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How to get a Bikini Body – Easy Workouts

bikini workouts. Read how you can make your bikini body on Healthy Celeb.

Do you envy women in sexy bikinis, enjoying on beaches in their perfectly sculpted, curved, and fab figures? Do you often wonder how you can get a body, other women envy?

Well, no-one else, but you are deterring you from having a ripped body. Nothing can defy a soul having strong determination. You are born to win, then why to live a life in self-pity and in self-imposed restrictions. You don’t know it, but you are far more capable than you think.

Although it’s difficult to bring balance between busy schedule of day to day life and reaching the self-set objectives, but little time management and prudence for your body can get you your dream figure.

How to Get Started

Well, you don’t have to research on internet for hours’ to find tough ways of shedding extra pounds. They will do nothing but confuse you. Trying tough ways of workouts will consume tremendous time of yours but you will only end up getting frustrated.

Let’s not get into that and start with some easy yet powerful workouts. Manage to get one hour from your busy schedule anytime in the morning or evening. If done in routine with dedication, these simple and routine workouts can dazzle you with amazing results.

A bikini body requires toned arms, legs, butts, and flat stomach. First of all, stand in front of mirror and figure out the flabby parts of your body. Once you decide your areas of workouts, immediately start working on those areas.

Tone Your Arms

Push-ups are the most versatile way of toning your arms and shoulders. Women are generally averse to push-ups. Well, if you find push-ups too hard for you, you can go for push-ups against wall; they are comparatively easy to do. Do reps according to your stamina and endurance. Don’t stress your muscles with too much of workouts in the initial days. Let your body get accustomed to them.

Jumping Ropes tone your arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. While holding the rope from both the corners in your hands, jump 2 inches off the ground. Let the rope slip below your feet comfortably. For rolling the rope, without moving your shoulders, let your forearms and wrists do all the effort. If your hands get tired, you can continue jumping without rope while keeping your back straight.

bikini body workout

Tone your Legs and Butts

Jumping Squats is a great way to tone your butts, legs, and thighs. To start, stand straight, then with forward looking face, move your hips back while keeping your back straight. Now, jump as high as you can and return back to the same position. Repeat the process at least twenty times. It’s a complete workout package for your lower body.

Lunges are also most effective way of dropping unsolicited pounds from butts, thighs, and legs. Stand straight and keep both your hands on your waist. Now, move your right leg in forward direction while moving the left leg in backward direction. Start with 10 reps in one set and gradually increase it to 20 reps. Practice three sets in day.

Tone your Stomach

Bicycle crunch effectively strip off fats from your stomach. Lie down flat with your back on the ground; while bringing both your hands beneath your head. Bring one of your legs toward your chest, while the other leg moving away from chest. Move your legs in the same way as you do for paddling a bicycle. Practice three sets of twenty reps. You can also try the workout while using both your legs simultaneously.

Lie down flat with your back on the ground. Now raise your left leg while making perfect ninety degree angle with your chest, repeat the process using your right leg. Stay in that position for minimum thirty minutes. Both the legs can be raised simultaneously also.

Jogging, walking, and running are the most amazing cardio-workouts. These workouts swiftly scorch calories from your belly. If you don’t feel like going out for jogging, you can practice it at home while listening to music, or watching TV. Keep doing jogging without taking your steps ahead just as you do on treadmills.

Don’t let your workouts become monotonous. Keep changing your set of workouts after one or two weeks. Variation in workouts enhances the stamina and endurance of your body.

Have you ever tried these workouts?

Well, try them if you haven’t. Try them for three months at least. You are bound to feel flattered with the use of these magical workouts.

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