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Hani Furstenberg Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Hani Furstenberg Info
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 58 kg
Date of Birth September 14, 1979
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Spouse Ido Hizkiya

Hani Furstenberg is an Israeli-American actress who is well known for her role in The Loneliest Planet (2011) where she played a lead character. She was born in her home country, Israel to parents who were Jews. She then moved to New York when she was 6 weeks old, spending all her childhood in America. By the time she was at teenage, 16 years old, her parents had to travel back to Israel, so she followed them. While in Israel, Hani played roles in several films such as Yossi & Jagger (2002) and Campfire (2004). These roles got her to fame in her home country. She began to get calls to play more parts in Israeli movies. She also played a role as Lilach in the television drama The Bourgeoisie which made her more popular in the industry and among the citizens of Israel.

Hani’s international recognition is due to her role in the award-winning film The Loneliest Planet. This role gave her more openings in Hollywood, and in 2019, she starred in The Golem, a produced by Epic Pictures.

Born Name

Hani Furstenberg

Nick Name


Hani Furstenberg in an Instagram Post in April 2019
Hani Furstenberg in an Instagram Post in April 2019 (Hani Furstenberg / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place





Hani Furstenberg’s attended the Beit Zvi Acting School in Ramat Gan, Israel.




  • Others – Yitzhak Hizkiya (Father-in-law) (Actor)


Hani Furstenberg is represented by –

  • The Luedtke Agency (Talent Agency), New York City, New York, United States
  • Margrit Polak Management (Talent Management Company), Los Angeles, California, United States




5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm


58 kg or 128 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Hani Furstenberg has dated –

  1. Ido Hizkiya – Ido Hizkiya is a mathematician and computer programmer. The year they began dating is unknown, but they moved together into the United States in 2010. They have a daughter together.

    Hani Furstenberg with her Boyfriend Ido Hizkiya in September 2018
    Hani Furstenberg with her Boyfriend Ido Hizkiya in September 2018 (Hani Furstenberg / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity

Multiracial (White and Middle Eastern)

She is of Jewish, Israeli, and American descent.

Hair Color

Deep Red

She often tends to dye her hair ‘dark brown’.

Eye Color

Light Blue

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Red hair
  • Gap teeth
Hani Furstenberg in an Instagram Selfie in March 2019
Hani Furstenberg in an Instagram Selfie in March 2019 (Hani Furstenberg / Instagram)

Best Known For

Her roles in the films Yossi & Jagger and Campfire which gained her wide recognition in Israel, and her role in The Loneliest Planet which earned her international recognition

First Film

Hani Furstenberg made her feature film debut in the role of Dana in the movie Six Million Pieces in 2001.

First TV Show

She made her first TV show appearance as Lilach in The Bourgeoisie in 2000.

Hani Furstenberg in an Instagram Selfie in April 2019
Hani Furstenberg in an Instagram Selfie in April 2019 (Hani Furstenberg / Instagram)

Hani Furstenberg Facts

  1. Her parents are Jewish.
  2. Her 1st appearance on Broadway was in 2014, playing the role of Fraulein Kost in Cabaret.
  3. She has a daughter.
  4. In 2004, she received the Award of the Israeli Film Academy as “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in Medurat Hashevet (2004).
  5. In 2012, Hani received the “Best Actress Award” at the Las Palmas Film Festival in 2012 for her role in The Loneliest Planet (2011). She was also nominated for the Award of Israeli Television Academy in 2018 in the “Best Actress in Drama Series Award” category for her role in Asylum City (2018).
  6. She played the role of Fiona in the 2015 movie Five Nights in Maine with David Oyelowo and other movie stars such as Dianne Wiest, and Rosie Perez.
  7. After spending years in Israel, she moved back to America in 2010 along with her family.
  8. The Hurricane Sandy left Hani devastated. By the time the hurricane happened and took away the electricity, the movie Hani acted in, The Loneliest Planet had just been released. She was also supposed to act in a play at the Rattlestick Theater, but the crew from the film society couldn’t make it. They had to cancel up to 5 performances and postpone the filming of her play.
  9. Hani had a promising career at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv. In the theater, she had roles in plays such as Hamlet, Games in the Backyard, and Ghetto, but she left her career and moved back to America.
  10. She is the daughter-in-law of the actor Yitzhak Hizkiya.
  11. Hani was a student at the Beit Zvi acting school when she was 21 years old. At the time, she could barely read and write in Hebrew because she was not born there. In that same year, she was cast as the underage seductress in a television show The Bourgeoisie by Eitan Tzur.
  12. She became a local sensation in Israel when she recorded the theme song for the 2nd season of the show. She was very angry because people were beginning to know her for the song which she didn’t even write, and not for her skill as an actress.
  13. Before moving to America with her husband, Hani returned to New York to study acting and screenwriting. When she got back to Israel, she didn’t want to work on television roles, but act plays in the theater.
  14. When Hani was in her 20s, she looked much younger than her age and was always given roles that involved her being a young s*xual character.
  15. She doesn’t attach too much importance to playing nude roles on the television because she is from a very liberal family and nudity isn’t so much of a big deal.
  16. When she was 15, Hani was being attacked by other children of her age because of her really big ears. She was called names such as “Dumbo”.
  17. Hani prefers being naked on stage in the theater than being filmed nude for a movie. She claims that being on stage is fun.
  18. She has been successful in Hollywood, unlike other actors from Israel who are usually delegated secondary roles because her mother tongue is English, so she can speak it well.
  19. Hani was supposed to play a supporting role in a movie The Loneliest Planet, but she was moved to the lead role because the character dropped out.
  20. Hani doesn’t define herself as either Israeli or American.
  21. Follow Hani Furstenberg on Instagram and Facebook.

Featured Image by Hani Furstenberg / Instagram

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