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Green for Life Diet – Torch Pounds From Your Body

Developed by Victoria Boutenko, certified nutritionist, Green For Life Diet is a revolutionary and quick weight loss program which will also ensure optimum health and well-being for you. Without making your body devoid of nutrients, you will drop massive pounds while going along with the diet program.

What Green For Life Diet is?

Green for life diet is comprised of nutrient dense vegetable and fruit smoothies. Best part of diet program is, you won’t feel lethargic while moving along with the diet program. You all know vegetables are reservoir of fiber, vitamins and minerals etc. But when it comes to eating them, it’s highly uncomfortable to consume them in raw form.

Green for Life Diet

Green for life diet is perfect diet solution which will nourish your body without requiring you to eat vegetables not having very pleasing taste. You just have to spend ten minutes in a day for blending diverse vegetables in blender, and in no time magical green smoothie will be ready for you to drink.

There are around fifty mouth-watering recipes in the diet program. Though the diet program is not very restrictive, but processed foods, junk foods, alcohol etc. are some of banished foods of diet solution. These foods have been swept away because they debilitate your body by imbibing all nutrients.

Who Can Follow Green For Life Diet?

Green for life diet program is apt for all kinds of dieters. The diet program in particular is beneficial for those dieters who have very busy schedule at work and don’t get much time to spend on cooking nutritious and healthy meals for them.

Besides that, green for life diet is perfect for vegans because plant based foods are main ingredients of diet program. With sheer will power, animal food eaters too can give the diet program a try.

They just need to make a beginning, rest things will be taken care by diet solution itself. When you will see apparent changes taking place in your body, you naturally will feel tempted to complete entire cycle of diet program.

Workouts in Green For Life Diet

Though the diet program doesn’t seem to talk about workouts, but should you seek swift and better results, you should stick to workouts. Green smoothies indeed will do their work, but you have to stay agile from your end. Practice easy workouts such as lunges, crunches, jumping squats etc.

These workouts will tone various parts of your body, and also will rev up your metabolism. Diet program inevitably will torch pounds from your body, but exercises will sculpt different parts of your body.

Some Healthy Tips

Here are some healthy tips which will make it easy for you to abide by the diet program.

  • Several recipes of preparing green smoothies are available on internet. You can choose the recipe appealing most to you.
  • You don’t necessarily have to use all the ingredients as are recommended in recipes. Sometimes, you shirk from following the diet program due to unavailability of ingredients. But instead of omitting them, replace unavailable ingredients with other healthy foods.
  • Herbs and spices are wonderful thermogenic foods. You can add both flavor as well as nutrition in your smoothie with their use. Garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, black pepper, dandelions etc. are some of herbs and spices which you can add in your smoothie to boost to your metabolism.
  • To save your body from getting deficient in proteins, inculcate protein rich vegan foods such as green peas, quinoa, pine nuts, chickpeas, almonds, cashews, black beans, pinto beans etc. in your diet regime. These foods will increase number of lean muscles and therefore will stimulate fat burning process in your body.

Benefits of Green Smoothie Diet

Green smoothie diet program will provide you valuable benefits; let’s have a look at some of the benefits of green smoothie diet.

  • As green smoothie diet program is based on fresh and natural vegetables, you will shed weight permanently and that too without getting any side effect.
  • You won’t feel dearth of energy, you rather will feel thoroughly invigorated while moving along with the diet plan.
  • The diet program will enhance your youthful life and will purge you from fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Antioxidant property of vegetables will detoxify your body. Most of diseases occur in your body due to soaring acidic base in your body. But green smoothies will balance your ph level by enhancing alkalinity in your body.
  • Green smoothies will throw unsolicited guests named stress, depression, anxiety etc. out from your body and will provide you calm and peaceful mind.
  • Health boosting enzyme content of green smoothies will cater to your gut and will rid you from several inflammatory reactions.
  • You will learn correct utilization of veggies, and will know nutritional value of those veggies which so far looked like trash to you.
  • By following the diet program, you will also play role of responsible citizen who is prudent to make the environment green and clean.

Drawbacks of Green for Life Diet

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks of green for life diet.

  • Though the diet program talks about consumption of one glass of green smoothie in a day but there are no directions regarding quantity of green smoothie required to be consumed in a day.
  • Green smoothie indeed is virtuous diet for your body but they cannot provide you same nourishment as is provided by munching green and leafy vegetables.
  • As vegetables are mostly deficient in proteins, you might fall short of proteins while following the diet program.

Sample Meal Plan

Green for life diet program promises to provide satisfying results to dieters without making them feel hungry. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plan of diet solution.


You can have green tea, green smoothie, and garlic whole wheat toast, unsweetened black coffee etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have nuts and seeds such as avocados, apricot, pear, pineapple, cucumber, carrots etc. in your morning snack.


You can have steamed vegetables having lemon juice sprinkled over them, steamed brown rice etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon snacks

You can have pine nuts, goji berries, pecans, almonds, banana chips, parmesan cheese etc. in your afternoon snacks.


You can have vegetable soup, green beans, sprouts etc. in your dinner.

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