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Hilary Duff Diet Plan and Exercise Routine

Former Disney star, Hilary Duff is in incredibly curvy shape. After been through an array of oscillations in weight, the brown eyed star has acquired stable weight with blissful body. Hilary is one of the celebs who feel bullied by industry pressure to shed weight. In her teenage years, media buzz about her, for being overweight caught up her so badly that she developed despise for food and became victim of eating disorder, bulimia. In 2005, she was in uproar for being skinny i.e. 110 pounds and she was rumored to be abiding by strict vegan diet and drugs to strip off pounds. Past welcoming her first child, son Luca in 2012, the sultry star is once again in top shape. It took her one year in resuming her pre-baby sculpted shape. Here are some of the diet and exercise secrets of Hilary Duff.

Moderation in Eating Habits

Hilary Duff eating potato chips.
Hilary Duff eating potato chips.

By the time Hilary became mother, she had learnt numerous precious lessons. She comprehended the fact that no matter what you do, you cannot please the world because people will seldom stop cribbing about you. So don’t bother about what other people say or think about you. Feel confident with the way you naturally are. Appreciate your strengths and try to cover up your weaknesses too with your strong points.

Hilary kept jumping from one crash diet to another in her younger days, but she finally has gotten the value of moderation in diet. She admits that her sloppy eating of unhealthy foods such as French fries, chicken fingers, pizza, pasta etc. piled up bountiful unsolicited pounds during pregnancy. Since celebs are always under the scrutiny of media cameras, pressure to melt away post baby weight on them is several times more than common mothers. She abided by moderation in diet and made sure that she didn’t consume many high carb foods in a single day. For example, if bread was one of her food items in breakfast, she refrained from eating brown pasta in her lunch, and rather inculcated lean proteins in her diet. It’s the influence of her discreet diet that she could drop massive fifty pounds post pregnancy and get fit in her skinny 26 waist jeans.

Freshology Diet Plan

Hilary embraced Freshology diet plan to bestow adequate nutrition to her body. For nursing mothers, the diet program is awesome because neither does it insist calorie counting, nor does it eliminate several nutrient-laden foods from your diet. While allowing nursing mothers 2200-2500 calories in a day, the plan points up the consumption of fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Pilates, Running, and Swimming – Her Best Companion

Hilary banks on Pilates, running, and swimming as her best companion. She executes Pilates workout to build up her core muscles. While dedicating three to four days in a week to Pilates, she practices five diverse ab exercises to tone her muscles. Running is her most adored workout and she prefers elliptical over treadmill. Her swimming workouts are inclined to rejuvenate her body and mind.

Hilary Duff workout
Hilary Duff in her workout gear.

Pilates are superb workouts to hone your bottom, back, and stomach. However, most women practice Pilates without following correct ways and techniques. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid while working out.

Since your workouts are targeted to burn fat from stomach, thighs, and hips, these body parts shall feel the burn. However, we mostly put undue strain on our neck to do workouts which should be corrected. And if you are a beginner, you shall begin with the fundamental step of Pilates i.e. the Hundred. Learn to align your breathing with your movements prior to moving on to the next step. Aside from that, mostly people feel intrigued by the time spent on workouts. Research shows that thirty minutes of workouts are perfect to withdraw excellent results. People swearing by more than that that on workouts feel that they are free to eat anything they wish until they are sticking to strenuous workouts, while workouts less than that doesn’t torch required calories.

Grueling Post Baby Workouts

To purge stubborn post baby fat, Hilary hired Los Angeles-based personal trainer, Johns Gabe and practiced grueling workouts for two and half months. Her fitness instructor had her stick to rope jumping, wind sprints, boxing etc. Her workouts were so vigorous that she often ended up having sore muscles. He also had her shove heavy wheels which conditioned the muscles of her hips, thighs, legs, and abs.

When you do vigorous workout to push something while applying all your energy, you are likely to boost your lean muscles. For instance, you can try pushing car in neutral gear or any other heavy thing which you believe won’t move despite using all the force. Let your entire body participate in the exercise. Within couple of weeks, you will witness remarkable changes in your body.

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