your meals by adding natural herbs and spices into them. By speeding up your metabolism, these herbs and spices will trigger fat burning process.
  • You are allowed to have snacks only after your dinner. All other beverages except water and unsweetened grapefruit juice are restricted in grapefruit diet. Besides that, your water intake in a day should be at least eight ounces.

Prohibited Foods in Grapefruit Diet Plan

To increase the success ratio of diet plan, some hostile foods have been forbidden. Alcohol, caffeine, sugary and starchy foods, desserts, white vegetable, and high carb foods are some of the prohibited foods of grapefruit diet.

All these foods have been eliminated on purpose. For example, sugary and starchy foods augment your blood sugar level and add on fat inside your body. Their elimination will stimulate fat burning process in your body. Caffeine and alcohol consumption adversely affect your insulin sensitivity. Banishing these sinister foods from your diet will bring spectacular and healthy changes in your body.

Drawbacks of Grapefruit Diet Plan

  • Grapefruit diet is a short term weight loss plan. You cannot abide by it in long run because extremely low calorie consumption is neither practical nor healthy for your body.
  • Weight loss occurring in the plan in short run is due to water and muscle loss mainly. You cannot expect to retain the lost weight in long run. As soon as you will retrieve your previous routine, you will regain all the lost weight.
  • Diabetic patients are highly recommended to consult their doctor because the diet schedule emphasizes the consumption of juice which is not healthy for diabetic patients. Juice might cause spike in their blood sugar level and thus make the situation even worse for them.
  • Patients on prescribed medicated drugs should not go along with the plan without consulting their doctor first because grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, which happens to have chemical reactions with many drugs and medicines. Going along with the plan without any consultation might have deteriorating effects on your liver and kidney.
  • Grapefruit is not very much liked by people. Moreover, consumption of same fruit over and over again might frustrate them. Besides that, high content of saturated foods in the diet regime might instigate some new health issues in your body.

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