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Gritin Skipping Rope Review

Gritin Skipping Rope Review

Many people may think of skipping rope as being old fashioned. But, the truth is that it is very much in trend and is one of the cheapest exercise tools you can buy today. You must have tried these when you were a kid. Now, the athletes exercise using these ropes regularly. It helps to improve their stamina and endurance which is required for performing better in sports.

You will find skipping ropes in various sizes and brands. The features of the rope vary from one brand to the other. Some brands make ropes depending on particular functions like losing fat, boxing, building muscles, and more. Most of the ropes are made with nylon. But, leather ropes are also gaining popularity. Some ropes come with extra hand weights to work out your arms and shoulders. Here we are going to review the Gritin Skipping Rope which has been quite popular for its durability and affordability.


This rope has a simple design and is black. The rope is long and even tall people can use it. You can easily adjust the length of the rope to your desired length. So, anyone in the family can use it. There is a rope length adjuster in every handle so that you can change the length of the rope easily when needed. It has soft memory foam handles which are ergonomically designed for better and extra comfort. The ropes are tangle-free and coated with PVC for protection. There is a built-in professional 360-degree swivel ball bearing that provides smooth spin, so you can jump smoothly without any obstacle. The rope is compact and lightweight, so you will be able to carry it around anywhere. This rope is very effective and will help you to achieve your fitness goals. You will be able to burn a lot of fat and tone up your muscles by using it every day.

Build Quality

This rope is made of steel and has PVC coating which prevents cracking or breaking. There is no doubt that the rope is tough and durable. The rope won’t wear or tear easily and will last for a long time. It has ergonomically designed handles that are coated with soft memory foam that feels very comfortable to the skin. With built-in rapid ball bearing, you can jump effortlessly and burn out calories.

As the rope is adjustable, it is suitable for users of any height. With this rope, initially, you need to have more rope so that you get adjusted. After you have mastered the swings, you can then shorten the length of the rope according to your height. You will be able to jump 100% risk-free with this rope and if there is any issue, then you will get your money back.


This skipping rope is 3.2m in length. You can easily adjust the length of the rope according to your height. When adjusting the rope, you can use the 2 adjustable stoppers available.


The handles are covered with memory foam which makes it very comfortable to hold them for a long time. The handles are also ergonomically designed. So, your hands will fit well and they won’t slip. That way, you will be able to have a smooth jumping experience.


Skipping ropes can not only help you to burn calories, but they also help to improve stamina and general breathing. If you use this jump rope regularly, you will be able to get an attractive figure easily. You will also be able to improve your bone strength and keep your heart healthy by exercising using this rope. This rope is appropriate for everyone, both kids and adults.

Skipping is a great way to enhance physical coordination. As this rope allows smooth swings, you will have better physical coordination. The handles of the rope are covered with memory foam which gives comfort and prevents slipping. So, even if you sweat after jumping, your hands won’t slip and allow you to continue jumping for a longer time.

The rope is 3.2m long and is adjustable. Two pairs of adjustable stoppers make it easy to adjust the length of the rope. There are 3600 swivel rapid ball bearings in the handles that reduce resistance and prevent cable snags. The best way to adjust the rope to the appropriate size is to sit on the middle with your feet on the rope and pull the handles closer to the armpit. That will be the perfect size of the rope for your height.

Gritin Skipping Rope workout


You can buy the rope at a price between $4.99 and $12.43 depending on the store and offers available. Amazon usually offers a better rate always. If you are unsatisfied with the rope, then you will get your money back.


  • The rope has a simple design which is very appealing.
  • It is made of tough and high-quality material and so will be durable.
  • The handles are ergonomically designed to fit your hands properly.
  • Memory foam is used to cover the handles so that you can get better comfort.
  • The handles are also anti-slip, so your hands won’t slip even if you sweat.
  • You can adjust the length of the rope according to your preference.
  • The rope is lightweight and compact, so you can carry it with you while traveling.
  • You get a money-back guarantee, so it is safe to purchase the rope.
  • The rope is affordable and so anyone can buy it.
  • You will be able to improve your stamina, lose weight, build muscles, and improve your heart health if you exercise with this jumping rope regularly.


  • This jump rope is longer than most of the ropes available in the market. So, changing the length of the rope can be a bit difficult as you need to open the top of the handle and put the rope inside in case you want to shorten the rope’s length.
  • It would have been more comfortable to use the rope if the handles were a bit bigger.

Final Verdict

A skipping rope is a very effective equipment for total body workout. You will be surprised to know that only 15 minutes of skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. You will be able to burn about 840 calories per hour by skipping. Regular skipping helps to develop agility, speed, and endurance. It also helps to build muscles and tone up your body.

You must remember that skipping is a high impact exercise and can affect your ankle and knee joints if done improperly. So, if you are recovering from any injury, it may not be appropriate for you.

If you are looking for good quality and cheap skipping rope then you should buy the Gritin Skipping Rope. This rope is affordable and of very high quality. You will be able to exercise with it regularly without damaging it. It has a protective coating that prevents it from wear and tear. The built-in ball bearing allows smooth and speedy swings, thus helps you to achieve your fitness goals. Buy this skipping rope today and start burning calories and improving your stamina to help you stay fit and healthy.

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This skipping rope is durable as it is made of steel and covered with PVC. You will be able to burn calories and build up muscles by regularly exercising using this rope. Gritin Skipping Rope Review