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Holly Willoughby Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Holly Willoughby workout and diet

TV presenter, busy mom, and model, Holly Willoughby is always in uproar for her ample assets. The goddess of voluptuous and hourglass figure doesn’t spare any chance to flaunt her cleavage. Unlike most of the Hollywood celebs who constantly strive to acquire size-six or size-eight figure, the blue eyed celeb is more than contented with her size-12 figure. She reckons, curvaceous figure being the symbol of perfect feminine figure indeed shall be a matter of proud for any woman. And she is really flattered that she is naturally blessed with such a figure. Here are some of the diet and workout secrets of Holly which are accountable for her toned figure.

No affection for Workouts

The blonde bombshell contends, she is genetically blessed with curves and she certainly doesn’t wish to strip off her curves with intense exercises. Not being in love with workouts, she mostly refrains from them.

Holly Willoughby splurging on Ice-Cream
Holly Willoughby splurging on Ice-Cream

Healthy and Balanced Diet

The stunner credits her fit and eye-catching body to healthy and balanced diet she eats in routine. She being very wary about her diet doesn’t allow her to eat junk and processed foods which actually are the most prominent foods nowadays (Though, she keeps a cheat day in her diet plan). Here is one of the samples of typical day diet regimes followed by Holly.

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs

Lunch – Vegetable salad, soup etc.

Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese, tuna, veggies etc.

Post-Baby Weight Loss

Holly who is a mom of two kids shares her experiences of post baby weight loss too. She shares, like most newly become moms, she didn’t freak out after the birth of her kids. Instead of being bothered to resume her pre-pregnancy shape, she was most concerned about the well-being of her little ones. She thoroughly relished the precious moments of motherhood. However, she found great imbalance in her weight because all weight loss techniques were melting away pounds from her upper body while leaving her bottom area packed up with fats.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Acquiring slender and sylphlike figure inevitably is everyone’s dream but numerous women are resistant to hit gym due to varied reasons. Some don’t wish to execute workouts in gym because they are overweight; some others who have embarked on workouts for the very first time don’t want to be ridiculed by others. Well, you don’t necessarily have to be in gym to attain lean shape. Here are some easy workout tips for fans who don’t wish to hit gym to do exercises.

Skipping or Rope Jumping

Skipping or rope jumping is an excellent workout. The exercise is easy yet effective. All you require to perform the workout is rope having length compatible with your height, and some open space with free air. The workout being falling in the category of high intensity shall scorch far many calories in a minute than any other workout. Not only shall you strip off pounds from your tummy, and face, your heart too shall get better with the workout. Moreover, the workout being playful can be executed while competing with your kids. Do as many reps as works out for you. Keep increasing the number of reps gradually and relish fit and sculpted body.


Most women refrain from push-ups. However, if you embrace the workout, you shall witness radical changes occurring in your body. The workout requires you to apply tremendous strength which transforms and shapes your body very swiftly. The workout shall tone your upper body such as arms, shoulders, and chest and render them ripped look.


While push-ups will tone your upper body, lunges shall sculpt your lower body such as legs (specifically thighs), and butt. Since bottom area of the body is mostly left alienated while doing workouts, pay attention and make lunges an indispensable part of your workout routine. You shall practice minimum three sets of ten lunges each in a day to acquire toned inner and outer thighs, streamlined legs, and pert bums.


Cycling is a perfect workout for those who don’t want to swear by complex exercises. Aside from being simple, the workout is stocked with copious benefits. The exercise shall target your legs, stomach, arms, and back. It’s health benefits too are countless. For example, cycling enhances blood circulation in your body, trims down your blood cholesterol level, and maintains good health of your heart.

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