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How to Lose Baby Weight easily?

Weight loss tips after pregnancy

Apart from feeding the baby and taking care of him or her, there is another one highly important aspect that the new mothers have to bother about. It is the weight, they gain during their pregnancy months. The issue is not of high concern to those mothers who were normal before giving birth to their baby. The extra 25 to 30 pounds they gain during their pregnancy days can be reduced by following a right diet plan and undergoing workouts and exercises. The issue is more severe for those mothers who were already overweight before they became pregnant and who gained extra weight during their pregnancy (more than what the doctor recommends). This extra weight is difficult to shed and is the cause of obesity for the next many years. Below are some simple ways which can help you shed those extra pounds.

  1. Do not diet

It is not good for your health to go on a diet plan when you are breastfeeding. A minimum of 1800 calories are required a day, in this case. Even if you are not breastfeeding, then also being deprived of your favorite food items, when you are adjusting to your new role as a mother, is a cause of depression and weight gain. A well balanced diet is good for new mothers. Feed on different snacks, especially fruits. Eating several times a day (5 to 6) in small doses will help you enhance your metabolism which will help in weight loss.

  1. Eat only when hungry

Now your baby is out. Therefore you do not need to eat extra amount of food. Eat when you feel hungry. Eggs are high in satiation value. You should eat a thoroughly balanced diet which has adequate, not high amounts of fats.

  1. Breast feed

breast feeding

Some studies suggest that mothers who breast feed lose more weight after pregnancy than mothers who do not. Breast feeding is also good for your new born as he gets all the essential immunity boosting vitamins, minerals and other substances from the mother’s milk. When you breast feed, add an extra 300 calories to your diet.

  1. Workouts and exercises

Workouts Exercises

You will lose weight fast by doing workouts and aerobic exercises. You should do some form of aerobic exercise, jogging, strolling with your baby etc. for at least 10 minutes in the start. Then, go for 10 minute increments. Otherwise, you can also look for the “Mommy and Me” programs at a near by gym. These workout programs are especially designed and personalized for the new mothers. You must not opt to go for heavy workouts as they might strain your muscles, especially if you had a cesarean child. Start with light weights. More lean mass will also contribute to boost BMR or basal metabolism rate. You will burn more of your body fat. New mothers must do some form physical exercise for at-least 150 minutes a week. For heavier workouts and exercises, consult your doctor first.

  1. Drink plenty of water

 drink plenty of water

It is good to drink right amount of water a day. Some put the amount to 5 to 6 liters or 8 glasses of water every day. Water gives you a feeling of being filled. Thus, you do not eat unnecessarily. Water also boosts your metabolism rate. Therefore by drinking more water you burn more calories during the day. How much water you should drink a day can be known by two ways. One is to see the color of your urine. If it’s clear then you are drinking adequate water daily. Also, if you are urinating every 3 or 4 hours, you are drinking right amount of water.

  1. Eat highly nutritious food items

When you are nursing, your body needs high amounts of nutrients. Fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids like DHA. Chicken, lean meat, eggs and beans provide protein. Milk and yogurt can provide you high amounts of calcium. Fruits and vegetables will provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. Your diet should contain all the essential nutrients in right amounts.

  1. Sleep well

sleep well post pregnancy to lose weight

A tired and drenched body secretes cortisol and some other hormones, which create stress and cause weight gain. By sleeping adequate number of hours, you stop the unnecessary secretion of these hormones. Studies found that women who slept for 5 hours a day had more weight gain than women who slept for 7 to 8 hours a day. You can take short naps during the day and can sleep for good amount of time at night. A refreshed body takes good care of itself. You will eat well and digest your food better.

  1. Take expert advice

You can consult a dietitian, who will suggest you a right eating plan. Such an eating plan will help you lose weight while having adequate nutrition. A doctor’s advice will help you to know how much weight you need to lose. You can do a suitable workout to achieve the weight loss goal.

It is important to adopt a more gradual approach to weight loss. Being patient is also beneficial. The goals should be set to be achieved in a period of at-least 6 months. You will see the improvements day by day.

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