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Hilary Swank Workout Routine Diet Plan

Celebrities most certainly influence fans. Most youngsters often tend to view them as their biggest role model in life. Their fashion sense, especially body image tends to become a fad after every successful film. One such quintessential example is Hilary Swank. Known to be a versatile actress, her role in the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’ inspired women across the globe to take up boxing to remain fit and healthy.

Hilary gained an astonishing 19 pounds for her character to make her role even more realistic, impressing not just her producers but the entire fraternity and fans throughout the world. Although Hilary is often heard giving credit for her covetable body to her good genes, she went through a rigorous fitness regime and training process to justify her role as a boxer.

Hilary Swank running

Crux at a glance

The actress religiously completed her 4 hours of workout regime for 6 days in a week. A healthy nutritious diet was another aspect that was given utmost importance. She made sure to consume a diet high on proteins. She had diet packed with 210 grams of protein and supped in protein shakes as often as 90 minutes. A rigorous exercise program and a strict diet plan is exactly what helped her get those sculpt muscles and a toned body. A detailed version of Hilary Swank’s workout and diet program is chalked out below.

Regular Workout Regimen

Hilary Swank boxing workout
Hilary Swank boxing workout

Initially she started by sparring an hour or two punching the big bag and later progressed to bench-pressing using her dumbbells. She pulled her SUV in neutral gear in order to tone her legs up.

For her weight lifting workout, her trainer focused on single body parts, which included both upper and lower body workouts.

For her cardiovascular training, she revealed that she used the jump rope training and other types of high intensity interval training programs like cycling and jumping.

In order to work on her back muscles, she did pull ups divided into sets.

Power packed Strength Training

She had an exceptionally great program formulated by her personal trainer for her arms using a stretchable band. The band series is an exercise that effectively works on the arms and shoulders.

Chest Flys with band
Chest Flys with band

One such exercise using the band is chest flye. It involves tying a band around a stiff object and standing with your face in the opposite direction. Holding the band in both the hands, slowly bring the band in front of the chest and rotate palms down. Slowly return to the start, keeping both the elbows slightly bent.

You can also work on your triceps by first placing the band under left foot and holding the other end in the left hand. You can raise the band upwards as much as you can and alternatively practice on the other side.

Biceps curls is another set of exercise that can be practiced using this band. Stand on the center of the band. Holding the band with both the hands, slowly curl hands toward shoulders, keeping wrists straight.

Hilary Swank Diet Plan

Hilary Swank eating her diet

Apart from a rigid fitness regime Hilary followed healthy living and principles of moderation. Throughout her fitness program, she followed a protein packed diet which included eating egg whites and protein shakes. She went on a diet, which was very low on carbs and high on fats. Besides drinking lots of water, she also consumed flax seed oil which is high in omega-3 fatty acids to facilitate muscle building and to decrease muscle inflammation.

As a result of a strict diet and strenuous workout, Hilary undoubtedly mesmerized and inspired people especially the women of all age groups. A determined and dedicated workout along with a nutritious diet is undoubtedly all that it takes to get that toned body and impressive abs!

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