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Gretchen Rossi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

5 ft 5 in, immaculate and charming beauty, Gretchen Rossi is an American actress. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has awesome body with incredible curves. The blonde beauty shares of being victim of eating disorder, bulimia since her childhood. Besides, she was a sufferer of self-degrading thoughts, which often pounded her and made her feel highly disgruntled with her body.

To attain contentment, she began embracing yo yo diet program and maintaining distance from foods. However, as she grew older, she realized that the disorder has badly consumed her at mental, physical, and emotional level. When the disorder was on the verge of abating her all the levels, she made some dramatic changes in her life. Apart from getting her recovered from the disorder, she also got certification of nutrition expert and personal trainer.

Gretchen Rossi running workout

Gretchen Rossi Diet Plan

Although Gretchen got the value of healthy foods very late in her life, but as is said, it’s better late than never. Instead of banking on depriving diet plans, the sassy actress embarked on healthy diet regime and inculcated copious wholesome foods such as raw veggies, nuts, baked chips, cheese, sliced turkey etc. in her diet. Not to mention, the introduction of healthy foods made her feel superb. Not only did these foods strip off unsolicited pounds from her body, but they also made her full of beans.

Having comprehended the fact that suppression of cravings only provoke them and make them worst, she started relishing all her adored foods in moderation. To stay immune from temptations, she consumes her favorite cookies, ice cream, chocolate etc. in small amount. She consumes five small meals in a day while maintaining a gap of two to three hours in between. Without being carried away by her appetite, she regularly consumes her meals, even when she doesn’t feel hungry.

She shares, there are also moments when she simply finds herself going insane and totally under the control of foods. Without being harsh or restrictive, she allows herself to devour her adored foods. By permitting herself to do so, she prepares both her body and mind to follow the conduit of healthy foods.

Gretchen Rossi Workout Routine

Gretchen shares, she really has very busy schedule, so she cannot even think of spending two full hours in gym. She rather follows a very different yet influential approach. She practices her workouts while doing other works. For instance, she has no problem in executing workouts while watching TV, or while cooking foods. Doing workouts like this not only save her ample time but also keep her mind from getting engrossed in stressful thoughts.

Gretchen Rossi exercising with her trainer

The wise lady has placed weights in different corners of her house and performs bicep curls, shoulder press, triceps, and other weight exercises as soon as she gets some idle time. She contends, you have to be innovative in your thoughts about workouts, for more creative your thoughts would be, better the results you will get. She reckons, fixing time for workouts at gym actually amplifies your chances of missing your workouts. The gorgeous star self-proclaims that she seldom sits indolent which actually aids her in melting pounds. She also keeps resistance band handy with her all the time and performs exercises with it as and when she gets some time.

Aside from that, she loves various outdoor cardio activities such as cycling, hiking, running, playing tennis, dog walking, or any other activity, which are mix of fun and exercise. Diversity of workouts and physical activities don’t let her body make room for fats and keep her in slender shape.

Healthy Recommendation For Gretchen Rossi Fans

Here comes one recommendation for Gretchen Rossi fans. Comparison is the worst thing ever. Seldom compare yourself with any of your friends or your favorite celebs. Comparison will get you nothing but stress and depression. You must know the fact that you are a masterpiece carved by God with his own hands. By abhorring your body, you actually put a question mark on the work of almighty.

Learn to appreciate what you have got in treasure, and the spree of great changes will begin occurring in your life. Perform all the right things, which are in your capacity and you will see that you have begun growing beautiful both emotionally and physically.

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