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Hershberg Diet – Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Melissa Hershberg Diet

Created by Melissa Hershberg, former gymnast, doctor, and fitness champion, Hershberg Diet Program is one of the most practical diet programs. There are neither hefty restrictions imposed nor plenty of foods eliminated in the program.

Hershberg Diet program is not a fad diet program which will temporarily shed pounds from your body. In fact, the weight lost while going along with the program, will stick with you forever.

How Reliable Hershberg Diet is?

When it comes to reliability of Hershberg diet program, you can totally rely on it because it is based on personal experience. Hershberg had understood the secret hidden behind hotty foods way back in her younger days, even before entering into medical school.

Being a gymnast, she often used to get injured, which often put a break on her workouts. As a result of which she used to gain weight. She would follow low calorie foods having high water content during those times to defeat stubborn fats. And the trick always worked on her.

She contends, if you are a victim of metabolic syndrome, or are suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc., you certainly should include fourth macronutrient in your diet regime

What is Hershberg Diet?

Hershberg diet program is composed of four macronutrients and thermogenics. Four macronutrients are proteins, carbs, fats and water. Mostly people give a lot of importance to first three macronutrients, but often ignore the fourth one. However, if you include this fourth nutrient in your diet regime, not only shall you zap away calories from your body, but also shall witness mind blowing changes in your body.

This fourth nutrient will detoxify your body and will rev up your metabolism. Besides that, consumption of foods rich in fourth nutrient shall also keep check on your appetite and you won’t crave to consume more foods. And the good news is fruits and veggies containing water in great quantity are low in calories, so you can eat them without being worried about adding calories in your body. The program is apt for people who are seeking to find some rapid weight loss plan because within a week, effect of the plan shall be apparent on your body.

What are Thermogenic Foods?

Melissa has given great importance to thermogenics as hotty foods. These foods will magically work on your body and will improve its functioning. Hotty foods will trigger fat burning hormones working in your body, without negatively affecting your blood sugar level.

Stabilization of blood sugar level is vital step of weight loss process because when your body’s insulin resistance is high, there is great spike in your blood sugar level, which is directly proportional to hunger pangs. Experiencing appetite every now and then enhances your tendency to consume foods, as a result of which you are not be able to reach your weight loss objective.

Hotty foods are difficult for your body to metabolize; therefore your body’s metabolism becomes slow and gets busy in digesting those foods. Protein rich foods, low fiber carbs, and complex carbs come under category of hotty foods.

Work Mechanism of Hershberg Diet

Hershberg diet program will work on your body in four phases. Let’s have a look at these four phases.

Phase One – Initiation Phase

Being the most restrictive phase of the program, phase one will last for two weeks. Phase one will eliminate several foods from your diet regime. In this phase, your diet will include lean protein, low-carb foods, and non-starchy veggies having high content of fourth macronutrient. Your craving to consume sugary foods shall come under control, and you shall drop weight very promptly in this phase. High water content foods and hotty foods will be your main foods in this phase.

Phase Two – Wider Selection

Phase two allows you to consume more quantity of low carb foods. You can include whole-grain pasta, beans, cereals, oatmeal, cheese, whole-wheat bread, granola bars etc. in your diet in this phase.

Phase ThreeCongratulations

By the time you will reach phase three, you would have attained your desired weight loss objective. You are permitted to have 1000 calories worth of free foods in a week in this phase. Your sphere of low carb foods will get widened as you will be allowed to include popcorns, baked goods as well in your diet regime.

Phase FourMaintenance Phase

Phase four which is the last phase of the program will educate you how you can maintain your lost weight forever. You shall abide by healthy and balanced eating plan in phase four which shall help you in stabilizing your lost weight for your lifetime.

Benefits of Hershberg Diet Program

Fully supported by scientific facts and theories, Hershberg diet program is a healthy diet program. You will get numerous benefits while moving along with the plan; let’s have a look at some of them.

  • You will get rid of several diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, metabolic syndrome etc.
  • Myriad mouth-watering recipes and meal plans advocated in the program shall not let you feel bored of the weight loss program.
  • You will understand the importance of various nutrients and will start looking at foods with a completely new and healthy perspective.

Sample Meal Plan

Hershberg diet program accentuates consumption of six small meals in a day. Your meals will be having high content of fourth macronutrient which will kick start weight loss process in your body. Let’s have a look at one the sample meal plans of the program.


You can have fat free cottage cheese with Splenda and berries, coffee with skim milk, yogurt, salmon etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have two tangerines, whole-wheat pasta, almonds, pine nuts etc. in your morning snack.


You can have Cobb salad, hummus, steak, turkey, chicken, green tea etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack

You can have green smoothie, yogurt etc. in your afternoon snack.


You can have fish with grilled veggies, cherry tomatoes, basic balsamic dressing, cucumber and green pepper etc. in your dinner.

Evening Snack

You can have grapefruit with cinnamon, Splenda etc. in your evening snack.

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